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Great video- “Talking intermittent fasting because it is crazy popular right now we’ve been getting so many questions about it and so we kind of want to take this time to debunk”.

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Hey guys Ashton Kelley here from Really Fit we are talking intermittent fasting today because it is crazy popular right now we’ve been getting so many questions about it and so we kind of want to take this time to debunk some debunk some things for you and go over our experience so our goal today is to educate you we’re gonna go over some of the pros some of the cons we’re gonna go over who it’s right for who it’s not for as well as your own personal experience and how we recommend specifically women do it if they’re gonna be doing intermittent fasting yes okay so that’s what we’re gonna be talking about today please let us know if you have any questions because we hope this is a really good conversation because you guys have been asking so much about it we have been doing research the last few weeks so we have notes yeah we might not be may be quite as engaging myself when I’m reading you the benefits because I really want you to understand how it’s working what the benefits are so I will be reading a little bit every day yeah and that’s fine we want to make sure that we don’t ramble too so that’s kind of our goal of our notes so we’re actually gonna start with that so we’re gonna be starting with some of the benefits and Kelly’s gonna be going over that for you today okay so one of the things that Ashley like really struggled with actually originally was we’ve been told and everybody’s been told you know like breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you have to get your breakfast in to get your metabolism going and then you have these small meals and keep your body wrapped up so this kind of goes against everything that we’ve learned our whole lives have been drilled same with you so it is definitely a change um what I really liked about this though is that it takes a lot of the pressure off okay it takes a lot of the pressure off of you so it’s actually like you can kind of take a step back and stop focusing so much on being obsessed with when you’re gonna eat how much you’re gonna portioning things out so basically first of all just kind of explain of what intermittent fasting is yeah good start so typically there is no real rule but typically the ideal kind of ratio is that you would have 16 hours where you don’t eat and then an 8 hour feeding window okay so that seems like a really long time but the beauty of this is you can fast while you’re sleeping so ideally again how it would be is maybe you would finish your dinner at six o’clock at night and then you would have your breakfast at 10 o’clock the next morning and that would be a 16 hour window but that doesn’t mean you have to go for 16 hours especially when you’re getting used to doing this 12 hours is plenty when we first started practicing with us we kind of did 12 hours up to 13. HERE ARE THE TOP 10 KETO FOODS. I can do 16 sometimes sometimes not so much but that’s just basically what it is here you’re not eating for a period of time okay so I will go over some of the benefits that we’ve known about this so one of the first things this really great for detoxing your body so cleansing and detoxing something your body’s doing all the time it’s having 24 hours a day but while this process is automatic and always happening it definitely is hindered when you’re eating so it’s not just hindered by a poor diet it actually can be hindered by healthy diet because if you’re eating constantly your body never has time to rest it’s always digesting so it’s not letting the liver relax and detox and all your organs are always like working basically so when you’re not eating and you’re fasting it’s giving your body a break to do some like self cleaning okay from there also hormone regulation is a really awesome thing that it can help with so fasting isn’t a dramatic impact on your human growth hormone level so your HGH. How can I control my weight without dieting? I love this is what really attracted me yes yes so increased 88 HGH results in greater endurance with faster muscle repair and growth as well as slowing of the aging process hello win right there so there is actually a study that showed that if you do fasting and you incorporate interval training or like hit training high-intensity interval training your HGH levels in women will be increased by 1300 percent which is crazy crazy so it also just means that your body’s repairing faster so you’re well you’ll recover quicker from your workouts you won’t be as stiff you’ll get that lean muscle building quicker yeah amazing which is absolutely amazing and we were so pumped about that because that’s the exact style of workouts we do with really fit on line and classes and personal training so we really push hip training yes so it’s the perfect pair with hit training if done properly and we’ll get to that yes you said that oh it’s actually really good too for normalizing your insulin levels which is huge so left in the hormone that regulates your fat storage as well as the hunger signals and Grenland so leptin and ghrelin I’m accessing gremlin yeah Lyn grab another hormone that tells your brain when you’re hungry these are normalized and become more stable when you’re fasting so basically your brain isn’t getting the signals that your hungry hungry hungry hungry it’s helping to like control all those and make you feel not I