How To Increase Metabolism To Burn More Fat (Very Helpful For Beginners)

By | March 8, 2020

Do you want to burn fat and speed up your metabolism? I would like to share 10 ways to increase your metabolism by using nothing but the power of food!

The typical human basal metabolic rate (BMR) is 1,330 kcal per day for men and about 1,200 kcal per day for women.

By merely cutting out 300 kcal from your daily diet, you will lose 1 pound of body fat per week (500kcal equals to 1lb of fat). So what would happen if you increased your BMR through the foods you eat?

10 Foods That Speed Up Your Metabolism To Burn More Fat

This is where the real magic is:

1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon has been linked to an increase in metabolic rate and fat oxidation-the process by which fatty acids are broken down into usable energy for the body, often resulting in weight loss.

So, how should you eat it? Put some cinnamon on your cereal or oatmeal, put it into a smoothie, or even mix it into your sandwich!

2. Cloves and nutmeg

Cloves and nutmeg have similar effects as cinnamon. If you’re not a fan of these flavors though I recommend boiling them to make tea. Not only will this drink help break down persistent belly fat but also reduce levels of LDL cholesterol—also known as the “bad” kind which is linked to heart disease.

3. Green tea

Green Tea is one of the best drinks you can have to increase your metabolism. Just make sure not to add any sugar or milk because this will only reduce the effects on your metabolic rate.

4. Ginger

Ginger, just like some other spices on my list has thermogenic properties which speed up metabolism and thus burn fat. What makes ginger even more unique is that it’s also linked to improving digestion which speeds up the process of nutrients being broken down even more!

5. Chili peppers

Chili peppers are not just a delicious thing to put into your food but they’re also fantastic for speeding up your metabolism—almost as much as ginger! What’s even better is that chili peppers have been linked to lower cortisol levels which reduce stress and thus lower weight gain too.

6. Watermelon

I know all you watermelon haters out there will be disappointed to hear this, but watermelon is a very effective fruit when it comes to speeding up your metabolism. I know you’re thinking: But watermelon is mostly made of water! That’s true, but the rinds contain a special enzyme called citrulline-malate that converts into another compound called arginine which actually speeds up the metabolic process.

7. Eggs

Eggs are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to dramatically boost your metabolism because they have an amino acid called leucine which helps increase fat breakdown in muscles after exercise resulting in weight loss.

8. White beans

White beans have a fantastic combination of several nutrients that lead to weight loss and thus a higher metabolic rate including magnesium, potassium, fiber, and protein! What’s even better is that they have the greatest amount of the amino acid arginine which increases the production of nitric oxide in blood vessels which lowers blood pressure—a factor linked to obesity!

9 Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt will give you a similar effect as white beans. This is because it’s well-known for being high in protein and calcium which helps break down fat and lower blood pressure respectively.

10. Green veggies

Spinach, kale, cabbage—you name the green veggie! All of these are fantastic for boosting your metabolism not only due to their high fiber content but also due to their vitamin C content. They all help metabolize foods like fatty acids better than usual speeding up the process of breaking down food into nutrients that your body can use.

What do these 10 foods have in common? They’re all packed with nutrients that help speed up the process of your body converting food into energy—your metabolism! Keep these foods in mind next time you’re grocery shopping and it just might be the one thing that helps you burn fat!

Caveat On Metabolism Boosting Foods

Weight loss always comes down to one thing: calories. You can eat all the “metabolism boosting” foods you want and still gain weight if your calorie intake is higher than your expenditure.

On the other hand, you can eat what’s healthy and not gain weight by eating fewer calories than you’re burning. So even though metabolism-boosting foods do have some health benefits just don’t rely on them!

Weight loss is mostly about numbers so don’t forget to actually track your calories burned/eaten before worrying about “boosting” your metabolism.

Calories in vs. calories out is more important than anything else when it comes to weight loss/gain.

How To Speed Up Your Metabolism Naturally- Without Pills

Speeding up your metabolism to burn fat.

  1. What you eat in a meal- the quality and quantity of the food- can affect your metabolism, and your mood. We want to eat foods that give us energy.
  2. Foods loaded with sugar can take you on a ride with mood swings.
  3. Meals high saturated fats can take longer to digest, making you feel tired and sluggish.
  4. Eating foods higher in protein during each meal can help you build more muscle (provided you’re exercising regularly), and this helps increase your metabolism. Read about natural metabolism boosters here.
  5. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Studies have shown that lack of sleep increases hunger, which inevitably leads to taking in more calories than you’re burning, resulting in weight gain.
  6. Non- exercises activity is one of the biggest factors in having a faster metabolism.


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