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Reasons to Avoid Holiday Dieting

While we all can probably agree that fruit cake is not a pleasant or well received holiday treat, there are many holiday treats we can not do without during Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year’s holiday season; from ginger bread cookies and cakes to cranberry […]

*My Take* On “All Natural” Weight Loss Products?

When you are contemplating your dieting plan, how vital do those two little words, “All Natural” become to you? To many people, this is an instant guarantee, and now they can rest assured that all of their weight loss dreams will miraculously become realities and […]

Why You Want to Keep a Diet and Exercise Journal?

It feels great to begin a healthy new activity, like working toward a healthy diet plan. To reach your goal, you will need some way to keep track of what you are eating and how much exercise you are getting. It helps to keep a […]

Making Weight Loss Enjoyable With These Success Tips

A new year is almost here, and most people will be making weight loss one of their top New Year’s resolutions. Losing weight has never been easy, but there are several tips that you can take notice of to make it an enjoyable experience. So, […]

How to Follow Liquid Diets

Doctors recommend liquid diets for various problems. A clear liquid diet may be prescribed before or after surgery, especially surgery involving the digestive tract, or for patients struggling with digestive issues such as diverticulitis. Where to Find a Liquid Diet The other primary kind of […]

Drop Pounds Quick on the 17-Day Diet

Yes, a new diet again that seems to be attracting fans and media attention lately. The 17-day diet is gaining praises by many but some are ranking it as another fad diet that you must stay on for life. 17 Day Cycle of Foods This […]

Low Point Snacks on the Weight Watchers Flex Plan

If you’ve attended a Weight Watchers meeting anytime within the last seven years, you know about their Flex weight loss program. (They also offer what’s known as a “Core” plan, but that’s for another article). How it Works Weight Watchers‘ popular Flex program is based […]

Products from Weight Watchers Making Your Weight Loss Goal Easier

Weight Watchers is one of the top diets in America and has been that way for almost three decades. This doesn’t come as a surprise, because Weight Watchers works. Weight Watchers is also a diet that is easy to follow. But, the diet can be […]

What Are The Benefits of *Eating Apples* Daily?

Heart disease is a significant concern in the United States. The Center for Disease Control states that it affects 26.8 million Americans. As a result of so many people affected by heart disease, many people are looking for ways to lower their cholesterol levels. What […]

You Don’t Need to Lose Weight Before Shopping This Holiday Season

For many people the thought of weight loss this holiday season seems like anything but fun. But as anyone who has ever committed themselves to shedding pounds can tell you, the best part about weight loss is watching as your clothes get looser and looser. […]