How to Stop Pregnancy Food Cravings

By | January 24, 2020


cravings when you're pregnant video

When you’re pregnant you get strange food cravings. This video explores some interesting foods cravings. You can also see this video and read my thoughts on stopping food cravings.

Video Transcript

hey guys it’s room today I’m hanging out with my sister mo everybody you guys know mo she is adorable and also super pregnant if you guys did not know now you know she is about halfway through you’re pregnant well over halfway through okay okay I’m still in my second trimester right now but we have so much food in front of us and I actually got this idea from my friend Colleen who is also pregnant she made a eating way pregnancy cravings this is a fun fact you guys might not know this but Colleen and my sister are actually two weeks apart and yeah our due dates are two weeks apart which is really fun so adorable because whenever I see like kollene experiencing something Moe is experiencing it like very shortly after Moe’s had a lot of good luck she hasn’t really gotten I haven’t gotten any morning sickness and I didn’t get sick in my first trimester really and I feel really lucky about that but I will say my taste buds you have weird changed a little bit you know you have food cravings and food versions which is the opposite of cravings and yeah like Moe what is a food now that you used to love that you don’t want anything to do with anymore blueberries yeah hey you know I can’t do any more notable way blueberries are garbage now what else mo anything else oh you’re telling me wine the smell of wine Molly smelled a glass of wine to just smell and see if she was missing it and she was like yeah terrible gross I was like who are you why did I lie to my sister because because I would you know have wine with dinner or something yeah I I didn’t think it’d be that easy to give it up it just is not appealing at all right now most tastebuds have definitely changed while you’re pregnant you definitely love things more than you used to and things are so different so I thought it’d be really fun to do a trying your pregnancy cravings video so I could try all of the new things that you’re eating oh wait have you done a Mustang before does it count if you just eat a lot of Chinese spoon like you order a bunch of stuff that’s like halfway there I think you have to film it it kind of did halfway all right we’re doing like kind of a real one today um this is my absolute dream by the way if I were to pick out a perfect day I think this would be it so I’m really all morning I was like Molly can I rope you into making a video with me and this is what we’re gonna do and she’s like yes [Laughter] where my hoodie it’s like I’m comfortable I am ready to eat and try all these things best thing about being pregnant huh everything’s stretching so Japan clothes oh yeah if you guys like fun videos like this give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe and ding the bell to receive notifications every time I post a new video because I’m gonna get this fight video a thumbs up in hopes that we can do something – life problems like thanks can we film before you give birth like we could just pick a restaurant do a pizza head all the time and she was just like every couple hours she’s like so what are we gonna eat the first thing that we’re gonna be trying is a food that mo told me the day before she found out she was pregnant so she was pregnant but she didn’t even know yet the day before you found out what did you crave the very first meal for dinner I had mac and cheese and pickles pass me the first fig okay here is the you maggot cheese and that’s right so also mo doesn’t eat dairy because she’s sensitive to lactose so this is a vegan mac and cheese with pickles no I like mac and cheese and I like pickles I’ve never had them together it’s like kind of this like creamy okay salty at the same time that just makes sense and you wouldn’t think it does and you might not think it makes sense but oh okay it’s definitely different yeah I wouldn’t say it’s bad it’s just it’s very unique but I loved mac and cheese and I love pickles always in any way but yeah it was just those two together I think it was kind of weird and I didn’t think about it at the time and then the next day when I found out I was like that makes sense so when you were craving this you were like I’m probably pregnant you’re he’s like oh that’s kind of weird why do I want that it just sounded gonna add both things in my kitchen already and you were like let’s put them together mmm this sounds good this sounds good let’s do it I’m Jamal they stopped eating all this because well we have maybe so much no more like just take it ago okay matter later I’ll just do one more yeah we can put things on the fridge we can save them and you’re gonna love these Molly’s gonna put these little Tupperware she’s gonna eat these all week she’s so happy all right so what’s the other combo that you’ve really been liking like the second combo so something that’s more on the savory side again yeah chicken top ramen with an egg in it that’s very specific let’s taste it you know this reminds me of college I haven’t had talked ramen since college I didn’t have it that often but I had a friend staying with me and she ate it and I was drooling and so after after I saw her eat it I I couldn’t stop I had it like four times the next week oh I think the egg just adds a little protein it’s nothing so good oh I miss a top ramen right this is a craving I approve I approve this is good so you just boil the water mm-hmm put the noodles in until they start coming apart a little bit yeah and then I crack the egg in the whole egg and mix it up a little bit so that so the yolk doesn’t cook together mm-hmm and then just cooks like that yeah it just cooks like that until the noodles are done you drain it add the seasoning you’re in business Molly takes less than 10 minutes it’s kind of wonderful if you need me you need somebody to eat this with you count me in deal this is good okay show me another one mo I noticed you eating a craving that we used to eat and school like this is way back in the day I haven’t seen mo eat this since high school this is so bizarre for me so what what is this situation for anyone who is not familiar with this situation I think it’s so weird well he was before we went to the hospital like before she was like I went to a doctor’s