No Options Mentality For Dieting (Awesome Podcast)

By | March 3, 2020

Having A “No Options” Mentality for Dieting

  • The one thing that is important for changing your mindset to get ready for a fat loss phase.
  • Everybody romanticizes about losing weight.
  • Practicing proper habits before it’s “dieting game time”.
  • Getting to a lower body weight, and a body fat percentage that you’re maintaining.
  • You still have to be in a caloric deficit, so it’s so a diet is going to be a challenge even if you have the best relationship with food.
  • Having a lot more diet flexibility.

Reverse Diet▼

Team Aloha fit roundtable and this is the first time that we’re actually recording on the new fancy setup well hmm it’s not that fancy but it is from its fans this is definitely super fancy yeah and we’re actually filming it too so on YouTube it won’t be like this shitty zoom quality well actually it will be with Lauren because she just live here boo but yet yeah mmm our plan is to get we’re just gonna look at the doctor when she finishes the internship but in any case um yeah when I was a little bit the store the guys like so you’re trying to be like Joe Rogan I’m like okay well not yet baby steps yeah like a little what’s right below that then we’ll move up eventually but in any case I am going today with Coach Karina and like the ice we’ve talked about before just the new format so it’s mostly gonna be me and all the other coaches it’s really excited about this we can kind of just dive into topics a little bit more with each individual person it kind of like an easier conversation but we will still have our roundtable ones just because I think it is cool to kind of have like five different perspectives on the same topic totally but today we wanted to touch on a topic that is really um something that comes up a lot with coaching and it’s really really important and it’s actually being ready to commit to a diet and what all that entails and this is we could talk about the metabolic so if we could talk about you know kind of how your offseasons been etc but it’s really more about the mindset that we wanted to talk about today and that’s what we see that most people struggle with from transitioning from the off season or just not buying a period to like hey I’m gonna start a diet because really most people are they think they’re really excited to diet okay but then I think what a lot of times it happens is people will romanticize things and then they actually get to the diet and it’s like four weeks in they haven’t really been in here and they’re not really making any progress so I know that we obviously deal with clients in this kind of situation all the time so like what initial thoughts of that most definitely so I think one thing that is important for changing your mindset to get ready for a fat loss phase is to begin that mindset in the Reverse diet or in the offseason phase right so you can’t start something that you absolutely have to do well in and have no little room in if you haven’t practiced it before so those habits and that mindset come from practicing that before it’s actually game time before it’s time to start a contest prep or fat loss pays for your wedding vacation etc and yeah Lauren said it exactly how I would agree is that a lot of people don’t really understand what it could possibly take and everybody romanticizes about losing body fat and we always think about that end goal on how much we would absolutely love to be there however not a lot of people really understand like the work it takes to lose body fat and that’s so much harder than you know losing body fat and maintaining muscle mass at the same time line two because in losing Waterway or you know just losing weight and not being able to maintain that muscle mass is a bit it’s not I’m not saying it’s easy but our goal for most bodybuilders or physique athletes is to lose body fat and maintain muscle mass and that is an art in itself which is where coaching comes in and it’s really tough so yeah definitely agree with you and saying that a lot of people do romanticize fat loss and don’t understand like what is actually coming you know how rough it can be yeah and this is not to scare anybody away from dieting and this is you know as coaches our goal is to say hey like what is what is the best way to approach this situation with a client so for example like we’ll take a lifestyle client we can do two different items we’ll do lifestyle they would do competition so a lifestyle client a lot of times you know hey like I want to lose X amount of weight and a lot of our clients when it really set weight goals I think is great like we’re not really like Pro pushing certain weight goals but it’s a hey it’s one like enter a cut and terrain deficit get to a point where you like you get better and more comfortable and a lot of times this is going to be several cycles for our clients right look we do typically like we’ll do like a reverse cycle in a diet psycho reverse diet and then hopefully the whole point is that after several seconds of that you’re actually at a lower body weight and body fat that you’re maintaining and you’re comfortably there um but when you