How To Make Keto Style Pizza- Made Live

By | March 3, 2020

Meal Prep with Me: Low Carb Pizza

This week we are making low carb pizza without dough, and using cauliflower as crust. (This is a cool video).

Low Carb Pizza Without Dough▼

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I’m really excited about everything to you guys a little bit about that I am going on Friday to see a dietitian and I’ve never seen a dietitian before but when I was searching for them for one that kind of fit my needs and what I was looking for a lot of them that I’ve found in this area are ones that want to give you a pill and a diet pill and everything like that to help you lose weight and I don’t want that I don’t want to be on any pills but ever since I was little I’ve always struggled with food addiction and binge eating and I remember that I used to go and hide food when I was little because not that my parents never did not feed us enough like they did there were great parents they fed us plenty but I always just felt there was a shame sometimes because I was an overweight child and what I would eat and so I would always hide the food so that I could eat it in private secretly and without judgment and that has kind of followed me throughout my whole entire life only now I don’t have to eat in private because I’m a grown-up but there’s still the shame of food and there’s still the fear of food and am i eating enough and I’m not eating enough i am i tracking correctly am i like I’m very anal about the way that I track food want to track food but then when I’m not tracking and I’m not on track at all then it’s like boss the wall eat whatever I wanted binge and everything and it’s not a healthy way to live I have gained about maybe five to seven pounds back um since January and [Music] I’m not okay with that because I want to feel better in my own skin and so I just want to go see the dietician because when I was researching trying to find somebody they all wanted to give you pills and I don’t want to be on pills and so this lady that I found her and her husband actually just moved to the area back in January so she’s fairly new to the area she’s from Utah and she specializes and learning intuitive eating but also getting control over binge eating and helping you to develop a better relationship with food she will also help me kind of figure out what I should be eating when I shouldn’t be eating stuff and I’m just excited I feel like 2020 is the year that you know take care of your mental health and take care of you because when you take care of yourself everything else will follow I feel like and so I’m really excited to go see her on Friday I have meeting with her in a town it’s about an hour and a half from my house but about an hour and 15 ish minutes or so maybe a little less actually for my work so I’m going right after work on Friday and meeting with her and I plan to do a whole video to talk about that and just just share that journey with you as I try to work on that and overcoming that because you know I think that it’s very important if I want to get to where I want to be even I think it’s important that I meet with someone and take care of my mental health and take care of the food addiction part of it and I think once I take care of that a lot of other things will fall into place and I what’s healthy I know what I can eat that’s healthy but I don’t necessarily always do that like I should and because sometimes I let this get in the way and I want to take care of that I want to get that out of the way so I’m really excited to go see her also starts week two of Whitney Simmons workout and I’m also documenting that for you guys as well so there’s just a lot of stuff different things going on things that I’m sharing things that I’m doing and I’m really excited about everything I feel like things are gonna finally fall into place start working out and all of that so I’ve got a cute little kitty the cat back here his name is Tom Tom we adopted him back in December and so anyway that’s all I have to say let’s get in so welcome to my channel so I thought it that for today I would do a meal prepping video I am going to be making some chicken salad and a veggie pizza low carb type situation so right now I need to cut up my vegetables and get those roasting in the oven I have the oven on at 4 400 degrees right now preheating and I’m just going to cut up I got bell peppers and onion and two to zucchinis that I’m going to have in here and I’m just going to cut those up and roast those at 400 degrees and just until they get a nice char on them so I think I’m gonna keep it pretty simple for seasonings on this I don’t really want to do they’ll go too crazy because I am going to mix it with some meat and some sauce and stuff like that so that will be plenty of flavor but I am gonna put some olive oil on it salt pepper garlic powder and then they’ve got this seasoning the people that cater our wedding actually bottle up the seasoning and sell it it’s really delicious it’s just a sea salt garlic pepper sugar and parsley so it’s really tasty and it goes really good on vegetables so I’m just gonna pour all this on the vegetables mix it all up and put it in the oven so I already I went ahead and added the salt and pepper in there I needed two hands to do that so just I used the Himalayan pink sea salt and then mist you mix it all up just gonna spray my pants so I’m just gonna pop this out on the pan and then just and while that is cooking I’m gonna go ahead and start browning up my meat I am going to be using that half of the Bob Evans Italian sausage and then half of some ground chicken we are going to be having taco balls later on this week so I’m only gonna use half of this because the other half I will use for the taco bowls so I’m going to probably cook this up first so then like the grease and everything can help flavor this I’m not gonna season this but doesn’t really need it I’m not gonna have seasoned the sausage but I will be seasoning this probably with just some Italian seasoning salt and pepper so let’s get started meat is being cooked up I’m going to go ahead and make me some chicken salad I’m just gonna use some rotisserie chicken that I have light mayonnaise Dijon mustard celery salt this seasoning it from a Trader Joe’s and some