guess his ravenous which is what like I really thought I was gonna be hungry all the time when doing this but I actually am shocked when you know you hear people say like I feel great I’m not even that hungry you’re like yeah okay I am in that cycle now where I do feel great and clear and that was actually another one of the benefits is that it actually can really help with like clearing your mind and mental clarity which is one of the things that you were into a lot too yes another benefit is weight loss so if you are looking to lose weight it’s not gonna be like a magic pill then your office I’m gonna drop 30 pounds it’s not anything like that but it can definitely help with the weight loss process so the natural sugars in any meal that aren’t immediately needed for energy gets stored in your body as glycogen so I guess it’s stored in your liver is glycogen so when your maximum glycogen storage has been achieved the body then stores that as fat okay so they might get to the stores in your body typically run out after about six to eight hours so after you’ve used up all your glycogen that your liver has stored in six to eight hours from there and then it starts to dig into that like like the like the gym that was stored as fats so now it’s literally going in and taking away an effect and that’s often happens between the twelve and the 16 hour point yes so it is good if you are going to be intermittent fasting and getting a benefits you’re gonna benefit at 12 hours but you’re gonna get full benefits of that from that window so that for our winter that happens right there yeah yeah um I mean there are people that goes extreme of doing the 20-hour fast at the four hour eating window ash and I just that’s not something we want to do I think that’s not a way to live your life I think 16 hours is enough of a struggle so but do what works for you yeah and we’ll get into that yes yes um Britney has a quick question then I’m gonna go into are you done with the band all going to the console Britney has a question about um can this type of fasting have any effect on your thyroid and not that we learned obviously that was a concern of mine Britney because I have hypothyroidism so it doesn’t have any effect that we could find and in fact it can have a really positive effect on your hormones and I was wondering how I would be doing with that and how it would affect like just the way I felt in the morning and I’ll get into more that later but I have actually been feeling pretty good so to answer your question from the research we’ve found so far no it doesn’t have a negative effect on your thyroid so I think that you’ll be good and in fact you’re not supposed to be having your thyroid medication with food anyways so it has its full effect on your thyroid gland so um I hope that answers your question but if I find any different sort of stuff I will definitely let you know I’m sure you’ll get to this but how often would you like us to do this yeah once week okay so that people gets that that’s what we’ll get to because that is a huge impact on women in particular and so that’s what I’m gonna get to calm right now as the cons so I’ve been extremely hesitant to talk about intermittent fasting even though I’ve been getting questions about it lately and I’ve actually been learning and hearing about it for like the last two years and I was obviously like Hayley said super like nope nan not a chance because we’re so ingrained that and she’s eating and another big concern of mine is that like for all the years of going over women’s food journals my biggest challenge is that you guys don’t eat enough so I was like okay well why do I want to tell people intermittent fast and then encourage this so one of the cons for me is that it can encourage a calorie deficit and is the worst thing that you could do during a fast so fasting does not mean you need to lower your calories during that day a fasting means that you have a big window period like we’re saying from 12 to 16 hours where you don’t eat but within that 8 hour window you should be eating the calories that you’re meant to have in a day and so when I’m constantly encouraging women to eat more and more and more obviously this is a natural concern of mine because I don’t want it to promote a calorie deficit yes if you do a calorie deficit for a while you are gonna see some changes for the first couple weeks but you will hit a plateau a hundred percent and then if anything you will actually start to gain weight again so it’s very important to us as we teach you to do this that you don’t look at it as a calorie deficit so for me that was a con and a concern when talking about intermittent fasting is that a lot of women would look at it as a calorie deficit like allowance and that’s not what it is and the reason another reason that’s a concern and that kind of works within this is that if you do have like a lot of times that you’re fasting and you do go to lure in your calories or you’re just fasting a lot in general you’re gonna increase stuff for me like hormones in your body which are going to be telling your body that it’s really really hungry and when your body’s really really hungry it starts to affect the female hormones because traditionally we are meant to bear children doesn’t mean that you’re going to bear children but that is what our bodies are biologically meant to do so when we’re not eating our body’s cue is like oh okay I’m trying to ovaries off and we’re not gonna stimulate these hormones because I don’t want this person to bear a child because they would not be able to hold this