Is Dry Fasting Better Than Water Fasting?

By | October 30, 2019

Dry Fasting Vs. Water Fasting

  1. This is a comprehensive video on the benefits of fasting. Some of the questions that are covered are:
  2. Dry fasting and intermittent fasting vs. water fasting for fat loss.
  3. Using dry fasting vs water fasting for weight loss results.
  4. How do dry fasting and water fasting affect autophagy?
  5. What kind of results can you get from dry fasting?

newspaper Is Dry Fasting Better Than Water Fasting

What Is The Best Way to Fast?

Some friends let me straighten this out I’m happy to be here with you every Wednesday at 12 p.m. Eastern time I go live with you here on my Quito camping YouTube channels so what’s up Quito campers I’m gonna talk a little bit about dry fasting versus water fasting and then I’m gonna answer all of your questions so I hope you many of you get on this face alright so game or not Instagram on this YouTube live very very soon so I can answer your questions I’m gonna see if I can pop the questions here first of all if you don’t know who I am my name is Ben Azadi I’m a certified functional health practitioner I am the founder of keto camp this YouTube channel and I want to mission to educate 1 billion people on planet Earth and that’s why I’m grateful because you’re spending part of your day with me and hopefully you find so much value from this channel so let me pull up this Instagram or keep saying in surrounding pull up this YouTube live got it cool so whatever questions you have please put them down below I’m gonna break down a little bit about dry fasting versus water fasting if you don’t know already the keto camp podcast is out into the world episode number 1 is released with dr. dam pompe many of you have said a great feedback I’ve gotten about that so if you haven’t listened to it yet it’s on iTunes it’s on all the platforms the only one that it’s not on yet is Google Play so make sure you go listen to that podcast dr. pop it talks about drive that he was actually I think it was day three of a drive fast so first and foremost what is it dry fast what is a water fast a lot of people don’t even know that there’s a difference between the two when you’re fasting and be sure to ask any questions down below and I’ll be sure to respond I have my laptop here so I could read it and not have to scroll here I learn I learned that the hard way when your water fasting you’re just having water alone okay you’re drinking water maybe some salt but you’re still hydrating yourselves with water and there’s a lot of dry fasting benefits that I think it’s great and I talk a lot about it in my fasting cheat sheet and a lot of these videos here now dry fasting no cool nothing and there’s two types of dry fasting there is a hard drive fast and there is a soft dry fast a soft dry fast means you could you could you could shower you could brush your teeth you could have water touch your skin because the body is so intelligent water touches your skin like if you’re showering even though you’re not drinking water you’re still going to get hydrated your body’s gonna suck in that moisture it’s gonna the body is so amazing but if you did a hard dry fast means you’re not showering you’re not brushing your teeth not living any water cut your skin it’s a little extreme I know it sounds a little crazy to some people but your body gets a lot of this etapa g during a dry fast you actually get three times more etapa g during a dry fast versus a water fast so I think it’s a great option to do something like that short term if you’re an experienced faster and if you have a coach like me coaching you through it I have the members of my Kido camp inner circle who’ve tried it out cuz like guy so that is the difference between two if you want to learn more about that listen to episode 1 of the Kido camp podcast. What are the benefits of intermittent fasting for women? Let’s see what questions you have here Josephine says sweetheart I can’t sleep well Josephine hello first and foremost watch the video I did on ways to get better sleep if it’s a your mind racing at night and you’re thinking about things you got to get done you’re thinking about problems then I would recommend just writing down whatever you’re thinking on a piece of paper do a mental dump get it remove it from here put it on a piece of paper paper and I’ll help the mind just relax get into a routine at night try the banana tea try things are gonna help you just relax where are you guys watching from let me know your city or your state or your country let me know where in the world you’re watching from I’m here in beautiful Miami Florida Bay Harbor Islands which is right next to Miami Beach the ocean is literally right that right down the street there on the UK roof hello Ruth good to see you on here- 6 simple ways to lose a little weight. Nice to chat with you as well I love your support I see Rebecca in the UK Dorothy in Chicago Chicago is a cool city am ma good morning what would