How To Track Your Food For Weight Loss

By | February 25, 2020

Video- How To Track Your Food For Fat Loss

  • One of the number one things that I hear my clients say is that nutrition is more difficult than getting their butt to the gym.
  • When it comes to tracking foods, knowing what to eat, and when to eat it, and how much to eat can be very stressful.
  • Having a diet journal is very helpful.
  • Here’s how to simplify the process of tracking your food while dieting.

How To Track Your Food For Weight Loss

Reading a Nutrition Label▼

I am a fitness coach in Austin Texas and I work specifically with women to help them lose fat and build muscle without dieting at all to me dieting is all about restriction and I’m here to help you get rid of that forever and make this lifestyle change a sustainable one for the rest of your life today we’re going to cover a couple things one how to read a nutrition label the easiest way in the proper way how to track everything that you’re putting into your body and how to fit your macros in for every single meal if this video is helpful for you in any way please go ahead and like and comment down below go ahead and subscribe to me please because I am gonna be forever grateful it’s just going to be able to get the word out to people and just create a more supportive community so that’s what I’m here to do I’m here to help hopefully I answer some of your questions and if you have any more feel free to reach out to me in the comment section below and I’ll go ahead and get right back to you alright let’s jump in [Music] five things that you want to look at on a nutrition label you’ve got protein carbs fats fiber and sugar alright think about the amount of calories per gram of each one of these it kind of paints an easier picture for you so one gram of fat equals nine calories 1 gram of carbs and one gram of protein both equal for calories so keep that in mind because the heavier the fat content the more calories it’s gonna have I’m gonna pull up the nutrition facts for something like peanut butter it’s one of the easiest things that I feel like a lot of us eats I know I love it so much but people get tricked into thinking that peanut butter is actually a protein source now while it has protein it’s actually more of a fat source and I’ll show you how to read that on a nutrition label look at that parentheses it’ll say 32 grams and you’ll say or you’ll see that it’s 16 grams of fat in that just one serving size okay on top of that you’ve got six carbs and you’ve got eight protein now yes you do get some protein eight grams of protein is not bad but when you look at that ratio of 16 fat and 8 protein is definitely more of a high-fat food it’s the biggest thing that you can do is get comfortable reading the back of foods and googling this stuff and when it comes to measuring always measure in grams because the grams do not lie if the grounds are the easiest way to be able to tell and most of the time you’ll be able to find the grams somewhere on the internet if you’re looking it up it’s always in parentheses on the label for the serving size so that way you know everything is in grams [Music] the hardest thing that everyone has a struggle with is fruits and veggies and how do you track those things the easiest way I’m gonna say it is just straight up getting your phone out and googling it really really quickly one of my go-to I have I love fruits but one of my go-to x’d is blueberries for breakfast and what I typically do is I just put whatever food you’re looking for and Nutrition Facts underneath it right so look up blueberry nutrition facts and you’ll easily see that I mean you can also do this in Fitness in MyFitnessPal the only thing with my Fitness Pal is sometimes that’s gonna have a lot more per serving like I think I looked at blueberries and it had one serving has 148 grams of blueberries which is a lot like I don’t want a cup of blueberries with my breakfast I just want to dabble a few and sprinkle it in for texture and for flavor look on Google first and then translate that into your My Fitness Pal accounts so when we look at blueberries if I look for they’ve got three options here on Google they’ve got 68 grams a hundred grams and 148 grams so the 148 is the cup I’m gonna go with like let’s say 68 that seems doable it’s like it actually says 50 berries right next to it but if I look at that I’m gonna notice really quickly that there is barely any fat it’s like 0.2 grams of fat you’ve got 10 grams of carbs and you’ve got 0.5 protein so immediately you’re gonna know that there is a lot more cards than anything else it is a carb source that’s gonna be with any vegetable any fruits the carbs are better than let’s say going out and grabbing ice cream but it is still a carb and at the end of the day your body when you’re tracking to get fat loss and to lose weight you want to be in a calorie deficit the other two things that are really important to look at on a nutrition label is the fiber and the sugar all right so both of these will make up the carbs the only difference is is that one of them in this case you could I guess say one of them is a good car one’s a bad card if you want to use those terms but I think it’s important to notice that the more fiber you have in your diet the more full you’re gonna feel throughout the day and the more more times than not when you start looking at the fiber rather than the total carb amount on your nutrition labels you’re gonna start eating a little healthier and it’s gonna turn into naturally it’s gonna turn into the whole grains and the brown Rice’s and all the things you’re supposed to eat when you’re being healthy it just naturally turns into that so the goal is every single day I want you guys to eat over 25 grams of fiber all right so no matter what you do let’s say I give you I don’t know 100 grams of carbs for the day you’re going to automatically start looking