Low Carb Vegetables- Healthy Cooking with Swiss Chard

Vegetables for a Low Carb Diet

Swiss chard is a healthy delicious seasonal leafy green when you’re dieting. Packed with Vitamins A and C, and loaded with Fiber. A great side to to your main protein on a low carb diet.

Video Transcript

I’m going to show you how to cook Italian style some healthy recipes in your new york city apartment so we’re going to go ahead today and we’re going to start with some Swiss chard went to the market and picked up this really great seasonal leafy green and this is full of vitamin A and vitamin C and a lot of the different fat soluble vitamins as well and lots and lots of fiber is going to make your skin glow so what we’re going to do is we’re going to chop that up and we’re going to make a nice recipe board as a side or a warm salad for winter time as well so the first thing that we’re going to do is we’re going to dress come up with a really nice dressing for our salad for our Swiss chard so we’re going to use a tin old Italian technique and that is using sardines to kind of flavor sardines are starting pace to kind of flavor the leafy greens which is a really really common thing in southern Italy where my family is from where I was born so the first thing I’m going to do is we’re going to get some really good quality extra virgin olive oil and just coat the pan let’s put this this pan on medium so it doesn’t overcook the herbs and we’re going to go ahead and start with some fresh garlic and as you are cutting this up and chopping it up it is going to be releasing the enzyme called Allison and what we’re going to do is continue to talk that out but this allison is going to take on a microbial effect in the recipe so it’s really really good for you especially in cold season so we’re going to go ahead and put that in in mind you this is getting too irritating for you to do this by hand it’s just as well to do it with chopped up or garlic paste to put it will still have the Allison in it that’s activated and that’s much easier the other thing we’re going to do is we’re going to get some sardines and this is going to give the base of the flavor of a very savory flavor profile to these leafy greens to the Swiss chard and so we’re going to go ahead and put that in there and it’s going to give us a nice nice savory little pang once it’s actually demolishing this recipe here you’re not going to really see that in some the sardine it’s actually just about the flavor here so go ahead and say this over the Starstone into the pepperoncini which gives it a very spicy kick to it another very common antimicrobial spice in Italy that we can actually dry red peppers and hang them in your kitchen like my grandmother used to do and that will last you all season laughs so go ahead and just focus pan a little bit like this add a little bit more olive oil there and a little bit of citrus with some lemon just to liven things up and adding some acid to this and we’ve already kind of washed our us with Todd and we’re just going to chop it very roughly the bits don’t have to get too small because it’s going good right and there you are just right off the stalk like that and they’re going to take it and look how beautiful these leaves are is all chock-full of vitamins and minerals add it just right in there kind of move them around you know in Italy you only have like one basic thing we’re not like Martha Stewart that have a utensil forever you can basically use on hand and one who consulted just like you’ve ever come around you’re the best thing to do is really really pay attention to your vegetables I live is really that when you take care of your vegetables they take care of you so if they’re delicious you will eat them so we’re going to go ahead and put the Swiss chard in the pan now this is going to be a very very very quick sauté one of the reasons we’re doing that is we don’t want to wilt the leafy greens so watch it namely because overcooking ugly pea-green actually makes a lot of the nutrients drain out of it so to keep them intact we’re going to go ahead and give it just a really quick salt head we’re going to add a bit more olive oil over it and turn that up just a tiny bit now you want the colors will turn we’re going to keep the colors attacked I had put a little bit more city sausage aftertaste go ahead and taste it as you go along a lot of attorney recipes don’t actually have ingredient amounts because you want to taste as you go along and you are custom making it to your own palate so that works out that our family for founded so we want to just come salt a very quickly so it takes up all of these nice savory taste of the sardines and the garlic in the pit road and we’re going to go ahead and just walk around is actually a few more seconds I’m gonna take it just before is you beautiful starting to kind of just wilt without losing that bright green color there that were looking for all the vitamins A E and that are being enhanced by the olive oil as well they’re allowing it to be absorbed when you’re eating them so there you are that’s all so that really took no time so it’s not sure we did that time to cook even if you’re busy New Yorker and your google homework and you have two minutes to do this that’s the way you look nice and lively and green with the red stock still in there quicker than seamless and it’s delicious and it’s fresh and you know exactly where it came from and what is in it you.