Homemade Plain Yogurt

By | May 23, 2023

A glass bowl filled with plain yoghurt.

You don’t want junky fillers, stabilizers and flavorings in the yogurt you’ll use to propagate an entirely new batch. And lastly, I love my yogurt maker because after making probably over 100 batches of yogurt at home, I’ve never had one batch fail. The first couple of times I made yogurt on the stovetop I either boiled over my milk or burned milk to the bottom of the pot . I always seem to be distracted in the kitchen, so the stovetop method isn’t the best for me. Line a medium-large bowl with a piece of cheesecloth and dump 2 cups of homemade yogurt into the center of the cloth. To cold milk before heating and culturing.

I found a large glass bowl and followed all of your directions except using my dehydrator instead since my oven does not seem to go low enough. I am currently waiting for it to strain out the Whey and I have to say it is so beautiful and exciting. I’ve talked about wanting to do my own yogurt for several years now for several reasons. First of all being the cost of yogurt at the grocery store!