Low Carb Meals Video Guide- Eggs and Tuna

Low Carb Meals Video Guide

A low carb diet can be great way to lose weight. For most people, it allows you to eat some tasty foods, while keeping you full so you can keep calories low and in the fat burning zone. I’m going to show you how to make some egg salad and some tuna salad in a more healthy and delicious way. Here’s a super high protein recipe.

Video Transcript

So what we’re going to do is I’m going to show you how to get chicken salad egg salad and tuna salad and just amp it up a little bit and change the variety of the flavor profiles every time you have it so one of the examples I’m going to show you is making a different egg salad so you just classically boil your eggs together and you chop them up now i’m going to leave your yolks in because of you sir were all the vitamins and minerals and are so there’s literally no reason for you to take out the yolks at all and the egg itself is super high in protein has all the 11 essential amino acids which makes it a great complete protein so here they are some hard-boiled eggs you’re going to have to go ahead and just put it in a little plate for yourself and by the way this is really great you can do this make this for your lunch you can make this for dinner it keeps in the refrigerator for for about three days so that you could make it ahead of time as you can look at my meals for one videos and you can get some more recipes for that and you can go ahead and just eat it and put it off the top of it of salad as well I’m also going to show you how to do it for a dinner party too in case you want to make some appetizers using these egg salads so possibly you would put mayonnaise in here but what I’m going to do is I’m going to kick it up a little bit and I’m going to use some hummus now the beauty of the hummus is is that first of all it’s high in five minutes on google and its really good for you it’s much better for you than the mayonnaise and actually it’s it stimulates your palate because you can get a different flavor pumas every time you make one of these things you can get a classic guard look like I have right here I’m going to go ahead and just get about scoop of it here and I’m just going to go ahead and make my egg salad with it and you just going to go ahead and put them in just the way good for our traditional mayonnaise egg salad what i would do here too is I can add some raisins I can ask some cranberries and I can also add some seeds in this just to make it a bit more savoring a little bit more interesting so also you can get any flavor like I said and it will increase the amounts that you will be eating because it’s going to be so delicious so this is done here you just keep the senior fridge like I said for about three days then what you can do is you can get some tuna tuna fish now I’m going to tell you to do this with Italian Sicilian tuna fish because Italian is assuming to efficient the best in the world and the quality you have you really shouldn’t put anything on at all you should just eat it as is to keep its integrity in its flavor but a key tuna like this which is also very high in protein and you know what use the canned tuna that’s packed in olive oil what’s the point of doing in the water the olive oil adds so much more flavor to it and here i’m going to pick more of a spicy hummus to blend my tuna salad with okay you can also get salmon in a can two which is also underestimated quite frankly also quite tastier than the tuna too so you can do the same with the salmon that has a lot of omega-3s in it as well and you can go ahead and also you know mix this as usual here and you can also chop up some scallions or some also some seeds in this too and or something sweet like cranberries now so here we are and we are and we have a nice rustic thing now we can make a sandwich here okay on this life baguette you are okay and this is chock full of protein added fiber the fiber is going to grab onto any excess strap that is in the meal and digestive out with the fiber the fiber will keep you regulated and full so when you have a snack or an item like this you’ll be full of for much longer so you most likely won’t even have to snack before your next meal so these is our healthy ways to make tuna and egg salad. Low Carb Meals
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low carb meals video- eggs and tuna