are embarking on these deficits even though it is a lifestyle diet even though we’re all about promoting flexibility you still have to hit your and I still have to be in a deficit no matter how flexible or not flexible you are with your approach with your foods your mindset you still have to be in a deficit so it’s so going to be challenging even if you have the best relationship with food in the world even if you have the best offseason like best diet flexibility like you still have to remove calories and you still have to be hungry and yourself to feel those side effects and it’s gonna be different for everybody as far as like how soon fear right and like that’ll be like the obvious is the biggest distinguishing factor between lifestyle and competition for me for somebody who is a lifestyle client who still like I know people say oh my gosh who was a character house that’s actually really hard right a body fat yeah it’s hard yeah because like you said earlier you could do a water cut and I could lose 5 pounds in like yeah today if I did a water cut the last podcast we just did with me or I was actually on wake us and it was about that like we had a client who you know we took a load and then we you know loaded her and then had a drop her to obviously make weight and it was like almost a 10 pound fluctuation like three days which is exactly what supposed to happen yeah but that’s like who cares you know Neiman I think anybody listening to this is like didn’t know that but still it’s important if you guys are listening whether you’re you know doing this yourself or you’re helping other people there’s still a lot of people out there who think like oh just losing 5 or 10 pounds is so easy know yeah so I think but especially for anyone who’s going into any fat loss phase even if you don’t have to get very low there’s always going to be some extent of sacrifice it doesn’t matter if you’re someone like Lauren said who has the best relationship with food you’re going to eventually get to a point where you’re gonna be you’re gonna be a bit more tired you’re not going to be able to make the same food choices out at restaurants that you used to even if it is just lifestyle dieting and just being prepared to make those sacrifices and knowing like hey this is temporary and this is what I have to do in order to reach my goal it’s totally okay that’s the mindset everyone needs to have and I think that if you aren’t mentally ready for that going into a fat loss phase it’s going to be so hard to change habits that you spent so many months you know like burning into your brain and neuronal patterns into actually achieving your goals and I think that’s where I see a lot of people fall off track and fat loss phases is because they were totally okay with you know always loosely counting or just having things and not taking into account for them or you know not practicing some sort of restraint even though we do you know encourage a flexible mindset and dieting or anything other than a dietary restraint correct and it’s Oh a think it’s always good to practice some sort of wrist ring instead of you know allowing yourself to always go off the rails and that was when you were saying that I was like oh this is a perfect way to summarize it whenever you’re dieting I really want to redo anything challenging but let’s in this context on my dieting I mean you’re going to have to say no right and if you are not ready to say no to more things than that you’re not ready to die and then you’re just gonna be upset at yourself and because maintain the problem is people think you’re going to a place where maintaining is pretty easy um and you know I call it roughly maintaining cuz I was everybody’s always kind of going up and down and that’s fine but if you’re roughly maintaining your eating a good amount of food and there’s really like people kind of forget when you’re in that phase like you don’t really remember it like what real hunger is like you might be hungry for lunch but there’s a difference of that versus like I’m in a harsh calorie deficit hunger right oh yeah so I think there’s a lot of people who kind of forget that okay like I’m gonna have to say no I’m gonna have to feel uncomfortable and that really is what it comes down to and that’s so that’s even for lifestyle right and it’s gonna be about making those choices so it’s not about like when we say hey be flexible that means hey it’s the weekend you can still go out to eat with your friends right but you’re gonna need to get and steamed vegetables and maybe a glass of wine right you know me or pick half a serving of carbs on the side right you’re not gonna be able to get both right and if you want to say you know what I don’t do that then that’s fine then don’t do it you know yeah but remember that this is temporary and the goal is not to be dieting forever right so if you have had a good offseason you have done things properly you could say hey I’m gonna really pinpoint in the site for the next eight weeks or whatever it is and you’ve decided in your mind with your coach you know hey eight twelve weeks whatever it is I’m really gonna dedicate everything this and I’m gonna have to say no sometimes