black pepper and I’ll probably throw some garlic in there as well with some of these protein Chris we got these at Sam’s a couple weeks ago and they’re really really good they go good with the chicken salad so I’m going to count these out as well and cut up a cucumber and have cucumber in this for like an afternoon snack with the chicken salad so I added all my ingredients and mixed it all together it’s nothing fancy I don’t like celery and races and stuff like that in my it’s chicken salad I just basically like mayonnaise mustard and seasonings so works for me just gonna at the top on it and put it bridge so the sausage is almost done browning up I’m just gonna let it sit here for a little bit more so that some of the other redness tiptoes and break it up a little bit more and then I will drain it and put the chicken okay so just put the ground chicken in and I’ve seasoned it with some garlic powder Italian seasoning and just let this hook up and our vegetables ooh there we go our vegetables are doing really good down there and everything is coming together so a sausage and ground beef are done for ground beef ground chicken are done so now I’m going to just take the vegetables out mix everything together and put it in my dish to bake so the vegetables are done they all look really good it smells really really good in here so I’m going to dump all everything out into a bowl and then just mix it up together with the sauces that I’m using and just bake it in the oven so the sauces that I’m going to use for this are the simply ragu creamy alfredo sauce made with cauliflower and I got this at a local store here and it’s truffle marinara sauce I’d like to mix red and white because I don’t like too much red sauce so I’m just going to measure these out and mix them in I’ll show you what it looks like you all right so everything has been talked with the cheese and pepperoni and everything is good to go I’m just going to put this in the oven now and just bake until the cheese melts and is bubbly okay so the pizza has come out of the oven and I am just going to cut up my cucumber and cut these is for the week I find that if I go ahead and do stuff ahead of time on the weekends that it’s less than I have to do during the week and it just saves me some time because the chances are if I have to do it after work at night before the next day probably not gonna happen and definitely not going to do it in the morning so I’m just going to take some time and cut that up and put everything in separate containers for the week you I just went ahead and put everything in the container for tomorrow so these are these protein Chris the cucumber and the tomato tomato I keep one safe tomato salad chicken salad and this will be mine for tomorrow so that’s done for tomorrow so I’m also going to go ahead and put my protein shake together so that tomorrow all I have to do is just pack my bag and go so I used to use a blender to blend it up every single day and that just got to be too much I don’t mean all of that it’s good and I in and of itself without having to go through all that crazy effort so Chris please stop blender babe and I always just get I always use almond milk but I get great value brand I can’t tell the difference and it tastes just fine and it’s a lot cheaper so I’m just going to do 8 ounces of that and started using the vital proteins collagen powder so I’ll just do a scoop of it and then um I have three different kinds of belonging a protein powder right now it is at my house loot favorite and I don’t just say that because a lot of other people say it I say it because it actually is my favorite it’s really really good it tastes really good it doesn’t it doesn’t be gritty it blends really well even just blooming it nice shaker bottle it’s a great protein so I’ve got this chocolate caramel one this was one of their Valentine’s Day specials that they put out some Fetty cake and this one’s good but it’s not like my absolute favorite absolute favorite I think my absolute favorite is either fruity cereal which I don’t have any of because I’ve gone through two containers of it and then this one the peanut butter brownie I’ve started mixing like half of the peanut butter brownie with half of the caramel one and it’s really good but I actually think that too for tomorrow I’m going to mix half of the confetti cake with half of the chocolate caramel Bridge with everything else soaked so I had them inner intermittent fasting a couple of years ago and I was going to start trying to do that again and it just I tried it for a couple of well I probably tried it for a couple of months I got headaches all the time I was feeling really groggy really exhausted really tired so I think was a combination of not eating enough calories and not eating in the morning like I probably should have so I’ve decided to switch things up a little bit this week and start eating in the mornings so I will have like first thing in the morning I plan to have obviously my coffee I have to have my coffee and then this chief stick and then I’m going to throw in half of this built bar these are really really good I have only had two chocolate almond flavor but it tastes just like an almond joy I’m not even kidding about that I usually only eat about half of one because a whole one is just too too much for me but as they’re just really tasty so I really like those whoops and then around 9:30 10:00 I will have my protein shake and then I’ll go work out during my lunch and then for lunch when I come back at my desk I’ll eat my low-carb pizza and then in the afternoon around 2:00 2:30 I will have the chicken salad and crisps and cucumbers that I made up and then I’ll come home and click there that’s the plan for today for tomorrow I already have everything pretty much done it just need to wait for this to cool off so I can measure it out and put it in a container and put the rest of it in the fridge okay so I just wanted to try the low-carb pizza for you on camera and so here it is don’t know if you can actually see that and so I’m just gonna take a corner of it looks really good so thank you for watching my video if you enjoyed it please give it a like and subscribe and let me know what else you would like to see I hope you guys have a wonderful week and I will see you next week bye.