How to Achieve Your Exercise Goals

By | February 5, 2020

The New Year is here. It’s time for those New Year’s resolutions once again. For most, the main resolution will be to exercise. Unfortunately, for most, that exercise goal will often fall to the wayside. We slip back into our old habits as if they were a pair of comfortable baggy jeans. No more exercise. How do we avoid failing to complete this particular goal? HOW I STAY MOTIVATED TO EXERCISE.

Are You Setting Your Exercise Goals Too High?

Starting out with good intentions, you aim for that exercise pie in the sky. You schedule yourself to lift weights one day and do cardio the next. The overall intent is to do some sort of exercise at least once a day.

Since you have a fresh new goal to exercise, you feel the need to get a fresh new workout look. You buy exercise clothes and two pairs of athletic shoes-a pair for weight lifting and a pair for cardio. 42 SIMPLE 200- 300 CALORIE MEALS AND SNACKS.

You set your alarm at 5:30 AM and promptly go to bed at 9 PM. The next day you’re up early intent on accomplishing your goals. But by the third day, you are too soar and too tired. Taking a day off is okay because you have exercised three whole days straight, right? Sadly, that one day of skipped exercise goes into two days and three days, and the next thing you know, you’re not exercising at all.

That glorious exercise schedule is just too overwhelming. You are now discouraged and decide you have better things to do. You fight off feelings of guilt as you hit the snooze of your alarm clock again and again.

Gradually Increase Your Exercise Regimen

Perhaps you have set out to accomplish your goals in the wrong way. Before you start any exercise program, make sure you get the okay from your doctor. Once you do that, start off with a little bit of activity and gradually increase your exercise regimen.

If you are basically healthy, three times a week is a good start. Start out with something simple. If you choose to exercise at the gym, you have a wide variety of activities to do. First, warm up on a treadmill or an exercise bike for about 20 minutes to get your body ready for more strenuous exercise. Afterward, follow up with some form of cardio, like a Taebo or step aerobics class. You may choose to do some light weight lifting in lieu of the cardio. Whatever choice you make, alternate between cardio and weights each time you workout.

You can complete a good workout in about 30 minutes to one hour. This is plenty of physical activity when you are just starting. If you feel you need more exercise, add five minutes to your warm-up due to a few more reps on the weights, and, later on, when working out is a good habit, add another cardio class. The key is to add on gradually and stay motivated. Avoid the crash and burn.

Exercising At Home

The gym is not the only place you can complete your workout goals. There are plenty of things to do around the house. Living in a multi-level home is a fun alternative to the gym. Have fun, and walk sideways up the stairs. Turn to the side, and starting with your right leg, walk up the stairs by stepping on every other step. If you are taller, you may have to skip two steps.

Come back down the stairs and switch to start with your left leg. Use the handrail for support when first doing this exercise. This action will increase your heart rate and work the outer thigh. Begin with a small number of reps first and then gradually increase those reps. You can also simply run or walk up and down your stairs several times too. Be careful and avoid injury by taking your time and listening to your body. If anything feels wrong, immediately stop the activity and take a break.

If you are in a single level home, don’t worry. Use chairs and/or boxes or whatever you have to set up an obstacle course in your garage or someplace in your house if there is space. Try to complete the obstacle course a certain number of times within 20 minutes. Gradually increase the number of times you finish the obstacle course in that same 20 minutes.

Babies and toddlers make interesting free weights. Lift them up and down to work those biceps. Another way to work your biceps is to rock your infant in his baby carrier. Since this will probably be a little heavier than a typical 8 lbs free weight, use both hands and do fewer reps. You can even work your shoulders if you’re able to lift your child over your head safely. Over time, slowly increase your reps as you would at the gym. Use caution. You don’t want to hurt yourself or your baby, and remember your baby will get heavier.

Vacuum cleaning will definitely burn calories. Giving your kitchen floor a good sweeping and mopping will aid in burning calories too. Thoroughly clean your bathrooms. These low impact activities have two advantages here-your home gets very clean, and you get some much-needed exercise.

Exercise videos have come a long way. There are many different varieties ranging from palates to step aerobics. You can keep your home workouts energized by having a wide range of videos to include in your workout routine. Working out to a video of your choice and doing “toddler” weight reps at home is just like completing an exercise class and weight lifting at a gym.

Exercises completed at home can be just as fun as the ones completed at the gym. You can switch them up by different alternating activities on different days.

Walking Is A Fun Activity Your Whole Family Can Do Together

Walking is a wonderful exercise and a great way to burn some calories. It is also a fun activity your whole family can do together.

  • Get your child in his stroller and walk around the neighborhood.
  • If you have older children, let them ride their bikes, or they can walk too.
  • Walking can be done after school or after dinner.
  • If it’s cold, bundle up.
  • The fresh air can aid in calming a fussy baby or relaxing frazzled nerves. Everyone benefits.
  • Walking is one of those activities that just bring families closer. There’s nothing like family love to keep you motivated.

Is there a neighborhood pool, or do you have a backyard pool? Consider adding water aerobics to your exercise repertoire. Your water routine can include swimming or just simply jumping up and down or jogging in place. The water will protect your joints, making this another low impact exercise that burns up lots of calories. Although exercising in the water is not as harmful on your joints, take heed. It doesn’t take long for fatigue to set in from this activity.

Your New Year’s resolution should not be a source of guilt, but a sense of new beginnings. When starting a new exercise regimen, set realistic goals, and then increase them gradually. Bear in mind that if you are able to complete any amount of exercise, you will have an overall feeling of accomplishment. Remember, it’s okay to start out slow. You have the whole year to complete your exercise goals.