Losing 75 Pounds by Changing Diet Habits

By | January 24, 2020

How I Changed My Habits to Lose The Weight

losing 75 pounds by changing diet habits

Kristen switched up her daily routine and achieved impressive weight loss. Lost an amazing 75 pounds, and has kept it off. Watch this video on how she did it.

Video Transcript

I lost 75 pounds through staying consistent and changing my habits hey my name is Kristen and welcome to watch Channel girl I just want to say thank you guys so much we hit 3000 subscribers on this channel which is like monumental to me I didn’t think it would grow this fast and now that there’s 3,000 of us I really think that there should be like a name for our family cuz we’re like a family now like we’re a big happy motivated um inspirational family and I want to give you guys a name and I don’t know what to call you guys so um if you have any ideas leave them down below but let’s get started whenever I lost about 60 pounds so 60 pounds down in my journey I was really struggling to lose the last 15 pounds I really didn’t have any like set routine when it came to what I ate and I think that was the biggest thing I did exercise frequently I obey sixer sized five times a week and it was very intense I did hit cardio every single day and I lifted weights and that can only get you so far and your fitness journey like I said I lost 60 pounds doing that but I needed to really focus on my diet which was a habit that I have not developed I developed the habit of exercising I was kind of like if I wasn’t in the gym the days that I was supposed to be in the gym it felt weird just because like I said I made it a habit oh my goal habit that I wanted to create was to eat vegan and eat in a calorie deficit for 30 days straight that was my first like test like I’m gonna do this and if I’m gonna do it I’m gonna do it for 30 days straight so little old me decided to bust out some construction paper I got my pins and color pencils and markers out and I made myself a cute little calendar and I was going for the Seinfeld method of creating habits went on and how that went is he would have a calendar and a mark and X every day that he created a new joke and what I did was I adapted that method to basically mark out each day that I ate completely vegan that day and when I ate in a calorie deficit as well I wanted to be consistent and I did not want to break my streak I guess you can say when it came to eating an economy deficit and going to begin and I don’t know if it was because I had it on my mirror I always saw it I have my goals written down right there at the bottom that I wanted to achieve every day while I was brushing my teeth I saw it and I was just gung-ho about it and that kind of like REME motivated me to keep going every day that I saw that I’m trying to restart that habit myself because I have gained 15 pounds no 10 pounds I’m hundred and forty five pounds right now and I want to get back to 135 pounds so we can go on this journey together I instead of busting out the construction paper and the markers and pencils I decided to go digital and I created a worksheet that you guys could download and use yourself as well and print out if you want to so that we can go on this journey together and something very instrumental that I found helped me sometimes you don’t ask the right questions whenever you’re about to start doing something like this you and you’re starting your weight loss journey when you’re starting to actively change habits that you know is holding you back there’s a questionnaire on there that I highly encourage you guys to fill out before you even get started to help you be prepared for what’s about to come whenever you are going to make these changes in your life as your your goals obviously I suggest that you select two things that you want to achieve max your habits are something that’s ingrained in your brain you are literally reprogramming your mind to think a different way and if you just focus on one thing at a time I’m pretty sure that you’re gonna be more geared to success than if you were to try to focus on multiple aspects of your life that you might not even have time to do and you don’t want to set yourself up for failure for that it also acts as you questions like what are you gonna do when you’re not motivated to complete your habit tasks that’s something that you have to think about if it’s 5:00 in the morning and you have like a special a lot of time to go to the gym from five to six and you wake up at 5:00 and you’re exhausted and you’re tired and you just don’t feel like getting up it’s cold and you rather stay in your blankets what are you gonna do how are you gonna tackle that what are you gonna be thinking in your mind whenever you hear that voice saying I’m not getting up like we’re not going I know I don’t want to it’s not worth it you’re gonna press the snooze button press the snooze button what are you gonna do you don’t know think about it before it even happens and prepare it’s never ever ever a bad idea to be prepared for things like that it also asks you how will you feel whenever you do complete it and you made it throughout the 30 days because I have a philosophy that if you can experience that feeling that you’re looking for right now in the future and try to experience it right now the feelings that you want to feel it makes me so much more motivated to keep on going like that’s something that helps me to do something whenever I’m not motivated I try to think back in my mind I made it through all 30 days in a calorie deficit I’ve reached my goal weight I feel so proud of myself and I feel that pride surging through my body whenever I just don’t feel motivate and I’m like wow I really really want to feel proud about myself thirty days from now as well I need to go do this for me so try to think about how you’re gonna feel after you complete this and you’ve succeeded feel that success of challenging yourself and actually completing that challenge and kicking ass like that’s the buzz that’s a pretty fuckin good feeling if you can feel that right now imagine how you’re gonna feel when you actually do it and you see the results it makes you excited it gets you pumped and guess what that makes you motivated and then you actually complete the task you get to put that next X or color the box and whatever the hell you want to do I struggled with staying motivated and staying consistent first starting out like I said it took me a whole it took me a whole year to get to 135 pounds I didn’t take me for months it didn’t take me six months it took me a year and in the last my last 15 pounds I lost that in a month and a half whenever I actually implemented this so I think that says a lot sometimes you need those tools to actually like get your butt into gear put your mind to perspective you feel me you feel me honey do you do you are you picking up what I’m laying down but yeah that’s the gist of it I do have it below in the description box if you guys would like to download it yourself feel free don’t forget to follow me on instagram @ kristin is laughing it is also linked down below in the description box I want you guys to go and send me your finish sheets I want to see how creative you were with filling things out I want to see your goals I want to know how you guys are doing I want to know if it actually helps you out if you stay consistent with it like I want to know cuz I seeing you guys doing things doing great awesome things inspires me to keep on doing great and awesome things and it’s just a big circle of love and a big circle of just badass women fucking kicking ass and I love that so yeah if you guys want to see the other videos like this or another worksheet or a new idea some more videos um let me know cuz I’m trying to post twice a week now and we’ll see how that goes I’ll be doing the habit sheet myself for the next 30 days which I will keep you guys updated on on my Instagram page my goals are actually to say at a calorie deficit for the next 30 and the other goal is to make steps towards making more videos on this channel so keep being great keep being awesome I love you guys and I’ll see you in the next video.

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weight loss is done by changing your daily habits