Intermittent Fasting Is *THE* Hot New Diet- Why You Should Do It

By | January 24, 2020

Why Should You Do Intermittent Fasting?

is intermittent fasting right for you?

Losing weight is as simple or as complicated as you make it. Weight loss comes calories in versus calories out. Fasting, or the style of intermittent fasting, is the most efficient way to boost metabolism these experts have found.

Intermittent Fasting Is *THE* Hot New Diet▼

Why you should try intermittent fasting- you said you know I fast pretty much every day I’ve been doing 16 hours what are you doing um depends so when I’m in I split my time between New York and California when I’m in New York it’s absolutely one meal a day no ifs ands or buts cuz it’s just the schedule is such that you know I’m seeing patients in the morning and afternoon and I don’t want to do I don’t wanna waste time to eat what do you doctrine that’s a good question I mean I trained as a surgeon and did cancer surgery but I my practice is based on longevity so it’s sort of how do you apply nutrition exercise sleep stress management endocrinology lipid supplements hormones all that stuff like how do you engineer how to make somebody live longer who is my clinical interest so yeah so in New York I eat one meal a day so it’s basically like a 22-hour fasting window and then I’m feeding within a two hour window Wow when I’m here it’s about this well I mean yesterday and today it’s the same like you know today has just been kind of a busy day you know I won’t eat till dinner tonight but my short fast would be 16 hours where I would eat a short farewell long one for me really dude you got to get in touch with your evolutionary so I had this discussion with a friend this morning he was saying to me he can’t do 16 hours well he’s a pussy you just told no but I said you got to understand if if our ancestors couldn’t function when they were hungry we wouldn’t be here so it’s not just that starvation a short term adaptation to starvation is is necessary it’s probably beneficial in other words you know during these short periods of deprivation of food you know we get just a little bit more epinephrine and norepinephrine we just get a little bit sharper a little bit better I I can’t even I can’t even remember it us like to eat three meals a day it’s been so long but I think intermittent fasting or time restricted feeding probably at least five years and what is for people listening what are the benefits of that well I mean if we’re gonna be a really technical we have to be clear that I think a lot of the benefits are overstated and a lot of the benefits are things that we’ve only studied in animals so there’s a guy named Sachin panda at the Salk Institute in San Diego I think one of the world’s experts on time restricted feeding but you know for example a 16 hour fast and a mouse produces unbelievable results if you take a group of you know certain types of mice or strains of rats or other rodents and you in a 24-hour period deprive them of any nutrient for 16 hours but then for 8 hours let them eat whatever the hell they want they can’t gain weight so and and the and the reason we think is that it once you give a long enough period of time when the animal can ramp up it’s like the enzymes in the liver that are responsible for fat oxidation- why you should try intermittent fasting. I mean they just basically become fat burnt I hate that term fat burning machine it’s so overused but that’s bad they basically just become unbelievably efficient at metabolizing fat so we have to be careful that when we extrapolate that because you and I have a very different metabolism in a mouse like a 16 hour fast to a mouse is much longer than it is to us so I don’t know if those benefits would extend also it’s not entirely clear the time restricted feeding will produce the longevity benefit that we see in other sort of fasting or fasting mimicking types of diets so for me what it comes down to is I mean honestly it’s just an easier way it gives me a much more Liberty with what I eat during my feeding window I don’t have to be nearly as restrictive when I’m feeding if I have that period off it’s just just in terms of like my physiologic response secondly there’s a convenience thing like I kind of hate being tethered to eat mmm I like knowing that if I get into a pinch like I don’t have to eat right now if I’m sitting on the airplane and they’re serving dog shit I don’t have to eat I can wait another five hours until I eat I also just feel much more steady in my energy levels I I kind of vaguely remember like 10 years ago when I was kind of like eating a normal diet how I always had this lull and energy after lunch like there is the post lunch pre dinner I just don’t feel good like not that I feel bad but like I’m not sharp I’m not in my a-game and I don’t even remember that feels like anymore which is not to say I feel great all the time but I we don’t have that vacillating energy level yeah I’ve said that to people when I eliminated most carbs from my diet you know and I have a friend of mine who talked to his trainer about that his trainers like you’re crazy eat bread eat pasta don’t listen him like no don’t listen to him like just just google it that stuff’s fucking terrible for you if you want to eat carbohydrates get it from fruits you know get it from some natural sources but just if you have a trainer that’s telling you to eat bread get a new fucking trainer because it’s just it’s not what you need it’s nothing wrong with eating if you want to occasionally and in small doses but when I eliminated most that stuff from my diet I felt the exact same thing I felt that midday nap desire go away and they’re just the fogginess about like you