Leggings, Sports Bras and Tops: Women’s Workout Gear Review

Women’s Workout Gear Review

I really love when active wear companies do stuff like this because is it just me or are they starting to make products that look exactly the same? Today I have a very highly requested review for you and that is the brand Workout Empire. This is not a sponsored video- I’ve actually purchased from them a couple times myself. I don’t love elastic waistbands generally there’s a few brands that are exceptions that for me, but for the most part they just stick right into your hips and unless you have 10% body fat or lower it just doesn’t look right and it doesn’t feel good.

Video Transcript

I’ve hired welcome back to block miss don’t forget about those beats back there clothesyou see em yes see young all you have to do is keep on keepin on with being really active with vlogmas today I have a very highly requested review for you and that is the brand workout Empire this is not a sponsored video I’ve actually purchased from them a couple times myself that aesthetic though hello Christmas for those of you that have not heard of workout Empire they are a European company they shipped lots of places though to the US in particular it’s $10 shipping unless you spend over 75 and then it’s free everything on their website comes in sizes extra small extra large I got a size small and everything that I’m about to show you I do have all of my measurements down below in this crib Shin for reference also this site has a bomb outlet section like run don’t walk because they have a bunch of things for like under ten dollars the first item that I wanted to show you is called the insignia tank this is one of their newer releases it is.    best workout leggings that aren't see through    $30 it comes in black and white but I got it in the color obsidian I love that word it is the best possible name for black like if I were a bad guy starring in a movie I would want that name thunder wonder rise of obsidian I don’t generally like to wear loose-fitting tank tops to the gym just get up in my business but I actually don’t mind this one I absolutely love the drop arm holes that this one has with this cute little strappy detail these are elastics or anything fancy it’s just strappy fabric it’s made from a polyester spandex material and it is so soft and it’s very moisture wicking I have already worn and washed this a few times and run it through the dryer and it has held up amazingly well a plus for the Obsidian tank here we have I don’t know how to say this word regalia thank you google I hbest leggingsave the tights in the crimson color which is absolutely gorgeous these are $65 they fit pretty true to size a little bit snug but I’d say true to size these have a good two high-rise waistband there is no elastic built into the waste bin but it does have a seam up here at the very top they got the booty pop and curve bum someone really needs to come up with a technical name for this or else I’m just gonna keep making up different names for it every single video they’re made from a polyester elastic material they’re very thick and plushy with a moderate stretch to them they have this ribbed paneling on the calf and on the thigh which is a nice added detail and they happen in our pocket no one cares literally no one uses those you know what out of all the comments I receive on all of my videos never once have I had anyone ask is it have a waistband pocket yes it does have the extra from be bumpy extra fabric these do have a nice crotch gusset this little guy right here which helps with the camel toe you’re not gonna get it unless you’re really hiking I’m up to match with that because I as is the entire Instagram community I’m obsessed with matching sets lately this is already for obviously this is the bra in crimson this set also comes in black navy white and khaki I would say that this is a medium support sports bra it doesn’t come with padquality of old navy activewears but it is double lined the material that it’s made out of is the same leggings are made out of it’s very thick and has a little bit of a slick texture to it it has this unique pintuck material on the back the same as the leggings do a little bit snug is this elastic band on the bottom the second outfit that I have is my favorite one it’s the Insignia outfit so this tank top actually goes with this outfit but I like this sports bra so much that I don’t like to cover it with the tank top the Insignia sports bra comes in this Kian black and then it also comes in a white and black this fabric is very similar to the regalia fabric this is another medium support sports bra it also doesn’t come with cups but itbest workout clothes brands is double lined I love the contrast of the black straps and then it has a really pretty open back with some crisscross detailing and the little logo on the back as well as on the front even though there’s a lot happening with the sports bra it’s actually very comfortable the matching leggings are $69 these come in this khaki color and black they have this really pretty caged detailing on the calf and these leggings have a really nice compression to them overall they do have that seam at the top so I would say it’s moderate tummy control the last outfit that I have is the high performance outfit we’re just gonna get the bra out of the way I got it in a small I couldn’t even fit it over my head so I highly suggest sizing up with this one this one does have removable cut pads it’s really cute it has a really pretcompression pants vs lululemonty design on the back it’s just way too small so that’s really all I can tell you about it oh it was $35 but it is on sale for 17 the matching leggings you have two options for these ones they are the exact same legging however one of them is a low-cut with an elastic waistband and one of them has the high waistband they’re both $65 and they both have a black mesh and a solid white panel on the lake I’m not much for patterns on my active wear but I actually like this pattern they have the logo on the lower leg and then then the one with the elastic waist mint also has the local on the waistband the high waisted leggings don’t let them fool you there actually is an elastic in the waistband it does come up about two or three inches higher than these ones but it’s not just one solid thick compression waistband it does have a little elastic at the top activewear reviewin the description for the high waisted ones it says perfect for all body types like they’re basically admitting that this one is not perfect for all body types  I do prefer the fabric that these leggings are made out of over these two it’s a little bit thinner inch stretch here overall I really do like this brand I would say it’s very similar to something like Nike or Jim shark I like that they’re coming out with pretty unique designs I hope that this video was helpful like I said I was getting lots and lots of requests for it and as always if you have any other brands that you would love to see me review make sure to tell me down below and Leo and I will see you tomorrow as vlogmas continues say bye vlogmas hi you look so handsome like a workout Empire he hates what I do that voice [Music] was that trans-siberian Orchestra in blue you let me down and Spotify you let me down all I wanted was to add that song to my workout playlist nobody.