child well and have and build a healthy baby so we don’t want you guys doing this and suppressing that because then you’re gonna have hormone concern so there is this fine balance we find with the general population there are always exceptions to the rules but we do know some women that do it every day but we definitely do not recommend doing it every day because you don’t want to train your body that a you’re going through a starvation or a fasting this often and then also you want to make sure that you’re not having that calorie deficit so so that is another big concern especially for somebody like me that did lose my period for two years so like and I know a lot of people on here that may be watching even struggle with fertility and stuff so there’s a fine line here yes there’s a lot of benefits but you do need to be cognizant that there are some concerns so you can’t go into it just focusing on the fat loss you have to be very aware of how this can affect you individually and it might not affect Kelly the same way it affects me and it might not affect your best buddy the way it affects you so you have to be very cognizant of your own hormones your own body and what’s going on because you can have concerns and that could even happen if you start to lose weight and you your body fat gets yellow you have to listen to your body that’s the number one thing with this is that it’s not like you’re there’s not one plan fits everybody it’s specific to you so twelve hours fasting three days a week might be perfect for somebody somebody else might thrive on doing it five days a week for a 16 hour fast in the beginning we would recommend two days a week two three tops yeah three tops and then maybe on week two week three and introducing your another day and then kind of get used to maybe two three days a week see how you feel if that I’ve noticed that I actually feel really good and then I like it in general I’ve never been a breakfast person I’d actually always feel guilty when I was told you had to eat breakfast because I never the food to me in the morning is so unappealing that I would force myself to eat and feel nauseous and so it’s actually lovely for me I feel great and now I’m probably doing about four days a week but it all depends on the week too if I have a crazy schedule and it doesn’t work out I might do it twice if I have a more chill week and I’m kind of at home a bit more I can do it maybe five days so don’t get a number stuck in your head just listen to your body yeah and so that kind of leads us into who this is good for so Kelly’s gonna go over who this intermittent fasting would be good for and then I’m gonna talk a little bit about who it might not be a good idea for because it’s not meant for everyone yeah so this is for somebody it’s good for people that I don’t even really know how to work it in I guess but then have more freedom I guess in flexibility with their schedule so it could be something that you know obviously not eleven o’clock you’re famished and you and you have access to food so you want to make sure that if you’re doing it you have the option to eat at your schedule is flexible and then it’s not something that all of a sudden you get starving and there’s no options and you have to go another four hours without eating okay it’s also good for somebody that doesn’t have like somebody that is looking for weight loss is good and feeling good about food and doesn’t have necessarily a negative kind of connotation or an obsessive obsession kind of thing is something that you’re not restricting calories like she was saying you’re going to be eating all of your calories just finished shorter amount of time so meat I’m not a person who likes to graze that much I actually really love big meals so this is why I love it I love to sit down and like crush hens my Thanksgiving is like my favorite holiday so it’s great for me cuz I can sit down to have like a really big lunch and feel like full and satisfied and then I know what about another four hours I’m gonna have another big meal and then typically if I’m doing eight hours I’ll have three big meals every kind of four hours my middle one might not be as big because I’m honestly not that hungry because I’m eating so much of that first meal so I’m making sure that you have the time to eat it and then you’re prepped you also want to make sure you have the food around you so if you’re kind of running around all the time and it’s crazy and you don’t know when your next meal is gonna be you’re gonna have to do some planning with this yeah yeah there’s basically not a lot of people that can’t do it but there are a few exceptions to the rule and that’s what ashley is gonna talk about yeah so just just a quick little bit about like I’m basically the exact opposite of kami like I wake up and like I have to take my thyroid pill and sometimes it drives me bonkers because I really want to eat so I’m it has been ingrained in me but I’ve also always been a girl that wants to wake up and I want to eat and I want to feel energized and good so I but I didn’t want to talk about something and promote something or not promote something without giving a shot so I gave this a shot and I definitely did better than I expected but I did learn what it’s the kind of person it would not be good for so it’s definitely not good for a lot of people that are on here and they follow us maybe teachers or they might work at somewhere like OPG or any sort of job that you or have like a very specific time that you can eat and you don’t have access to food you don’t have access to water you