appointment and she got there early and had a little bit of time and I there was this coffee scene that had Doritos Cool Ranch and it’s probably like 8:30 a.m. and I definitely got them visitor breakfast she got what are these Cool Ranch Doritos they’re the best and a bagel with cream cheese it’s a vegan cream cheese it’s a vegan cream cheese but this is kind of amazing move these okay it’s cut in half but what you do what do we do Molly how do I do it in our dough it’s so good and again it’s kind of like the the creamy the savory plus possessive but yeah open it up and you put the Doritos inside in the bag in the bagel so it gives the bagel some texture crunch I actually told Donald you know ski hand about that he probably eats them all the time now I’ve been about this I said it’s a bagel with cream cheese but you put chips inside but I always did the cheesy Doritos but you like the Cool Ranch yeah look either you just crunch it together oh my gosh can you make me one oh yeah Molly don’t go skimpy on the Doritos with me I know it gives me the Doritos I put this hoodie on for a reason okay I am here to eat I am here to be supportive of you and your cravings and I am here to eat with me it was awesome you know last time I had one of these was I was showing Donald what’s Ray’s word but since then I haven’t had one since high school get ready ready for the memories they’re all gonna come that I’ve never had it was a clean ranch this is new to me are we the only people growing up who did this let us know in the comments below if you have ever put chips on a bagel with cream cheese I want to know what was that like us mm-hmm-hmm cuz you get your dough you get the creaminess you get the crunch and flavor it’s wonderful amazing okay I’m gonna finish that later but I knew oh ma I put a pin in it let’s take a drink of Molly’s new drink cravings I’ve never liked orange juice ever she doesn’t like orange juice nobody’s drinking it all the time juice person it was just too sweet for me I had a sip and it just hit the spot for some reason and now I love it a whole new person over here that is a cheers to the weirdest meal that I have ever had hominis the other thing that’s really changed about Moe’s diet is she never minded spicy food but now you actually crave it you’re a big fan of spicy foods like why is that why is spicy tolerance has definitely gone up I looked up why that’s the case and I said because if you eat spicy foods your body sweats a little bit and cools to the body huh so when we order Thai food there’s like a spiciness scale and Moe used to do no spice oh now she’s like give me number five yeah who are you and it’s so weird because I can taste the spice I can taste that it’s different but it just doesn’t affect me the same way it does not affect you at all full of energy I order my second oh I ordered it that way all right so this is your very spicy Thai noodles noodles over here hmm so spicy and she’s been eating these Thank You puffy Cheetos you’re lucky that I’m kind of adapting a little bit to all this hot spicy food cuz I mean eating it with you all the time but oh you’re opening your palate right now oh yeah it’s this palette is opening today mm-hmm it’s even this it doesn’t taste that spicy to me mmm ha it’s just not the same flavor gage you know what people say in the comments you’ve changed sure hashtag you’ve changed oh that is hot okay I’m gonna do one more I did this is really hot oh one more spicy thing I can get through this this is I’m here to support you Molly open this up funny fact one of my best friends who visits loves these whenever she eats it back I could never eat them with her because they’re way too spicy for me but now they’re just mmm-hmm the body is so fascinating like it just has like a tiny little kick of flavor after it’s not this like oh you you it’s still like my whole mouth is on fire something I thought was really fascinating is I was watching Colin’s video and you may not know this but you guys have a few similar cravings hmm she also likes goldfish crackers and Moe was telling me she only eats red apples and you have about a red apple a day and your favorite is like the Honey Crisp and I think that might be hers to release my mind is just like what that’s really funny you’re craving the same kind of Apple what is it about these apples they’re just kind of crispy and sweet I wonder if pregnant women are watching this video and they’re just looking at these apples and they’re like yeah girl that’s good mm-hmm weird I’m gonna get sick you’re gonna feel great and I’m gonna get sick today that’s something else about this stage in pregnancy they said heart burns really common mm-hmm and I haven’t really experienced that so even eating all this I mean maybe after all this food together but you’re feeling great baby likes this baby’s life yeah more more more and more and I’m like you are related to us then also goldfish and Moe tried to have the goldfish that were like vegan and you were just not having it it just tasted a little different I think the classic goldfish are what taste the best the taste sure we want the real deal oh no you know I should have got the Costco box I have one of those at home do they still sell those I can call it if I used to go to Costco and buy one just she just for me never like my standards are easy to walk in and like on top of her mini-fridge would have this huge thing of goldfish crackers they’re so good something that’s really changed about Moe’s appetite and linear palate is your sweets mm-hmm your love for sweets because whenever we were whether you loved sweet or salty mo olives would go for this always this salty I will take fries over a cupcake any day I’ll take a loaf of fresh sourdough bread over overheard cake the other day she did powered an entire bag of Skittles I don’t know what happened she doesn’t do this nice not my sister never wanted skittles before I’ve never like loved them they were always really sugary I don’t think I’ve ever bought them from the store ever just to feel because just a couple you’re crazy with these things I know although mohm not having a strong sweet tooth she never goes to the store and gets a dessert she’ll go to the store and get like crackers or like veggies you love like little veggies or fruit Molly goes to the store shows if I need to go get a snack comes back with doughnuts yeah she’s never done that never done that before I got