How to Cook Steak

By | January 22, 2020

I recently made a trip to the butcher store where I picked up some dry-aged t-bone and some ribeye this dry-aged so you know the meat is going to be extremely flavorful.

How to Cook Steak




Making Steak Breakfast in a Skillet▼

Hello there friends and family welcome once again sin a novice kitchen and if you are new to this channel I want to take the opportunity to thank you for stopping by and if you haven’t subscribed yet please be sure to hit that button after the end of this video or during it all right now thank you now let’s get started so friends and family my intention is to share the exciting and delectable recipes I have on the menu today with the most focus on the steak preparation so my boo and I now I’m going to be cooking everything outside God has been generous enough to share this bright and sunny day with us so let’s take advantage of it shall we so my fire is almost ready I Fanta just like we do in Africa and it’s ready the charcoal is lit literally and ready to do us the honors of transforming our ingredients into something palatable here friends let me take the pleasure of introducing our stunning dry-aged t-bone cut of steak you can tell just by looking at the color that it’s perfectly dry-aged and it’s going to be full of moisture because this dry aged it’s going to have a richer beefier flavor and it’s going to be more tender and more buttery in texture we are ready for this chow down aren’t we so see them generously on both sides with your crushed black pepper and your kosher salt and using your fingers you’re going to Pat you’re seasoning your salt and your crushed black pepper into the flesh of the steak and make sure you also season the sides no matter what you do some excuse me will fall off that’s why it’s important to generously season before you hit that hot piping skillet just like we did you hear that sound you know something great is happening right all right so this is the t-bone the other two are actually ribeye and they are not as aged at this one they also each but not quite as aged I’m going to be cooking this one into my preferred temperature which is 145 degrees Fahrenheit which will result in a juicy and battery medium well t-bone steak and to do that you want to cook it two to three minutes on each side and the secret really is to have that skillet extremely hot screaming heat now once you flip it you’re going to cook it two to three minutes again and then you’re going to introduce your flavor so I have my time fresh thyme I have my rosemary and also the garlic and then I add the butter and then once it melts I start basting it just like I did just now the butter turned a little brown but that’s even more flavor now we are cooking our ribeye now this is for the kiddos so we’re going to cook it completely well done still our skillet is nice and hot four to five minutes on each side and we’re going to introduce the same flavors with our garlic the thyme and the rosemary and a little bit of butter and basting now you see that crust at us form on each side yes that is how you seal in the flavor and all those lovely juices without a doubt in my mind this is exactly how I enjoy my speak what do you think hit me up in the comment section let me know what your thoughts are now once you’re done cooking your steak the next thing to do which is super important is to let the steak rest avoid cutting into it right away because what will happen is all those you that you successfully sealed in by searing it with that beautiful crust just going to run out completely and defeat the entire purpose of cooking it this way in the first place so right now we’re gonna let it sit and rest moving on to our potato hash now this potato hash recipe is a quickie I’ll bring you a detailed version later on what I have here is a variety of potatoes I even have sweet potatoes in here so bring us a hint of sweetness which makes it more interesting to eat and enjoy so in here I’m using the juices from cooking the steak and I have poured in some finely chopped scallions red bell peppers and some garlic as well cooked it for under a minute and then I add the potatoes I just parboil them so they’re not completely cooked through and so what I’m gonna do now is caramelize them as much as I can get them caramelized then at some point I add some salt and crushed black pepper and I leave it spread out in the skillet and let it just continue to cook for about 3 to 4 minutes before I turn it now also seasoned with some minced – the original flavor is loaded with a variety of spices and herbs and – the sodium an idea I picked up from watching about this kitchen who is my gun ancestor and has a channel called Obama’s kitchen she is a huge fan of using non artificial seasonings and spices in enhancing the taste in her food she even recently embarked on a weight loss journey that inspired all of us please check our channel out I have linked the channel below in my description box and show her some love now it’s time for our scrambled egg preparation now you don’t want your skillet to be piping hot at this point you want it to be just warm you’re going to add your butter or your preferred and then you’re going to pour it in your whisk eggs now I have just a little bit of half-and-half which is whole milk and a combination of cream or heavy cream so I add a bit of that just about a dash of it and then I add my salt and crushed black pepper whisk it together and I just pour that mixture into my skillet and I began to draw it and pull the sides in and then scramble it gently with emphasis on the word Jed if you want your scrambled eggs to be creamy not necessarily running you can tell it’s not runny but it’s nice and creamy and literally melts in your mouth that’s how to cook it again our have a detailed video on how to prepare the perfect scrambled eggs done with that let’s move on to our french toast so I have prepared my custard which I am going to be dipping my bread in and here is the bread yes I made butter bread using whole-grain wheat flour as you can see came out perfect came out of the oven not too long ago but I’m just going to let it sit outside and let it cool down before I cut it so it’s been a few minutes it’s nice and cool so I cut it into my preferred sizes my custard is ready I use some eggs milk and some spices and we are ready to make the most delectable french toast the children cannot wait to be out rushing me and I’m like you all need to calm down over there okay no matter what happens this wood is gonna be done and you guys can sit and eat like the kings and the queens you are may I say the princess and the princesses alright so dip it in let it soak up a bit and and layer it into that skillet and cook it till caramelize on one side pop out through to three minutes and then flip it done protein pancakes top if you haven’t seen this video then you must straight up what are you waiting for I’ve already have loaded it it was quite the hits in my household and even I was in awe of how gorgeous these pancakes came out protein packed delicious sweet savory at the same time textured like nothing else oh yes so watch that video and that’s also ready I made it on the same day I had this child down this Throwdown yes that steak has been resting for quite a bit so they already see that juices are in there they’re not running all over the place we already it’s a dig right in France this was quite an enjoyable day in my family every now and then you want to show them as much love as you can for the love and support they bring into your life I’m telling you I have the best family in the world and I feel they really deserve this Throwdown absolutely I would do it over and over and over again I hope you’re able to do the same for your family one of these things I thank you for watching make it a great day and have fun especially in that kitchen.


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