don’t have acts to any of that except for a certain time so that might be you and we don’t actually recommend fasting especially on those days maybe it’s something that you do on the weekends yeah yeah but don’t do it on that day because if you get to our 14 and you’re really hungry and you’re starting to feel sluggish or you’re starting to get a little bit of brain fog it’s very important that you eat at that point it’s not it’s not something that should be a challenge this has to be very natural for you so you go as far as you can and you might get a little bit further but it’s not gonna be good for those people because then you’re gonna feel really discouraged and then you’re probably not gonna reap the full benefits and it’s gonna have a negative effect on you mentally and then as a result physically so it’s not good for those people and it’s probably not gonna be good for anybody that has a history or is currently suffering with an eating disorder so for somebody like that is where actually that’s already struggling to eat we’re actually encouraging you to go longer when windows appear about eating it’s probably not gonna be a good idea for you cuz it’s gonna foster more of that mentality and that psyche of not eating and being okay with that and you obsession of trying to get longer and longer yeah I mean 20 hours can I do 22 and that’s where it gets dangerous yeah and then that’s also when oh well maybe I can eat less and less and less and see how far I could take this and and that is not a good idea so you have to have a really healthy relationship with food to be able to do this and be successful at it so it’s definitely not good for those people and then like we mentioned earlier if you have any hormonal issues when it comes to fertility I would definitely do some research talk to your doctor make sure that it’s a good idea for you because we definitely don’t want to be having any sort of an influence on that and you might not but you have to be cognizant that that is a possibility when you’re suppressing your appetite that much you are going to increase your hormones to shut down those ovaries and basically want to do anything that I think we have a few questions yeah sure let’s go to those um you just roll out narration yeah so that way you do it I don’t know I don’t want to shut it off or so problem okay okay you’re welcome Brittany I think yeah that was Rebecca I think that is this something you will continue to do after trying it I don’t think this is something that interests me I’m just catching up now great question um so that’s what we’re gonna actually be getting into ash is talking about our experience so if you can wait and at a moment we’ll actually say other questions and we’re gonna get into our experience and whether we’re gonna consider even continuing to do it so well we’ll get back to you on that and you say three days per week is that three days in a row no no we’re not Horton so like we’re not Monday Wednesday Friday or Monday Wednesday Saturday or Tuesday and Thursday you want days in between yeah especially in the beginning like I said if you start to get like really good at it and you’re loving it you want to do it five days a week that’s fine but in the beginning I would not do that to your body it’s too much of a shock so ease yourself into it for sure yeah great question Mandy’s saying do you still have your green juice in the morning you know so you actually break your fast as soon as you have calories so you basically if you’re gonna be doing intermittent fasting you just want to try drinking water or black tea or black coffee to ease into it I started having just a smallest little bit of gelatin in my team because either way I’d feel really nauseous so now I’m transferring over to black coffee yeah it’s the best thing is recommended is to have water and you can have bone broth that has salt so so it’s really good for your electrolytes and that will actually help to keep your energy up and you kind of feeling like really sharp so those are things that you can have but you can’t have any green juice you can’t put milk in your coffee you can’t put cream in your coffee you can’t put a sugar nothing that has calories because as soon as you have a metabolic response the fast is over that means your stomach’s working your body’s working however once you complete the fast a green juice would be the ultimate yes to put into your body after yeah because your body is detoxifying it’s clean it’s ready you put those nutrients in your body it is gonna be absorbed and adjusted so fast yes like a punch of moment and then have your juice and then have a big meal after that but do the juice first so that it can get to your body and do what it needs to do and then have your meal yeah if you can’t if you’re too hungry and the thought of green juice kind of makes you may be a little gagging you need food then you can do that as you but again play with it and start to think but if you can do the green juice that’s the perfect oh yeah yeah but it does break your fast so don’t have it and if you’re going to until until that fast and I’m actually not sure because there was kind of conflicting information that I was reading if you can do hot water with lemon I think from them in the most part I’m getting response it’s okay do the squeeze of lemon in your water I think there was one study that I read that maybe said that it wasn’t but I think lemon water should be fine I’m still doing lemon water I guess it depends on how much lemon you put in it – yeah right and how many calories are in it because it also has