some maple doughnuts no big deal this is what happen you want my yeah I love maple dodos by the way I feel like they’re a little bit more savory I don’t know if that’s true cuz it’s just sugar and jam it really but this is a sweet mo I mean this is definitely a sweet yeah mmm I remember these are my favorite going out on Sundays we’d go mm-hmm we’d go out as a family and then we’d stop by and get doughnuts as like a little treat maple bars one time I got an old fashioned I didn’t regret it I also didn’t do it again mmm-hmm wait secret confession wet when we got these we got three we did one did not know if she’s really just blowing us out of yes when donut did not make it home we split it in the car I’m just supporting all all of you okay here’s another kind of like combo that you’ve been loving like fried rice with sweet and sour sauce so that is combining both the sweet and the sour yeah so mo teach me about this what’s going on here it’s delicious pretty much you have your sweet and sour sauce and then you have your fried rice fried right in and your veggies and your anything of what’s going on and you just take the sweet and sour sauce and rice I’m just drizzle so gently right on top a bit later yeah they’re feeling it so the sweet and sour sauce isn’t like on top of chicken it’s on the rice okay we haven’t done this before that’s not a bad combination I thought that was me really weird but it’s not hey that’s actually really good okay sorry these chopsticks are really slightly they aren’t would like for okay oh okay broccolis I know I know again haven’t seen too much of the chicken oh he said like it so that’s enough video Moe cannot eat anymore as broccoli and she used to love broccoli I’m so sorry okay do I read your fortune yeah we only got one is this my virgin or your fortune should be mine should be ours okay can you share a fortune with someone with Chardonnay so I feel like we could share a cookie fortune one time I order Chinese food just for me and what they gave me five fortune cookie five you ordered so much food that they thought I was for five people you know I ordered a little bit like I guess you can receive an order cuz I ordered these two and the sauces and they gave us one so how much food is you order to get five fortunes sampler platter I got my noodles Molly you did a mukbang you just didn’t film it okay here it is here a our fortune you will touch the hearts of many that’s really out let’s move on to another savory craving this is also similar to Colleen she craves in and out I think in particular but you just like burgers and we’re the closest to an in and out so I just got most on the theme yeah it’s it’s so funny I usually don’t eat that much red meat or not at all our beef or pork I usually opt for the veggie burger if I’m out veggie burgers or like the beyond burgers yeah or something like that or chicken chicken patties sometimes edgy really juicy burger last weekend I had a barbecue bacon burger and it was the best thing in my life it was you did it was huge and I didn’t think I could eat it I was like oh this is way too big for me and it was gone there’s gonna I got devoured and it was the best I don’t regret it I am shook moly it because so good Molly for years I’m talking over a decade veggie burgers maybe your turkey burger mo I have not eaten beef in a year and a half mm-hm and I am gonna eat it here today with you to support you so today I am going to eat your cravings so I got you a burger with no cheese okay Molly here’s your burger I’m so ready for this well are you ready really here we go my belly’s gonna be like what is this mm-hmm why do you think that you’re curvy deep is it just you’re craving like the iron iron so fun fact right now I’m I have a 30% increase in blood supply because everything going on railway mm-hmm and so that’s why they say you need more sodium and more iron um it’s to fulfill des weed in your extra blood that makes sense I’ll do this any day mm-hmm mmm I got new fries because we’re asking for a fries you are saying all the right things fries milady uh french fries have been a huge craving – Oh moe I got you one more thing what it’s vegan ice cream from your favorite ice cream place that she’s been eating she’s racked up so many points at this story that they give her free ice creams all the time that’s how the points is you know you know what it is magpie magpie okay let me go get them okay I’ll be right back I’ll stay here and eat the price okay last but not least this is one of the most favorite desserts if you’ve never had Magpies they seriously have the best like vegan ice cream dairy-free ice cream they also have regular ice cream they’re regular and vegan what did you put on top of yours this is graham cracker cute it’s like a graham a graham strudel have you ever done this before by the way this is another okay show me your pregnancy ways mo what are you doing okay I’m taking a french fried take yourself sir and I take this off sir you just dip it on in there okay and this is combining sweet and savory again and it’s like cold and hot and sweet and savory oh that is great this is delicious yep this may be one of my favorite pregnancy combos ever what yeah okay so everything taste it is this is uniweb french fries and ice oh definitely my if you could only eat one thing here if you had to put everything down and we couldn’t nibble on everything what’s the one thing right now that you and baby want to eat what’s the one thing right now above all everything you can only pick one on the table what would you pick bagel cream cheese and Doritos really yeah it’s so good more than in and out more than Magpies I know I know it’s just it today and it changes everyday that’s the thing I don’t crave all this stuff every day this is still amazing together this is still living my best okay so the best days of my life even though some of these combos were like super weird I love this I love being with you I love eating this is just combining like everything I love I hope you guys enjoyed the video and a big thank you to my sister mo for teaching me all about her funny pregnancy cravings you can do this anytime alright let us know in the comments below if you would like to see Bo and I do her very first official pregnancy mukbang and if you guys like this 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Stopping Food Cravings When You’re Pregnant

how to stop pregnancy food cravings