How Many Calories In Chewing Gum?

By | February 20, 2020

I Chewed A Pack Of Gum Every Day For 30 Days- Video▼

What’s going on guys welcome back to my channel its Bret maverick here I hope you all are having an awesome day so far so I make a lot of videos on ways to enhance your facial structure and in particular your jaw line and a big element that I preach is chewing and specifically chew a lot of gum but I have never actually done this on a super consistent basis I kind of do it sporadically here and there so I really wanted to put it to the test so I decided to chew a pack of gum every single day for a whole month my aim my goal is to find out if it uh enhances my jaw line if it has a significant impact if it has any side effects any danger to it so I’m gonna find out over the next 30 days so uh without further ado let’s go get some gum all right we’ve got in the candy aisle got an array of gums to choose from how to make some choices next 30 days little bubblegum juicy fruit of course strawberry in there fire change it up all right so we’ve got some gum these each have three packs this one has eight actually thirty packs all together I’m gonna chew one of these every single day now I’m not sure how many pieces that is per hour or anything like that that’s something that I’m just gonna have to figure out along the way but I’m definitely gonna keep you guys updated and update you probably once a week or something like that but first I’m gonna head to the other room and take some before footage just so we have something to compare the final results to so uh let’s go do that [Music] [Music] all right what’s up guys so with day 8 I’m a little over a weekend who’s got cars driving by sorry about that but just thought I’d do a little update haven’t had any problems really everything’s going well it did hurt a little bit I’m like the second day but I feel like my dot is being more accustomed to the pressure that I’m putting on it and the work that I’m putting it through so just gonna keep going with it I do feel like I have why did my job it I do see some strength some gains and my master muscles on the side here maybe it’s just a placebo though let me know what you guys think what do you think you think you told me but uh yeah it’s gonna keep trucking along with this alright guys so it’s officially been three weeks eating a pack of gum every single day and I gotta say I feel pretty good um my jaw hasn’t really gotten tired lately I think I’m kind of getting immune to the chewiness of the gum I actually am kind of in a search for harder shoe here gum because it’s I’m just so used to it and that is nothing now it’s just second nature I found that this is the the best gum because it gets the hardest the quickest and yeah so I just been eating mad amounts of extra bubble gum and you can see I think you might be working a little bit but we’ll check back in a week and compare the final results so back at it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] all right guys it’s February 5th so it’s officially been 30 days to a pack of gum every single day so I guess you’re gonna spit that out now well yeah I just thought I’d give you a rundown on how we win and the side effects I ran into in the overall outcome of it if I recommend it or not so as far as side effects go everything was pretty smooth the first the first week it took me a little bit of time to get accustomed to the constant shooing I actually got pretty sore the first three days or so and got a little bit of pain actually up here in kind of my upper jaw area but that soon subsided after like my fourth day or something I actually did find out which comes we’re best for chewing hard gum all day I really wanted to get the most out of it so I wanted the hardest gum and that was definitely not juicy fruit juicy fruit was the worst what I found to be the best was just this extra bubble gum it seems to get hard pretty quick and then it just continued to get harder pause the other gum that I tried was this extra experiment which was previously my favorite type of gum but they said tended to just be too intense you know when you have like five or six of these in your mouth at once just all that mint flavor hitting those vulnerable spots in your mouth I actually got like sores in my mouth so I couldn’t really go ahead and with the extra gum I had to go buy a bunch of more bubble gum and then another thing is that towards the end of a week it was actually too easy chewing the gum I was putting more and more gum in my mouth at one point I had like 14 pieces of gum in my mouth because I just wanted to make it as much resistance as possible so I’m actually kind of looking for a harder gum that I can chew because it ended up being too easy but anyways the final outcome I think I did actually add a little bit of mass to the side of my jaw over and over here these masseter muscles it wasn’t quite as dramatic as I expected it to be I expected a little more you know with going to my jaw but it’s okay my theory is that I didn’t give myself enough time to rest in between you know working your jaw just like any muscle you have to give it time to rest and recover so it can build back stronger and when I was just chewing and chewing and chewing constantly it’s kind of like tearing down those muscle fibers not letting them grow back right but I’ll let you guys be the judge of that tell me do you see any change in my jaw or change in my face at all you guys let me know in the comments below now one thing I should mention is I’m kind of hooked on gum now it feels weird if I’m not chewing gum so I actually had to have it get more gum so this is my gum supply for the next few weeks and again guys I am chewing only sugar-free gum so I don’t think it’s doing much damage to my teeth also it’s not supremely unhealthy so yeah everyone that’s it I hope you guys enjoyed the video I actually recommend shooting a lot of gum I do recommend it but probably not every single day if you guys have any other challenges you want me to tackle then let me know in the comments below let me know what you think about this one and the results if you haven’t already subscribed turn post notifications on and until next time peace out.

Chewing Gum

Serving Size


Bubble gum1 block27
Chewing gum, stick1 stick10
Bubble Yum1 piece25
Bubble Yum, sugarfree1 piece15
Bubblicious1 piece25
Dentyne1 piece9
Dentyne, sugarfree1 piece5
Freedent1 piece10
Hubba Bubba1 piece23
Hubba Bubba, sugarfree1 piece14
Juicy Fruit1 piece10
Wrigley’s1 piece10