carbs yeah but yeah the traditional fast is like just pure water but this is about making it individually I couldn’t imagine waking up like my advice is caffeine like I could not imagine waking up and not having it – you’re a coffee like that actually kind of makes me hurt and on the inside so like I that is something I want and I know it’s more acidic but if I’m gonna make it through the fastest what I have to have and and then obviously I’ll be having my green juice and stuff like that after so next question I write you can have coffee and tea in lots of water during the Fast and avoid fruit after and to avoid fruit after well you’re right about the the water coffee and tea as long as it’s black and you’re most welcome um but I I don’t actually agree I don’t know what they know is the same we’d like to not eat fruit like as soon as you finish your fast is that what you’re hearing I’m just not really sure if I’m understanding what I think it was meant it it is really trendy to have a high fat meal oh I heard maybe because it’s so high in sugar is that yeah the saying is you want your first meal to be fruit yeah but if you’re having like a green juice on pot which I know that you have um don’t worry about it because you have all the greens and everything in there especially if you’re blending it you got all that fiber it’s not gonna spike your sugar I mean yeah I wouldn’t have a fruit smoothie because that would really spike your sugar for sure or like a juice like that like if you’re actually juicing but if you have like the green smoothie with veggies in it yeah menu I don’t like the cucumber the spinach yeah all that good stuff in it I wouldn’t worry yes done this fiber yeah but yeah you wouldn’t want to go and have like this let go and get like I actually wouldn’t recommend going and getting like a cold-pressed juice that’s just like pineapple and coconut water no you need something yeah vegetable or something to slow down though yeah and even if you are gonna have like some sort of smoothie you can even put like like almond butter or coconut oil or something in it that has fat to slow down that spiked avocado avocado I said something nice maybe it’s right so yeah like that’s what you don’t want to have or that’s what you would want to have so you don’t get that sugar spike that’s the main thing they’re saying don’t have fruit because of the sugar spike yeah cuz you’ve just gone so long to like stabilize your blood sugar so I understand the theory but don’t be afraid to incorporate fruit into your things like your green juice or your smoothie as long as is paired with other things yeah it’s just not free I think we got them all yeah nice okay so to answer let’s go into our experiences then to answer Ash’s question as well as Rebecca’s above so um I guess I’ll start cuz I’m already talking for me my experience was better than I thought I thought I was really gonna struggle with it mentally because and I thought I was gonna be starving because I am normally a girl that wakes up and gets going with food as soon as I can so I actually I feel like I did pretty good obviously for Kayleigh and I our goal is not weight loss so I had I did have a concern that I was gonna feel like I was losing a little bit of muscle mass but I am how could you report I don’t feel like I did I actually do feel like I got a good recovery rate with my workouts and I felt like I had good focus so during the fasting I thought I was gonna be like yeah you’re like all over the place and I actually felt pretty sharp until over 15 things about my leg I gotta eat I can’t talk anymore yeah I feel like I’m hungover the next time I doesn’t have something to eat so um so yeah I would say our fifth game for me is the most and I would probably myself only do it two three times a week tots just because of my personality because I’m the opposite of Kelly like I like to eat often and I like to graze and I’m not saying I don’t like to sit down and take down like a big meal sometimes but I am a grazer and I thrive off that so for me the fasting was more to see what it was like to see how it affected me just to experience something that people have been talking about so and learn a little bit more about it so on my own personal level yes I would continue doing it and I would only continue doing it about two or three times a week now my mind might change in six months I may be like screw intermittent fasting never drinking again or I may do it five times a week I don’t know I would never ever recommend personally a woman to do it every single day I know some people are super successful at it that we follow but I just wouldn’t do it myself I mean it’s too strict it’s too rigid I don’t like following rules that closely yeah that’s why I actually like the fasting so much is because it’s not a diet it’s not a calorie restriction it’s just changing the pattern of how you eat yeah yeah and so for me even twelve hours was a lot because sometimes often we don’t eat until after Rowan goes to bed so we don’t eat until seven thirty eight and then I would get up at five and then I would see my clients and I’d be eating sometimes again by 6:00 so I’d only have like a 10 hour window so for me the 12 to 15 hour mark was good for me and I I can’t say I felt differences and like weight loss I didn’t see any gains in my muscle because it’s still so fairly new for me I’ve only been doing it the last couple weeks but um maybe like three weeks I guess tomorrow but uhm but I definitely did see an increase whether it is in my head or not about my muscle recovery and I felt really focused