at the end of the day like oh god I’m fucking tired and then I’d have to drink a cup of coffee to get damper back up again and this is like never-ending cycle of having this insulin spike and then this crash and that is that’s from carbohydrates it’s from refined carbohydrates and you know having too much fucking sugar in your body and everybody does it it’s like you won’t like who you are is dependent upon a lot of things but one of them is how much energy you have how you feel what are you crashing if you change the way you eat you change the energy you have you change the way you feel it’ll change your behavior will change your choices it’ll change your ambitions it’ll change your potential I mean there’s so many things that will change I met a doctor his name is Jason fungus on tomato people can research his amazing amazing guy and I met a doctor that treat people with cancer and diabetes with intermittent fasting so I started doing a program of intermittent fasting and time restricted eating and on my symptom diminish like every every weeks every month diminish so he got it’s getting better it’s not a hundred percent now but he’s getting out a lot better a lot better and I feel a lot better like that now we had Ben Greenfield on yesterday mm-hmm who you know he’s a journalist as a lot of experimenting with his body got a lot of scientific stuff and scientific research on diet and in restricted eating is a big part of it he does a lot of that it’s interesting because I’m we’re a conditioned to think that I wanna want to gain muscle and when I get you know I need to eat more to accelerate my metabolism but I never felt better in my life if we would not be for that particular issue I feel better now I I sleep better I inflammation and I also did a test in January I went to McGill University to do a scan of my my weight my purse my fat percentage my muscle density bone density and my in five month I did it a few days ago like not not this week that Tuesday of the last week and my my fat percentage has decreased my muscle mass has increased and my weight is at the same hmm then it was in January do you think this is all from restricted eating my training did not have change so the only thing has changed pretty much is the the restricted restricted time eating and interpreted fasting yes yeah that intermittent fasting gives your digestive system a break and it lets your body recuperate better I think that’s what helped me out mostly I think it that’s what it is a I felt like I was like like I like I said like a car I was putting too much for nothing and I think as human being were over a fad I I’m very interested about paleontology and also a history and I know that human being an ant or gatherer time then that eat three meals a day no they need eight maybe a few times a week but when they eat they eat a lot yes I need to do it fast so I think it’s more natural for a human being to do so and also I now I read a lot of stuff and I watch a lot of stuff on the internet about intermittent fasting and time restrict the day eating and I just wish I knew that before for so many years I I I used to follow the rules oh we need to eat at least three time a day and you know I why you should try intermittent fasting don’t really care of what I eat but I’ve you know I even though in the morning I was not hungry I was always my forcing myself to eat which is bad you know yeah but what has changed in your diet like what do you eat like what’s what’s a normal meal for you no I don’t really I don’t really watch what I eat anymore I it’s more when I eat I try to eat healthy but I don’t have a specific diet that I like for example like Oh Tuesday I’m gonna eat this this this it’s on our works I just try to eat LT you know like I I try to eat good and of course I I don’t look at oh this is a desert I’m you know if I want a desert a chocolate I remember that from one of your old videos like you were having a glass of wine during training camp like something wrong one glass of wine well if you think about it Joe it I don’t think glass of wine or anything let you know before a fight were some we have the tendency to be too much like Oh what should i eat what should I do this I should I do that I think it’s and it’s a chance to tense exactly you know what since I discovered time ristic restricted eating and intermitted fasting now I feel better by a training with an empty stomach I feel sharper happier I feel more creative especially in in jiu-jitsu feel better feel lighter on my feet really yeah man you do it first you just to class the morning no no food in your stomach I never have a food I haven’t eat today this is the coffee you give me is the first thing I have so when will you eat it’s twelve twenty-four right to this I’m gonna I’m gonna go train with Freddie Roach and then I’m daily and maybe I’ll eat another time I’m late eater that’s why I’m not too good and I don’t like to eat too much early during the day I’m not really hungry I used to eat because everybody eat but now I’m like I’m not gonna eat since I have I’ve discovered this I don’t eat when I know and when I’m not hungry and that thing is why people eat is because they’re spike of insulin you know yeah so when you like when I start doing intermittent fasting and time restricted eating it was hard in the beginning because I was conditioned to eat all the time yeah but my body acclimate to it and now it’s very easy I can eat once a day is no problem like right now you know I could do it and I think it’s good to be hungry in a way I remember the doctor who said something to me said would you rather be like a lion that just had a full belly or an angry lion I’m like as a fighter I’d rather be like a hangry lion and