at the fiber and I want 25 grams to come from that entire day so there are a couple things that I love to eat that’s gonna increase your fiber content frozen waffles are actually a really good source for that the way I look at nutrition labels is I don’t just see okay let’s say it has 35 grams of carbs and say that’s a lot of cards no I look at the ratio between fiber and carbs so let’s say there’s only one or two grams of fiber in the entire serving is it worth it to me I don’t really know it has to be really really good like ice cream or something but it’s probably not worth it to me so instead if I find a meal that has let’s say it’s 35 grams of carbs but has like seven or nine grams of fiber holy cow that’s great I’m gonna definitely choose that one over the other one so the perfect example for this is egos angles versus like my favorite might go to is Kashi waffles so if you get the Kashi frozen the blueberry is my favorites but if you get the Kashi waffles versus getting the Eggos you’ll notice right away that one has a lot more fiber than the other and definitely go with that one so that’s the easiest way to do that now sugar sure seems to be the enemy for all of us everyone’s always talking about how bad sure is and how it’s like gonna ruin our lives and you know sugar is the next smoking but and it is true to an extent but I also think you got to live your life and that requires you to sometimes indulge and maybe a cookie or maybe you want some ice cream or whatever just live your life the only difference in my mentality on it versus someone who is dieting is that I’m constantly thinking about that that ice cream or that you know how much sugar does that have and if I’m going to choose to eat those carbs because sugar is a form of carbs if I choose to have that what am I going to remove and the rest of my day well if you know that you’re gonna have that ice cream don’t have the oatmeal for breakfast so you’re replacing one with another that’s just the easiest way to do it you don’t want to go past your carb amount so with sugar the best thing is to say under 25 grams so like I said before fiber you went over 25 grams ideally like 3035 for sugar you want to be below 25 so just remember that number 25 one is above one is below every day your goal is to stay within those restrictions that’s it I want your challenge to beam every single time that you look at a plate I want you to quickly be able to spout off what is this is this a fad is this a car business of protein and how it all works together okay another quick tip when you’re putting your plate together it is really important to try to divide your plate up in a certain way but visually I want half of your plate to be any type of vegetable or fruits all right I want a half or like I guess what is this a third now a four my bad 1/4 gosh clearly I don’t remember math but a fourth of it I want to be protein and a fourth of it carbs so if you think about it that way you’re gonna get a lot more veggies than you will rice one of my biggest things is eggs and avocado toast and some blueberries I add some blueberries and some toast is all carbs but then I got the avocado as fat and I have the eggs as protein so you notice that there’s always balance going on in your plates especially even what’s next you can totally do that try to make sure that if you’re gonna have something that lets say a banana with peanut butter that means you’re gonna get fats protein and carbs you’re getting all of it together rather than just you know down in some fries and being like okay I had a bunch of carbs right so when I tell my girls like stop thinking about foods in a good and bad sense this is where dieting plays a really really big part in society because dieting really promotes the restriction of an entire food group because it says anything carb Keto, anything carb is bad for you or any grains is battery or any dairy now if you do have some sensitivity to that also keep that in mind obviously like I don’t want you to have like an upset stomach all day but if you enjoy cheese and if you enjoy bread go ahead girl have that bread it’s not gonna make a big deal if you start looking at bread instead of a bad for you think about it as okay white bread is a carb source I’m not gonna pair my bread with a bowl of pasta because pasta is also carbs right so you just want to start thinking like that and the best and easiest way to do that is by looking at the nutrition labels comment down below if you have any other questions about this I really wanted to keep it brief so I didn’t really dive deep into all of the you know fats carbs and proteins just wanted to get down to kind of the day-to-day how to live your life and track this for the first time if you’ve never done it before I know that it can be super super overwhelming to try to have your phone on you constantly and try to carry a scale with you and measuring things out but I promise you this is a very short-term thing and once you get the handle on that you don’t have to constantly like weigh everything because you know eventually after you start doing in a while you’re gonna start understanding and it’s gonna be like you’re visually gonna be able to look at something and be like this is a serving this is probably around this many carbs and this is probably around that that’s kind of what I do these days because I’m just so used to it so it is annoying at first bare with me please trust the process and I promise you it will work out and it’s going to be better than ever was for you all right guys love you guys please reach out to me again like and support your girl because I really really want to get this message out to people and if you are ever kind of curious about me and like you know my girls and a lot of the training that we do please follow me on Instagram at body underscore bye underscore Chris so that’s body by Chris all right I’ll talk to you guys later.