and yeah so I I definitely will continue doing it and I will do it kind of on that rate and then like for two or three times a week for like the 1215 hour period so I think it was easier for me because when I don’t have kids so and I’m an old woman not hurt so I go to bed really early mm-hmm and then I get to sleep in cuz I don’t have to be up your sheets all about eight o’clock which you guys all probably hate me when you hear me so I’m sleeping longer than her so that’s probably why it’s a bit easier for me I’m not I’ve got like five o’clock but I actually like I said I love it because I’m naturally I’m not hungry in the morning at all and I always felt so guilty about it and to be honest I like to work out in the morning and I like to work out on the empty stomach and my I always felt guilty and it was like my secret shame personal trainer thing I didn’t like to tell people because I’m telling before it was time you believe I eat you gotta eat but it made me feel so nauseous that I couldn’t I couldn’t do it so I actually thrive working out on an empty stomach if I’m doing the morning workout not in the evening yeah so I actually was really excited when I learned that a lot of success is that you would fast do your workout and then break your fast right after your workouts done that’s not gonna work for everybody a lot of people that won’t work for some though they say that that’s can be the best results is and when you work out on an empty stomach in the morning and then break your fast just make sure you break your fast after don’t continue to go for like two old 18:17 like if you’re gonna work you’re gonna lose running so fast if you do that you’re not gonna see gains at all so sure if you’re working out doing it yeah hundred percent get a big meal in right after that with everything protein carbs in fact they all have to be in it yeah and don’t force yourself to work out on a fasted stomach like I can actually work out fasted but for example the clients that I see early in the morning if you guys are watching hi but like two of them can work out fasted in one can I know it’s a massive difference in her energy if she has something to eat so it can be very individual so yeah force it if like if you’re hoping to get the biggest games you’re gonna get less games if you have a really crappy workout because you didn’t eat so yeah you have to know your body and your sensitivities to sugar and all that kind of stuff that way so definitely once again it’s about modifying and making it personal for you but yeah you know you get you do the growth hormone increase that Kelly was talking about burly does boost up if you workout fasted as well is that another option that you can do to customize this if you want to workout in the morning and you know you don’t want to do it fast it instead of skipping breakfast what some people actually do is they’ll skip lunch so they’ll have their big breakfast do their normal thing skip lunch and then kind of fast throughout the day and then have a big dinner so then they’re getting like a 10 hour 810 hour window during the day which is still amazing so don’t think that it has to just be breakfast it could be something where maybe you love breakfast and lunch and you want to have like a pick a late lunch and eat that like – and then you want to fast and then get that first thing in the morning and eat customize it to what works best for you but again making sure that you don’t feel ill so what one of the benefits that I’m seeing is actually my bloating has been really really down I get bloated very easily like I might clean of the food baby um so I’ve noticed my bloating is down and I actually do find that I’m a bit more focused on getting into that part where I see the clear thinking the first few weeks I was like I don’t understand how you feel clear-headed right now I’m like foggy and hungry but now I’m feeling really good actually and I do find I have a little bit in the morning where I start to feel pretty hungry for like a few minutes and then it actually does pass and then I was watching all the videos and reading up on it I’m like yeah I’m sure it passes it really has for me and I feel good and then when I do eat my lunch like I’m ready to eat but I’m not like ravenous so I’m enjoying it a lot I typically right now I’m doing it about 4 days a week I will keep doing this for sure again I might change my tune and go mmm no and who knows you know the rules are always changing we might do another conversation with this in six months or we’re like okay here’s the modified version of it now but as of now all the research we’ve done and it’s also something that’s been going around forever and ever and ever this isn’t something that’s new it’s maybe more new to late North America and just many minor changes like snowball effect and for whatever reason somebody made it really popular again recently and it’s like gained or it’s grown like wildfire no and so it’s in your face a lot and that’s why a lot of people have been learning but learning better to hearing about it but no it’s definitely not a new thing it’s been around for for quite a while that’s why breakfast is called breaking breakfast I think you asked yeah so you are supposed to give your body that a little bit of a break so yeah it definitely goes against the grain of what we’ve learned but we decided to get in there and learn a lot and give it a shot ourselves to see how how we felt and what we thought of it and whether we would even consider recommending something like this so I guess the synopsis is yes we would consider doing