what if you have medicine you have to take in the morning I would say if you’re taking meds and you’re fasting continue taking your meds never stop taking it if your doctor prescribed it continue taking it you just got to work around it you’re great thank you thank you if your if your belly hurts then he might want to see talk to your doctor and see if you could rearrange your schedule or you could have it with your meals or try to rearrange your fasting schedule to work around the taking of the medication I think maybe if you have the medication with your meals it might help your belly a little bit more potentially and I appreciate the kind words you’re great as well we have a wall in Atlanta what’s up Hotlanta getting some bananas tomorrow good let me know how it goes Josephine can you do keto for life. Incorporate intermittent fasting – great question? Bella can you do keto for life now are you asking if you could stay in ketosis for life because if that’s the question I would say no I don’t you could do it but I don’t think it’s the healthy way I don’t think we should stay in ketosis long term now can you follow a keto flex which is what I teach lifestyle for life absolutely yes and that means you’re in ketosis most of the time first of all you want to put in the work and reset your metabolism and do the keto all in for a few months that’s the way I teach it then when you have that metabolic flexibility you’ve reset your metabolism then you want to start flexing in and out of ketosis once you get to that point then I would say 85% of the time being in ketosis fifteen percent of the time I’m getting out of ketosis and that’s kind of like the lifestyle that I follow that is a lifelong approach that you could follow long-term right and that is why I teach keto a little bit differently you might have some keto people out there who are just really you gotta stay in ketosis you gotta be in ketosis forever and I don’t think that’s safe or healthy because if you study ancient culture there’s not one culture in the history of this world that ever stuck with one diet long term not being that keto not paleo. How to follow liquid diets, or is it’s they had to adapt if that variation of their diet and in episode one of the keto camp podcast but just least this week dr. Papa talks about that he talks about why staying in ketosis is too long so I am highly recommend if you haven’t gotten a listen to that episode yet go iTunes or stitcher search for the brand-new keto camp podcast listen to episode number one it’s gonna blow your mind and I’m doing a campaign this week if you rate and review the podcast it’s gonna help me out so much it’s gonna help the podcast out so much and I’m gonna look at all the reviews and I’m gonna enter every review from today into a raffle and leave an honest review order on you think that’s good or bad I’m gonna put it into a raffle all the reviews good or bad and I’m gonna select one person to receive a free month of my Quito camp inner circle it’s about two thousand dollars value you can get for free diet and exercise journal you need a coaching from me for a month you can be a part of this community so be one of those people who review the podcast today on iTunes or stitcher and I’m gonna select you into this raffle and you might be able to win this price let me answer your questions here back to sugar you mean so when I mean flex back and forth I mean you want to teach yourselves to use fat as its primary fuel source but not the only fuel source so yeah you flex back into burning sugar for a little bit and then back into burning ketones you want to burn ketones most of the time but not all the time so yeah burning glucose a little bit but you want to have the flexibility to go back and forth that metabolic flexibility that is perfect health that is the ultimate goal here metabolic flexibility keto is a great way to reset your metabolism to do that and I’ve seen it for myself if you guys don’t know I was obese for most of my life I work with a lot of clients who are obese or overweight and this is a powerful way with all natural weight loss products to reset your metabolism the keto diet is not a new diet if you think if your friends are telling you oh yeah Cheetos a fad Kito’s gonna you know it’s just a trend tell them the extended American diet which is also be stupid American diet that’s the real fad that’s been around for only 50 to 75 years keto has been around for thousands and thousands of years so the real fad diet is the stupid American diet not the keto diet so that’s how you defend yourself with friends who call it a trend good morning sunshine hey Jax does drinking green powder and cotton break a fast yeah it will break your fast collagen has protein and amino acids which will typically raise your glucose and insulin so it will break your fast but there’s benefits to that as well so if you’re okay with knowing that it breaks your fast and still getting those benefits that’s okay Jax what is the most beneficial