it makes sense to me if you look at nature it makes sense you know what I mean it doesn’t make sense especially when you do time restricted eating your your body gets used to burning off fat too and using fat as fuel it’s true true that’s why I think when I did the test to compare my my fat percentage a machine you know I don’t have much fat but it diminished and the doctor I met he says to him I said yeah I gained a lot of weight he said you don’t you think I’m gonna lose muscle he says to me he believed that the way that I put on because now I’m about 185 pounds and I when I train for Bisping and went up to 197 when I after after their way and I was I couldn’t put back that weight up so I was a 190 he believed that the extra weight that add was more water retention and residual inside my my buddy it was not like a solid mass and it makes sense to me because now I feel much better and I’m just as strong and even stronger like when I do Olympic lifting much stronger Ali gymnastic much stronger like I feel sharper you know one of the things that when we were talking about the muscle mass I started thinking about this time restricted eating have you heard about this at all time restricted eating a little bit like eating within like a certain time period that correlates you know corresponds to like the day it has really profound effects on on muscle mass without any other factors without having an exercise or anything that’s something that’s extremely interests interesting but this like time restricted eating is it’s very important for for health and metabolism it’s also something I’ve been obsessed with since like probably early summer I’ve been doing it like just you know really fanatically making sure that I’m eating within like no more than 12 hour period I try to do like 10 hours so like when you wake up in the morning you have a cup of coffee or you know you eat even a cup of black coffee the first thing you pull into your system that’s not water starts all these metabolic enzymes start some in your liver you know your gut starts these these enzymes and those enzymes are on a clock because humans are diurnal creatures where were meant to be awake and working and active and thinking during the day and we sleep at night which is different from nocturnal creatures like some rodents and other animals that are you know asleep during the day and active during night so because we’re mint we are active during the day we’re diurnal all these all of our metabolism metabolism enzymes and all these things are active during the day and things that activate them are light light exposure and also food intake and is you know biotic it is also something so anything that gets metabolized like by your by your system but your liver or whatever activates these enzymes and once they’re activated they’re on this like 12 hour clock where it’s like okay so you’re metabolizing glucose fatty acids all these things you know well if you’re eating within that 12 hour clock but when you go beyond that 12 hour clock that’s when things start to go really wrong because your metabolism enzymes start to shut down and they’re not doing things properly so you’re not like insulin responsive you’re not even fatty acids and things like that just metabolism in general isn’t not working as well you know after 12 hours and so that’s kind of a big eye-opener I know a lot of people think they eat a 12 hour time period like if you were to survey them like oh yeah I I don’t eat more than 12 hours but there’s actually a study done by a friend of mine who’s a expert in this field he’s at the Salk Institute his name is panda a very good scientist I interviewed him on my podcast and he’s you know done a lot of research on this this topic and he did a human study where he had like this app where people logged their if they took pictures of the food that they ate and it like you know sent it to some database they had and it had a time stamp on it so they could you know see when the clock when they won their first cup of coffee or whatever was in the morning and then when they were eating and I turned out most people were actually eating in a 15 hour clock so they were having their cup of coffee you know at 8:00 7:00 in the morning and they were you know they were eating it like nine nine ten ten o’clock yeah so they’re eating much later the thing is is that like when you do that you start to gain more more fat you start to become more insulin and sensitive and you start to like your muscle starts to waste regardless of what you eat regardless of what you eat so so okay no I take that back so you if you eat healthy if you eat healthy so if you’re eating a terrible diet if you’re getting a terrible diet that’s and this has been shown in mice like lard fat plus sugar those two together which is the actual bad comedy I’m glad you brought that up I’m gonna make a note okay those two are the bad combinations so if you eat it if you’re eating that if you’re feeding them mice that and you let them eat whenever they want so they can eat they’re nocturnal but I’m just gonna call it day and their days actually night just know that that’s true if they’re eating during the day and night they gain like you know tons a way to come fat become like you know type-2 diabetic fatty liver I mean they’re just mess they’re breaking down like like earlier than they should but if you eat normal so if you’re eating like a healthy diet that’s not high-fat high-sugar you don’t necessarily you’re not necessarily going to gain more fat you don’t you don’t become type-2 diabetic and all that if you’re not eating all the crap so you’re probably just going to be okay but if you take that same mouse who’s eating a healthy diet and you