this if you do it properly and if if you’re just tapping and now make sure you go back to make sure that this is an appropriate fast for you and it’s not a diet this is not a calorie restriction it’s very important if you’re going to do this that you get all of your calories in that you’re you’re you’re never going really hungry right you’re never going hungry you’re we’re going you don’t feel like like foggy and you feel sharp and you feel good it should be effortless and so take it you know week by week or day by day and however you feel and so if you need to start with twelve hours like I did you start with twelve hours and you kind of work your way up from there and some days I might be twelve sometimes it might be six I mean don’t beat yourself up if you’re planning to do it on a Tuesday and all of a sudden you got home late because your kid had a hockey practice and you got stuck in traffic and you’re starving and you’re like well I can’t eat before I go to bed don’t let this be something but like stresses you out just try it the next day great point you know just do what works for you customize it for you yeah and see yeah just play around with it it’s not a hard and fast rule yeah and it’s not a diet and there’s so much like literature out on that now that if you want to continue looking there’s so many like youtubers and articles written and books and stuff like that so you can really dive in how do you lose weight without the calorie deficit so we’re not saying in general that you shouldn’t have a calorie deficit so obviously when you’re trying to lose weight you need to consume less calories and you’re burning that’s still the case so if you were normally eating let’s say 2,000 calories and you want to lose weight so you want to go down to 1,700 calories to chip away at that you still want to stick with that 1,700 we’re not saying to go above but we’re just saying don’t do 500 calories or a thousand calories you’re not trying to starve yourself you’re still eating what you would normally eat in a day yeah but just in a smaller window like a lot of women for some reason try to get 1200 calories in a day and I don’t know why but Rita the the fat loss comes from I don’t know if you caught this before but what Kelly was saying with the benefits the fat loss comes between that 12 and that 16 hour window because of what your body is going through and the natural detoxification process so and just giving yourself a break so it doesn’t necessarily come you can even eat the same amount of calories that you do today and then you do tomorrow when you fast it’s just how your body’s processing and learning to eliminate and take a break during those days that helped people lose weight so we even did research there like there is actually people that didn’t change their diet at all we don’t recommend healthy by any means are overeating but there are some people that didn’t change their diet at all and still lost weight trying this yeah so and it’s because they just gave their bodies a break to do what it was meant to do which was naturally detox and then obviously if you’re enhancing that with amazing foods that also supplement detoxing that’s even better but but yeah so a calorie deficit if you’re eating a lot but not what our concern is is that women eat too little Raymond little go like how often do we get people say I keep leave you’re not tiny and you eat all that and it’s like yeah we eat nutritious you tricked like really nutritious healthy food that fuels us and our bodies know how to process yeah I admit more now than I ever ate yeah me too and like I used to be so obsessive with like a number and you’re the same way yeah and I that’s what I actually like about this it’s very freeing because I just eat until I feel satisfied intuitive eating yeah it’s really getting you to listen to your body and that’s the number one tool you have is like listening to your thoughts and making the program for you like so many people get obsessed with I’m doing low carb and I’m doing heat or I’m gonna do paleo or I don’t do green I don’t do this this is no there’s no specific rule you’re eating what feels good to you of course we still don’t want you to do dairy or gluten for the most part and what you said before aired about getting angry I get hangry also but I do actually um what did I say you said Aaron oh yeah Ashley Ashley yeah sorry um I do get hangry as all but I am finding that as I’m continuing isn’t getting used to it that I’m not angry and it’s it’s nice because you if you are able to do it in the morning I find I get more hangry kind of in the evening when I’m hungry but in the morning that’s not so bad so it should level out and again start slow even if if 12 hours is too much start with 10 yeah but I just what I do sorry okay ash if you’re still breastfeeding we don’t recommend this so if you’re still breastfeeding right now don’t do this yeah even if you’re breastfeeding twice a day you’re burning tons of calories there’s no point in messing around with that so just eat your normal way and when you’re done breastfeeding then you can give this a try and that probably won’t be as angry because I’ll tell you when I was breastfeeding Rowan I was so hungry all the time like I would literally be breastfeeding while Matt was feeding me like I I was so hungry I could not even wait till I finished breastfeeding so don’t do it while you breastfeed wait to do it after so that your hormone levels are a little bit more balanced and you can control your hunger and know that it’s not because you’re losing it off your your your milk so