time to drink it if you don’t want it to break your fast and have it with your meals have it anytime you want with your meals so depends on your schedule any questions you guys have keep them coming if this has been helpful so far hit the like button right now on this YouTube live hit the like button let’s get the YouTube’s algorithms getting this message out there to people does keto hurt your kidneys no I haven’t seen that I haven’t seen keto I have actually seen the opposite when it comes to when it comes to any disease or any kind of dysfunction including kidney liver it’s gonna boil down to inflammation if you have high amounts of inflammation then yeah it’ll affect your kidneys so if you do ‘quite or the wrong way then yes it could potentially cause harm to your organs including your kidney so that is so I should have said yeah it could but not if you do it the right way so if you’re following keto the way I teach it you’re eating the healthy fats and you’re staying away from the bad fats you really have nothing to worry about in fact it’ll have a positive effect because doing keto the right way it’ll bring down inflammation so your body can start to heal itself so you want to avoid the vegetable oil so you want to avoid the trans fat you want to avoid process keto foods because even though it says keto doesn’t mean it’s necessarily healthy there’s a lot of keto products that are not necessarily healthy and if you want to get an idea of what keto snacks and and things you could get on the go I posted a video yesterday on my channel twelve keto snacks and I talked about three bars that are that are I approve and I use so you could stick to those to fajn keto the right way your kidneys will benefit from it now if you have kidney dysfunction we definitely work with the practitioner you might need to limit your protein and if things sitter their lumens hello there what would be the length of time to stay in ketosis in weeks or months in a row for example of meal prep for weight loss so that’s a great question and it really depends on the person I’m gonna give you a general answer might the way I structure it if you read the keto kickstart guide it’s a four pillar approach so if you ever read it go to WWE to kick start guide calm eye structure it that you are in ketosis for about two to three months two to three months then you need start flexing in and out somebody who’s really has a lot of weight to lose that might leave them in ketosis is a little bit longer so I would say if somebody has been in ketosis for three to four months they’ve been annexed Eddie ketosis every single day for three to four months it’s probably time for them to start flexing out of ketosis one day per week having a feast day a high healthy carb day 150 grams of carbs – 200 grams of healthy carbs and then just one day for a week and then going right back into ketosis the other six days I hope that answered your question I would have to work with you one-on-one or in my Kido camp inner circle to kind of give you more of a custom answer but that’s my general answer to you Loach Appel what’s up will coffee and heavy whipping cream and stevia break my fast great question I have a video 17 I went through 17 liquids including coffee and heavy cream and I broke down whether or not it will break your fast on my channel it’s it’s I think it’s called acceptable liquids um in a minute fasting something like that to answer your question now it depends you would have to test your glucose right before you have the coffee the whipping cream and the stevia and then wait 30 minutes after you have their first sip and then ask your glucose again if your glucose goes up more than three more than two points so if it goes up three points or higher on the keto diet then it’s breaking your fast it’s stopping the etapa G if your glucose stays the same or drops a little bit it’s not breaking your fast but it’s very different for everybody the only way to know is the test so I would test I hope answers your question keep these questions coming I see you here um Thomas is in the house what’s up Thomas well what’s up well does taking prescription drugs break a fast if you’re doing intermittent fasting you would have to test as well but you should you should definitely continue taking your medications even their fat and you know communicate that with your doctor it might break your fast they might not I don’t know it depends on the type of drug I would test your glucose before and 30 minutes after and see what happens if your glucose goes up like I just said it breaks fast if the glucose does not go up you get to go well thank you so much for answering my question you rock my pleasure my pleasure thank you for the question Lindsay ash what’s up how let me just bring this laptop up here so I’m not getting out of the stream how can I get with products from weight watchers to my sister that Kido isn’t bad she read online that causes heart disease because of all the fat you eat I would have