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We want to go as low carb as possible even if it is a little more expensive.

All of your acai bowls cravings will be satisfied.



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I will cut this stuff today and baby hey guys it’s mine and welcome to a new video today we’re gonna be making a keto low-carb acai bowl that’s right it’s two words that you wouldn’t necessarily put together siu bulls and ketone low-carb but today we’re gonna make it happen we’re gonna be using a sight powder it’s very important for you to know that most acai that it’s in pulp and frozen is mixed with either other fruits or sugar so we want to go as low carb as possible even if it is a little more expensive it’ll be totally worth it and all of your acai bowls cravings will be satisfied are you ready these are the ingredients 1 cup of ice 3/4 cups of almond milk very important for it to be unsweetened 2 tablespoons of cream cheese 2 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream 1 teaspoon of almond butter very important when buying nut butters when possible just make sure the only ingredient is the nut itself this one I get in Colombia and makalah we could be that it’s a market where they freshly ground them for you I know that at Whole Foods and other supermarkets you can get them freshly ground if not just by a brand that the only ingredient is nuts and maybe some salt quarter cup of blueberries 2 tablespoons of pecans or any nut you want this is for topping 2 tablespoons of chia seeds 1 teaspoon of monk fruit this is powdered 1 tablespoon of sunflower seeds cinnamon and for the acai bowl the main ingredient is gonna be acai powder this is key especially cuz the L ingredients especially in this brown is just acai that has been made into powder if you can see the label it has one gram of carp but it’s all fiber if you do find acai pulp it’s probably gonna be mixed with another fruit and some sugar but maybe you live in Brazil and have or have access to acai pulp or frozen acai without any sugar then use that it’s going to be even better um this I bought at Whole Foods and I’m sure you can get it online as well 1 tablespoon of Salem husk this is an optional ingredient but it’s really gonna make them the smoothie the sau Bowl a lot thicker so if you can just add it it’s gonna give it great texture so here I just thought added a quarter cup of the almond milk to the chia seeds to hydrate them I’m gonna add the two tablespoons of heavy whipping cream I’m gonna mix this and I’m gonna let it hydrate [Music] so now we’re just gonna add all of the ingredients for the sau bowl iced almond milk cream cheese acai powder blueberries almond butter monk fruit and mix it all together there are two options if it is for eating purposes only you can just throw in the toppings mix and eat if you do like taking Instagram Abul pictures like I do there’s no shame in that pop it in the freezer for 15 minutes it’s gonna cool it a little bit and it’s gonna let the sillim husk enough time to act for it to thicken the acai bowl so it’s been 15 minutes in the freezer and like we can see it’s pretty dense not only because of the cold but the Salem husk really dense s it up thickens it up if you don’t have psyllium husk nothing’s gonna happen it’s just not gonna be as thick if you want a really really dense acai bowl you can also freeze the almond milk beforehand and the under blueberries so here is the Chia say seats they’re hydrated like you remember we hydrated them with heavy whipping cream on a little bit of almond milk now what we’re gonna do with the chia seeds the two tablespoons of pecan tablespoon of sunflower seeds and a couple of more blueberries is just decorated and we’ll be ready to take a picture and try and back again I hope you’re waiting at the end but I can’t do this alone sometimes I just need a light if I call you on the phone you’re on the other side so that’s it guys really quick and easy I’ll be honest with you and I’ll say bull it’s not something I’m gonna need every day why one it has a little more carbs than I’m used to for a meal so here are the carbs or the macros I need for the bowl this is something ally if I have a really big craving and I want to use a lot of my daily carson well not a lot but some of my daily carbs in it or if i’m gonna work our out super-hard I’ll eat it a couple of hours before working out just as I made it it’s a regular meal thing for me if you’re not used to bigger meals I used to be I know used to smaller meals simply make less we’re divided into two and it’ll be okay the key ingredient in the a that you will is clearly the acai powder just because it doesn’t have any sugar and it’s pure acai which it’s serum had carbs basically salt fiber it’s also no sugar if you are able to get acai pulp without any added fruit or sugar please let me know what Brandon is where you got it make here for myself and you’re able to get pure acai puree but for the most part this is gonna be your best choice unfortunately at most restaurants they’re gonna make their acai bowls with a frozen banana base or maybe some other fruit like mango that’s going to be higher in sugar which is an ideal if we are in this keto and low carb lifestyle so we’re gonna give it a taste which is the most important part for my dish I’m gonna show you the texture it’s mostly because there was a little bit presence of the ice cubes and under 15 minutes but the seal husk really I’ll think and sit up so I’m gonna take a little bit of everything yeah No you’re gonna want to make this trust me especially if you’re used to eating those really high sugar acai bowls had a nice breakfast places this is gonna do the trick trust me the almond butter and the cinnamon really good like add depth to the taste you’re gonna like it trust me I really hope you guys liked the recipe if you have a sister out to my channel yet please do so I would love for you to be a part of it this is a brand new channel first month my main channel is in Spanish so if you do speak Spanish wanna practice Spanish or know someone that speaks Spanish and is into this low-carb keto lifestyle please check out my channel this one the Spanish one I would love for you to be a part of this big keto family also if you haven’t followed me on my Instagram yet I always leave the link down below that’s where you can follow me and see what I’m doing and the daily if you like this video please give it a big thumbs up and comment down below what other types of low carbon keto recipes you would like to see thank you guys for watching I’ll see you very very soon bye hope you waiting knotty and [Music] but I can’t do this.