make it eat within a time restricted window of at least 12 hours actually the best was um nine to ten they gain way more muscle mass this is on a normal diet just way more muscle mass and if they ate within a nine hour window they had liked him really improved endurance that’s something I’ve noticed in myself if I eat within a nine hour window and I go for a run the next morning my endurance is like very noticeably improved like extremely noticeably improved so do you have like a timer like how do you do you do time yourself at the beginning of your day like when you first eat and then yeah so I typically well my so my friend Kevin Rose has an app that like it’s called darn what did he Kevin Rose has an app to everything yeah yeah I’ve had him on love that guy yeah he’s awesome he’s a ketogenic diet proponent as well yeah he doesn’t actually do keto anymore because it’s exact uh after you got a bunch of blood work done and I mean it there’s there’s different you know jeans that people have that can affect the way they respond to that sort of diet most of the time people can respond good because he was on here just long ago introducing zero and zap to help you fast so he has an app that helps you do that that actually works really well personally what I do is I’m just kind of crazy about it and I just like remember it that day so I’m like okay I had my first cup of coffee at 8 a.m. but his app actually is really cool because it really helps you keep tracking it sends you reminders so like helps you and it’s it’s a free app so powerful Kevin Rose anyways it’s really cool because you can just like literally these mice we’re gaining more muscle mass just not by doing anything but eating within this time restricted window and the thing that was also very interesting about this was that you could cheat a couple of days a week so they could like like let’s say weekends when you have like social events and you’re like out drinking or whatever you can you can cheat two nights and still have the same benefits so that at least in mice we don’t know if that’s the same for humans so options doing trying to aggregate some data with humans he actually has an ongoing trial that anyone can sign up for it’s called my circadian clock and it’s an also an app on his on the phone that you just basically all you do is like sign a consent form take pictures of your food and and like allow certain data you know different different Fitness data for them to collect and and so they’re doing this clinical study with humans from data that they’re aggregating which is kind of cool I’m getting it’s fasting tracker right now yeah and you can do he has different options for Kevin’s fasting it’s like the circadian option which is the one I’m talking about and then there’s like people that are doing intermittent fasting and what’s this Acadia option that’s that’s the time restricted eating. The circadian clock you’re on right so that’s what it’s this 24-hour cycle day/night cycle so eating within at least a 12 hour window is so 12 hour is the most you have the most so if you get up at 8 o’clock in the morning that’s when you have your first cup of coffee that’s when it starts not with food it starts with first cup of coffee because that’s interesting because a lot of people don’t think that they think that they’re still fast and they have a cup of coffee and then they go run that’s the thing so because coffee even if it’s black so people think if they have black coffee they’re fasting and they go run but black coffee is caffeine is something that has to be metabolized by liver enzymes your gut processes it so anything that other than water exactly anything other than water and the same goes for like taking vitamin pills or drinking herbal tea late at night like the same the same thing goes even herbal to herbal tea is also herb got herbs stuff in it so caffeine non-caffeinated herbal tea like yeah because those are chamomile I mean that stuff’s gotta be processed by your liver are you guys it’s it’s not it’s not water right you know so I mean and this is something that’s kind of a big question in that as well if the fasting let’s say you’re you’re eating within a like 9 hour window or you know 10 hour window you know hours optimal 9 hours is really what I found to be optimal for endurance in terms of the animal studies like 10 hours also with the eating their healthy diet within 10 hours they still had and they increase their lean muscle mass they didn’t have to anything else no extra exercising it just because what was happening is they were they were basically their mitochondria are working better and they were also getting rid of fat easier so you know so it increased their lean muscle mass it’s incredible because I eat late at night all the time well you’re a comedian yeah I mean that’s probably you probably eat after showers yeah I came home last night at two o’clock in the morning picked out after a show I mean it was healthy food I like kefir and pistachio nuts I buy those big jugs of shelled pistachios so the shells removed so I just eat like piles of pistachios because I feel like I’m not eating anything bad that’s good for you but this knowledge now knowing this I’m gonna I’m gonna cut that out now please let me know how that goes I’m gonna I’m gonna start right now yeah that’s awesome I mean like I said you can cheat there was cheating at least in mice twice twice a week was okay two times a week is a good cheat where’s that yeah and that’s kind of cool because it’s like a weekend right right yeah you know so you have your social event it’s hard to do with social events and stuff if you have like something late run you kind of have to faster all early in the morning all the way