well first of all there’s something called powdered butt syndrome does anybody know what powdered syndrome is I learned this from dr. ken berry who’s actually gonna be on episode 3 of the keto cam podcast coming out soon powdered butt syndrome means if you have if somebody in your life your mom your your sister have seen your butt and or their powdered your butt they’ve known you since you were a baby it doesn’t matter if you are rocket scientists they’re probably not gonna listen to you you’re not gonna be respected in your household that’s just the way it goes it’s called powder but syndrome it happens with my family and my mom I mean I have amazing information I have the credentials I have the books and I teach my sisters some things and my mom some things and you know they don’t necessarily listen all the time because of this powder but syndrome so third party is super powerful having a resource that you could share with them other than yourself that backs it up with studies and this person is credible will make a big difference for your sister the best way to convince her I shouldn’t say convince her to inspire her to dig a little bit deeper into keto is your results you know you’re they can’t argue the results you’re getting if you’re getting healthier you look you’re losing weight your markers look amazing it’s gonna inspire them there’s nothing that you could argue with that so I would say have her watch my video I did a video it’s on my youtube channel and it’s called does the keto diet cause heart disease and I break down the myth around that and I break down which bad fats could contribute to heart disease but if you do key to the right way definitely has the opposite it has a positive effect on heart disease so watch that video with her get amazing results inspire her and have her watch my channel however we listen to my Aikido camp podcast let’s see let’s see Josephine ladies are lucky we get that week a month to get out of Kido that’s what I’ve been doing and I noticed I notice is I do put a little but comes off just as fast yeah so she thought Josephine is talking about how I recommend that females who are cycling they’re having their monthly period I recommend the week leading up to the period is to get adequate OSIS and to not fast so you do get that cream light and it makes a big difference Thomas Keats what do you recommend for hepatic resistance could you be a little bit more specific are you referring to just be more specific Thomas let me know what what exactly is going on Torrance Leonard if I will want to point out ketones I have to do high-intensity exercise low ketones without exercise the goal is not to get high ketones the Cole the goal is to feel good if you have a high amount to ketones it means your body’s not using it so you don’t necessarily want that during like intermittent fast you don’t want that but yeah exercise is a great way to get rent to ramp up your ketone production maybe not right after the exercise but if you continue to do it it do what it will help turn on super chat what’s that mean the benefits of eating apples. I’m new to this game right here on the live streams super chat super chat I don’t see that option let’s see Seattle in the house what’s up Lisa from Seattle oops if I could get this question you’rewelcome low I appreciate that keto and fasting heals my kidneys Thomas that’s amazing dude luminous says thank you for your answer following you from the Caribbean Haiti keep up the good work well thank you for tuning in from Haiti guys I want to remind you if you have not subscribed yet to the Quito camp podcast episode number one is out into the world iTunes stitcher SoundCloud and Spotify subscribe to it listen to it I’m giving and please rate and review the Quito camp podcast today it’ll help out it’s the first week we have dr. Fung coming on we have dr. ken berry doctor will Cole and many many other legends on this podcast if you rate and review today I’m going to select all the reviews for today I’m gonna put you in a raffle and I’m gonna select one person to win a free membership of one month membership in my Quito camp inner circle which is about two thousand dollars valued so you get coaching from me so if you want to be in that raffle give an honest review whether it’s good or bad I’ll still put you in that raffle and I’d love for you to rate and review and thank you so much if you go to iTunes I mean type in Quito camp podcast or Quito can’t bend something like that iTunes is great if you don’t have an iPhone if you do Android then stitchers stitcher is the way to do it another good video worthy of a super chat less than the cost of a beverage thanks Terrence what’s super chat I lost Lowell says I lost 70 pounds and have been stuck for four months from around to 45 to 50 I need to get serious again and exercise right well congratulations first and foremost 70 pounds that’s how much weight I lost you want to change things up if you’re if you’re hitting a plateau you always