any and if you have any last questions to shoot them because I think we’re probably wrapping up soon right yeah um I was gonna ask I don’t know if Pat still on here watching or not but I wanted to see how you were feeling after yesterday’s workout I am super stiff I hammered their upper body yes combinati hard so I just wanted to see if she was feeling that today um oh man uh Hoffman intermittent fasting is used all over the world since the beginning of time North America is very far behind on a lot of things like natural medicine yes Amanda thank you for saying that I love it you said that it is something that they’ve been doing for years and years and years and sometimes they didn’t even have a choice famine and hunter-gatherers you know what I mean so it’s clearly something that you can do and you can be sustained with um but thank you for saying they like me I like that comment it is definitely an old natural thing and I think that it’s those natural medicine type things that spoke to me about like than just how it can benefit your body because I’m always hyper aware and sensitive to any sort of diet and I know a lot of people are looking at this like that but no it’s really just a way of eating that we’ve been doing for a really long time but in North America and over the last century we’ve been ingrained so strongly especially in the personal training world but you need to eat as soon as you wake up you need to eat every couple hours need to eat so much protein and then you get you know the dairy industry saying you need to is the same thing like we’re just like we’re we’re being bombarded rose facts right where I’m escalated by by the food industry and by the pharmaceutical industry so anyways that’s a little different Facebook life but you were 100% right and sometimes it’s going against the grain of what we’ve learned but it’s really intuitive but you just have to listen to your body like Haley always try to force yourself to eat is not right yet for me I’m never gonna go an intermittent fast as long as like if I don’t feel good so I just you do whatever feels right what’s cool about this too and what’s really cool about this is that it’s not just like the holistic side that’s saying to do this because often sometimes I get a bad rap and what the holistic world gets a bad rap but there’s so many actual medical documents like there was a Harvard study that one of them he remember who sent it to us Christine yes so it’s like if this is if if you’re one of those people that doesn’t necessarily want to listen to the holistic world there’s so many other like the medical world and the whole world are coming together on this one so when they’re both in agreement and can make you feel a lot more reassured yeah is there any other questions is there anybody on your let’s try this before yeah I would love to hear other people’s name is about as quietly if you’ve tried it and what your experience is like and if you are interested in trying it and you’re on here watching what are what benefits are you looking for you looking for fat loss if you’re looking for focus hormonal balance are you looking just for a little bit more control over your food like what is it you’re looking for and while you’re typing that we wanted to talk about is the first time we’re just kind of doing like a gentle announcement today but we’re actually working on a ten day challenge right now that is gonna incorporate intermittent fasting and we’re gonna be introducing it in November so we’re working on a 10 day challenge that’s meant to help deep bloat and basically detox you so if we go tighten and tone kind of Saturday not only focusing on digestive health bloating your midsection we’ve been working on this since the start of September yeah a little bit excited it’s been a lot of work we’ve learned a lot I’m really really excited so that should be coming up in about a month you said yeah we’re starting it I think it’s like November sticks are in around that area so if you are interested make sure I put the e link I’ll put it up leave it in in the description and make sure you sign up for email us if you’re not on there already already and then you’ll start to get emails about that as we begin to announce more and more yeah I’m really really excited yes me Joe it’s gonna Innisfree by the way yeah we’re throwing this back way up for free yeah man so and it’s gonna be a ten day challenge for for all you guys so it’ll be coming with like a meal plan a workout routine we’re going to be doing Facebook lives a lot of hand-holding all you do this we’re gonna do it as a group so we’ll be doing it with you guys and we’re just we’re really really excited and they’ll be a lot more information to come about that in the next few weeks yeah yeah for sure so thanks for watching guys any more questions you have obviously put them on here we’ll check in over the next day or so I’m not too much over the weekend cuz we’re gonna be celebrating Thanksgiving with their families and we hope you enjoy too but yeah so thanks for watching and we hope that you enjoyed and you got something out of it and if you’re a woman we hope this was specifically geared towards you and that clarify some things and also let us know if you have a chance to try any of those Thanksgiving recipes that we put up on Wednesday posted in the Facebook group let us know what you think and if you enjoy put them in yeah that’s it awesomesauce okay well have a great party guys and whoopee things give Happy Thanksgiving we’ll see you guys soon bye.

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