up and so you can do it later yeah you know what I mean but I do a lot of workouts fasted now and one of the things that I like to do is I get up in the morning without having anything and then I work out but I’ve been having coffee so I thought it was fasting you will see the thing is and this is kind of what I was talking with such and about is that it’s if you’re fasting itself the fasting itself is having a positive effect on all these enzymes so maybe there’s some sort of cancel out it’s not not it’s not as good it’s not as good I would say so just water we don’t have actual empirical data on that saying okay well you know and that’s something that sauce and we like to look at in humans because it’s like a big question if you are just fasting in the in theory it’s not you’re starting all those clocks the clocks the caffeine starts the clocks that’s wrong so but then again you know like I said fasting changes your metabolism in a way to you that makes it better so maybe it’s not quite as look bad not quite as bad but not normal exactly I like that that’s perfect okay yeah so shoot for nine hours that was like that nine hours is the best especially for endurance like enhancements like really so if you get up and you’re at you know if you’re up at 8 o’clock in the morning or 7 o’clock in the morning whatever it is yeah you almost have to eat dinner like at 5:00 yeah that’s the problem you have to you have to either fast in the morning or you have to eat early which is the hard for working people nine to fivers yeah I mean it’s like you’re eating breakfast before you go to work unless you’re not right yeah and that’s kind of the problem for people that are going you know such as most humans yeah I see we have a you know life is kind of different now but it’s you know there are people that we’re talking about you they just take their breakfast to work and they wait so they’ll wait till like 10 o’clock to eat or something like that yeah because also there’s people that like to go to the gym after work and so that’s more time it’s like you gotta get erases o’clock like gotta eat you know so really if you can start the clock later if that’s possible for people that are working like that they don’t have flexible hours then then it would be better to start the clock later and there’s a lot of human data on this like just looking at like the associations between people that eat within you know an 11 hour period and fast for 13 hours for example women that do that that have already had breast cancer they reduce their breast cancer risk recurrence by like 40 percent you know Wow yeah because it lowers it look it causes insulin sensitivity it lowers levels. I mean it’s just like it lowers all these like hormones and things that are known to promote cancer growth it’s really a powerful thing and improves metabolism really improves metabolism and that’s something that a couple of scientists that I’ve talked to you that are at UCSD you are looking at and actively seeing that it’s just it seems to be really important now obviously people doing shift work like nurses are kind of I mean that’s the problem yeah they’re kind of fucked when you’re doing that late shift stuff and they are they’re they have twice the cancer incidence lately yeah twice twice Wow next workers they’re also much more likely to be type 2 diabetic you know it’s because you’re eating you’re eating like when you’re at night you’re eating you know your metabolism all is all screwed up not only are you like when you’re eating after the 12 hour clock are you not as insulin sensitive and so your blood glucose levels are higher also you’re confusing your clock so kind of like it says okay I’m restarting now because it’s late and getting my first signal in it’s after been it’s been after 12 hours and it confused it so then when you go to say you eat two in the morning and go to sleep and you wake up the next morning and you have your meal it’s already going to have started that clock a while ago so you won’t be as insulin sensitive because you earlier in the day you’re the more the more insulin sensitive you are so you know what I mean so you kind of like confusing the clock yes it’s like this very complicated but I think important mechanism and system for people to understand and time restrictions try restricted eating like I have really implemented that because I think that’s something that also will affect the aging process I’ve talked to people like at conferences I’ve you know given a talk out that have come up to me afterwards and there they were talking about how they’ve been on a ketogenic diet for two years and how it you know they would reverse or type 2 diabetes it’s been great but still their fasting blood glucose levels were still on the high end you know even though they’re no longer type 2 diabetic I mean we’re just really good and they started doing the time restricted eating where they were eating within a nine-hour window and it completely resolved it completely resolved it and it actually have multiple people tell me that and it’s saying it’s an amazing thing is the increase in muscle the muscle is really the increase the the interesting part I would like to like talk to such and more about that and have him do more experiments if possible because we didn’t dive as much into that on the podcast when we chatted but he is such a phenomenal scientist and he’s very proactive and into health and all this you know preventive medicine and he’s just a great great person we’re out of the Salk Institute in La Jolla a very prestigious place to be you.

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is it the right style of diet for me?

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