got to change things up so if you’re doing intermittent fasting start doing block fasting if you’ve been doing a lot of block fasting do less fasting if you are have been in ketosis to drop pounds quick on the 17 day diet for several months start getting an adequate OSIS remind the body it’s not starting exercise will help but EFT is just about 10% maybe of the equation of the Rizzo you want to get so when you do exercise focus on high intensity bursts focusing on a compound lips definitely and sleep is also huge when it comes to health and weight loss sleep is where you 98% of your fat burning hormones are activated during stage 4 Delta sleep so getting to bed and being asleep between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. and then getting at least 7 hours of quality sleep will make a big difference for you and if that still doesn’t work then hey join my Kido camp inner circle I’ll teach you how to make it work ok connects questions you’re using a low point snacks plan says ask you a couple questions a while ago on your live chat and didn’t expect to hear back not only did you answer a part of it live but you followed up and send me a PDF file so I can see your your Tito kick-start Gaea I’m so impressed with you and your care for your viewers my doc is impressed to look you to pieces Wow Barbara that’s amazing thank you thank you for the kind words guys uh I’m dedicated to you all I’m dedicated to this mission to educate 1 billion people and I’m glad that I’m that you’re starting to recognize that and acknowledge it I want this channel to hit a hundred thousand subscribers before the years up we’re at little past twenty thousand right now we’re going for a hundred thousand are you guys with me are you guys with me to hit 100k on this channel before the years up let me know say I’m with you Ben I’m with you Ben I want to knows with me share this channel with your friends if you’re not subscribed to it subscribe to it you know hit the bell interact with these live streams watch the videos that’s gonna help us get there and let’s face it there’s a lot of sick people out there and this information is what’s gonna help them get their life back and I’m committed to do it I studied three hours a day I do it with the mindset of how can I teach it to the Aikido camp where it’s not gonna teach it to you guys so let’s hit on your cake let’s get this mess the number is not important it’s the number is important because of what if the information is getting out there that’s why it’s important it’s not because I could say hey I have a hundred km on YouTube channel look at me I’m super cool that’s all cool but what’s really important is that we when that happens this information is getting out there to the world that is what really inspires me so I can make a donation during a live broadcast okay I got to figure out that super chat well thank you for wanting to do a donation first podcast was awesome says Lisa thank you Lisa I’ve started listening to the podcast earlier fabulous Thank You Rebecca appreciate gluten intolerance that make sure you guys read and review it where do I go to subscribe I already mentioned that iTunes and stitcher I hope I answered that Jax Louis is gonna listen to it today awesome low I love your videos and I’m in the UK awesome Ashley thank you welcome from the UK I’m in Miami can we eat beans or carrots please so beans could be during your Kido flex phase which is my the fourth pillar if you’re just getting into ketosis and you want to get really strict I don’t recommend beans some carrots maybe but not beans once you have been in ketosis you’re starting to flexion or having a high healthy carb day then soaking your beans and having that I’m okay with that and carrots as well I read this morning glucose I read that the morning glucose can be in coq10 I read that morning glucose increase can be caused by a resistance morning glucose increase usually when when glucose is up in the morning it’s very normal it’s something called the Dom the dawn phenomenon and what essentially happens is when the Sun started to come up different physiological things start to happen in the body and our counter regulatory hormones start to increase cortisol our sympathetic tone starts to increase so that raises our glucose and insulin because when cortisol goes up glucose and insulin follows so if you test your glucose first time first thing in the morning and it’s higher than usual that’s usually what’s going on there I would recommend waiting an hour and a half then retesting and seeing what’s going on so it could be this of the dawn phenomenon but testing is the word Zack Thomas great question Bella says I like your video from wash my Amish I’m in Australia thanks Bella Josephine is with me Thank You Josephine Bella is with me thank you Lisa’s with me Lowe’s with me hell yeah Jax is with me thank you so much green beans are okay make sure it’s organic throw it throw some butter on on it okay I work at nights I can’t sleep