Making Low Carb Granola- Homemade Crunch Recipe

By | January 12, 2018

How to Make

  • Bring coconut oil, honey, salt, and cinnamon to the same dish and blend until eventually all nuts/seeds are coated with the honey/oil blend.
  • With the granola, I blended a few mixed nuts and seeds using a a little honey (maple syrup would certainly also be great) along with a teaspoon of coconut oil prior to cooking the combination for 10 minutes.
  • Include whatever nuts and seeds you like; should you not like coconut then omit the coconut flakes; if you’d prefer a bit more flavor, put in a few bits of dried diced fruit, but don’t forget that dried fruit has a lot of sugar!
  • Blend old-fashioned oats with mixed nuts, unsweetened dried fruit, cinnamon, a tiny drizzle of maple syrup or honey and a little bit of olive oil and bake it for a 30 minutes or so. The fat and sugar content of this version is substantially less than packaged types, which makes it great for losing weight.

Paleo Friendly

  • Created completely of nuts, seeds and whole ingredients, our granolas are minimal carbohydrates, low carb and paleo-friendly.
  • A breeze to create, you are able to make a portion in advance – it requires under 5 minutes to incorporate water, oil and vanilla to the mix, then bake, cool and store – the very best mouth watering granola cereal you have ever had!
  • Simple and easy, scrumptious crock pot low carb granola made with mixed nuts, seeds, coconut, cardamom and nutmeg.


  • For the people hypersensitive to eggs, I DID try to try this overall recipe working with coconut oil and other oils, however the granola NEVER became crispy.
  • Regardless of whether you include dried berries to take the granola on the run, or berries like blueberries to blend into your morning meal, that is 100% where we want to get the sugar we eat- fruit carbohydrates is actually beneficial to kids!

Breakfast Cereal

  • Minimal Sugar Granola can be a higher dietary fiber, ready-to-eat roasted breakfast cereal produced from oats and seeds and nuts cooked using the the least added sugar.
  • Granola… one of these simple apparently healthy foods we lavishly add on top of yogurt, oatmeal or eat like cereal, or maybe just eat alone as a snack!
  • Whenever consuming nuts, select dry-roasted ones – and be conscious of flavored nuts and their ingredients, that may raise the carb count easily.
  • Almost all nuts are a fantastic supply of heart-healthy fats and protein, however the type and quantity of vitamins and minerals vary between each one. Rather than sugar, there are just nutritious fats, protein, and energy maximizing, complex carbs.

low carb crunchy granola recipe