Intermittent Dry Fasting Benefits Video

By | January 1, 2020

I show my results from doing intermittent dry fasting for a couple of days and I’m actually feeling amazing and I just want to share this knowledge”.- Great video.

How Long Should a Dry Fast Last?

The typical dry fast protocol consists of a 24 hour fast (no food or liquids) twice a week.

Are There Any Benefits to Dry Fasting Over Other Forms of Fasting?

The supposed benefits of dry fasting would be weight loss (through taking less zero calories), a low BMI, a boost to your immune system, and soothing inflammation of the skin and joints.

Intermittent Dry Fasting

“I am introducing you to the world of intermittent fasting, and especially intermittent dry fasting.

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Dry Fasting Benefits

I hope that no people with eating disorders watch this video this video is just for dieting plans entertainment purposes I’m just a normal person because I can’t tell you what you should do I’m just telling you what I learned on the internet and what I gathered from reading throughout the article hello guys welcome to this channel sushi and I’m not an expert I’m just a normal person and I’m just telling you what I researched online and found out about intimate and dry fasting so what is intermittent dry fasting this is when you’ll only eat and drink for a certain amount of time for example you fast for 16 hours and eat for 8 hours some people also do and also do this that they only eat for four hours and fast for 20 hours so for example you could eat from 10 to 18 o’clock and then fast dry so why do the driver fasting has been practiced among humans at the least 5000 years you know every single culture has this religious practice of not eating for a certain amount of time and you know when people do it year over year for more thousands and thousands of years it had a benefit of stopping food cravings and it had an effect people back then thought that they would be better connected with God or feel more spiritual but what actually happens is that your body regenerates and this is just totally amazing I’m just going to read to you all the things that happen when you do some fasting fasting increases neuron protection against dysfunction and degeneration it increased creation of new neurons fasting increases brain plasticity and one study found that a Ramadan drive fast increased the levels of a neurotrophins called BDNF brain-derived neurotropic factor neurotrophins are proteins that promote the survival and growth of neurons so I’m just reading them of my phone you know your brain becomes younger and even a short-term fast can improve brain function by killing all of the old cells so this is called autophagy all of the cells that could harm your body that are old or cannot be destroyed will be destroyed when you do some fasting and the most important thing is that fasting lowers inflammation in your body and a lot of people are suffering from autoimmune diseases you know food and tolerances the thyroid issues and so many others.How can I control my weight without dieting? It’s mostly the people that seem to be healthy you know everything is fine with them but then they suffer with all of those things that are linked to a hyperactive immune system and a hyperactive immune system is when your immune system is out of a homeostasis when there are too many immune system cells so that there are so many warriors in your body that are even starting to fight your own body and this could be helped by doing just fasting and you know I’ve never actually done a fasting you know for a whole for more than one day but I definitely want to try it but what I’m doing at the moment is to prepare for my fasting experience so what I’m doing is that I’m doing this intermittent dry fasting which is that after a teen or club or a teen Authority you know sometimes it doesn’t work out that well I tried not to eat and drink but you know at the moment I’m still maybe drinking a bit you know when I’m very thirsty but I’m trying to not eat or drink anything and like really I haven’t had this amazing feeling of going to bed without being bloated and without having food in my stomach and I just hate the feeling of laying in bed and knowing that your body still has food in it and just laying down and sleep knowing that my body can actually regenerate the body and not digest the food is amazing as a natural metabolism booster and when I wake up in the morning you know my tummy feels so flat and I just feel more vibrant and actually have appetite in the morning so in regarding the inflammation intermittent dry fasting also reduces inflammation by decreasing the levels of leukocytes which our immune cells because leukocyte derived inflammatory molecules to inflammatory diseases the reducing inflammation a drive fast can help prevent many degenerative diseases those are for example dementia Alzheimer’s and the benefits of fasting are backed by research you know a lot of money is spent on research on how to get older you know how to achieve longevity you know how to be healthy for a longer time and the only thing that has been backed by research that actually makes you live longer is calorie restriction because – when you restrict your calories you increase neurogenesis you lower oxidative markers you balance insulin levels and you can improve brain plasticity and drive fasting in specific is associated with significantly reduced inflammation lower blood pressure and balance glucose you know if you are not very fond of fasting I can understand that some people are not met for fasting but I definitely advise you to not eat after 18 o clock this is what person for me feels the best because going to bed with an empty stomach may be hard mentally but it feels amazing and the benefit that I feel you know how just my body reacts to it is much better than me wanting to eat a snack in the evening because the snack will make me trouble when I have to sleep with a carbs diet so hope you learned something for this video I definitely will try out to increase my window so maybe not fast for 16 hours but 1718 and you know to just find my balance and what feels the best and I will definitely want to do one day of solely water fasting and then maybe even dry fasting but I will keep you updated so thank you for watching have a nice day and please comment below what you think of that.

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