between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. what should I do to lose weight can you please tell me what book you probably discussed this in what you go so I do have a book on sleep called the power of sleep that’s a tough one if you cannot change your work schedule man taking some naps will help and when you ever you do sleep that time that you do sleep turn even if it’s during the day turn that room into a freaking sleep cave if make sure it’s dark make sure it’s cold Bragg’s apple cider vinegar for weight loss it’ll help you get some of that deep force sleep so that’s what I would say read my book the power with sleep maybe you get some more ideas in there can you beat cantaloupe on keto Matt what’s up so you can once you start doing it the way that I teach it not at first when you’re getting really when you’re resetting your metabolism and then getting right into ketosis I don’t recommend cantaloupe and bloating on Keto but when you’re you know you’ve already achieved this metabolic flexibility then you could have cantaloupe I call it keto flexing and you have high healthy carb days so yeah eventually you can tan but if you’re starting out I would say no Bella says what about protein powders protein powders are tricky I like Sunwarrior and they make a good protein powder I like bulletproof collagen protein and what else do I like I think that’s it that I could think of right now but most of the stuff out there it’s not good like a standard whey protein will spike up your glucose and insulin very very high don’t knock your ketosis so I went to go with Sun warrior bulletproof collagen I like that what other questions do you have for me guys if this has been helpful hit the like the thumbs up button on this video hit it so let’s see this go there’s only 7 right now let’s go let’s get that number higher I want to know that this has been valuable to you I told rhubarb it’s controversial do you feel it’s okay to eat low carb granola? I don’t know why is it controversial maybe I gotta do some more research into it so I’m not sure I haven’t heard about why it’s controversial thank you I see the thumbs up thanks so much all right well I want to say thank you guys if you haven’t subscribed to the keto camp inner circle make sure you do it Lowell wants to know how do you join Kito camp inner circle quito camp comm WWE champ comm camp with the cake you can learn about my inner circle if you go to iTunes and you rate and review the aikido camp podcast you’re gonna be part of this you’re gonna be enrolled into this contest where you run in a free month the key to camp inner circle stitcher or iTunes please guys review it this first week is very important listen to the podcast there’s gonna be episode number 2 being released this Friday and then Monday there’s gonna be a new episode every Monday and every Friday and then I’m also gonna do Monday Wednesday Friday eventually as well so Monday Friday new episodes the keto cam podcast and that’s gonna big that forever forever see or the keto tablets any good for people epilepsy are you talking about exhaustion as ketones then yeah you would want to work with the professional and they could be very helpful for epileptic people patients yes just ordered just load the stitcher on my cell yay awesome Jax thank you but I enjoy the podcast and please leave me a review will the podcast be on YouTube as well yes so the video interviews that I do with my the people on my podcast the video portion will be on the YouTube channel so the one I go to a doctor pump of episode 1 it’s on my youtube channel right now and then the ones that I do just with myself a solo episode it’ll also be on YouTube but it’s just gonna be the audio so Friday’s episode will be episode number 2 and it’s just me and that’s gonna be on YouTube with just audio so yes it will be on all platforms yes high blood glucose after exercising is normal the store glucose is being released yes that’s correct so if you have high glucose out for exercise it’s perfectly normal and it’s not an accurate way to assess your glucose and ketones because your body is raising cortisol during that workout and like Thomas said it’s actually you dump it a lot of your your vices in stores so it’s very very normal I want to thank you guys for watching this video and participating with me have an amazing day put it in your calendar every Wednesday at 12 p.m. Eastern Time I will be right here in front of you chatting with you I want to say thank you stay tuned for new videos on this channel if you’re not subscribed yet subscribe to this channel new videos all about keto and fasting every week Barbara says it’s okay I wasn’t more specific most keto groups do berries only but some coaches say rhubarb is okay unsweetened with monk fruit could be could be Thank You Dorothy I appreciate that I appreciate everybody have an amazing day and I’ll see you in the next video talk soon be great stay grateful I really.

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