and that’s okay right and I think that with you know that’s super important that you mentioned that if you aren’t ready to say no then well first of all like I think anyone before they start a fat loss phase you need to have an honest conversation for yourself like or with yourself are you ready to make those sacrifices and then once you do if you aren’t ready to make those sacrifices and you try to do a fat loss phase anyway like Lauren said your fat loss phase is just gonna take longer and longer and longer when it could be over in eight to ten weeks and you can you can then begin a reverse diet where you’re trying to maintain that lower body fat composition and you’re just simply hindering yourself from trying to get to a point where you are maintaining a composition that you are most comfortable in and able to do that you know while being a bit more flexible eating out but yeah so I think that really stood out to me you saying that it could be over quickly if you are sticking to the plan and if you are sticking to the plan you have to be ready to do that before jumping into it exactly so be ready to give all you know all of your effort and be ready to say no to things and then so that’s for our lifestyle situation then it so say somebody is a competitor so whether it’s a physique competitor or a strength sport athlete or any kind of athletic endeavor and that’s obviously that strength sport is gonna look a lot different than a physique sport as far as like diet yeah you still have to be on it right so that mindset of like I’m not going to do a competition is far different than just like oh I want to lose some weight and like get ready and feel better for this event um so say like will take physique competition class do we deal mostly what and that’s really is the most extreme type of dieting that you could even think of ever pretty much yeah and you’re getting two very very very little of as a body fat that are just like not normal not sustainable and you’re crushing you’re crossing a threshold that is like okay every day feels like total hot garbage we did a YouTube video on that about your prep and you know we talked on one of the podcasts earlier here with Jill’s long prep but I mean all of us have done that all of our clients go through that and that is just the reality of prepping mom but when you are in a competition prep and we have a lot of clients who start preps and they’re like you know right now is in a really good time because you know I have family stuff going on or you know lots of travel or this and that and there’s a difference of like basically you have to sit down with the person and say okay like we can figure out ways to make this work but you have to want to make it work right um and if it is never a good time to like start a prep know there’s not always happy yeah you can’t be like oh well right now I have nothing going on no that’s not how it works you shouldn’t mean like there’s literally always something going on but if you find yourself half asking the diet because you can’t accommodate to all the things going on then it’s just not a good time to do it so if you’re thinking about doing something that is as restrictive as a contest prep under absolutely zero circumstances can you be in the mindset that it’s like I’ll just kind of you know maybe fall off planet and then not to sound like where there’s these militant crazy people um because obviously again we understand something we have clients feel like hey I have this thing going on this weekend and we figure out how to handle the situation but it the little slip-ups and a little like oh you know I wanted to track here but then I did know hey we got to cut that out like this is not the time for that offseason when you’re maintaining way different we have a lot more diet flexibility in general with a lot more habit flexibility in general so that when you do diet things are actually easier but there does come a time in a place particularly when you’re getting close to that like threshold and it’s very different for everybody but there’s a certain kind of just body fat and weight that people cross over that it’s like wow everything if you guys can’t see the video and you probably don’t even know we’re doing is doing drive-bys that’s right now this is what that’s called so we’re huge crystalline herd looking probably big too much um like if you ever watch these videos like the way he does stuff it’s just so handy yeah anyways we’re gonna stop that because we are not comedians and I mean I love myself I’m not a comedian I laugh at myself but that might just be like let me feel it gonna be cringing yeah this way I am going to say because like that would be my and he is a comedian if anybody know that was Joker everything hey whatever describe a joke it was not even it’s like soon yeah in any case what the Joker that’s how I feel right now okay it doesn’t throw brain anyways okay Dining Commons projects if you are you know making sure that like circumstances actually wanted to go ahead now remembering we’re gonna go ahead and pin off of that because it made me think of when we were at the physique summit in September and Brian Whittaker was called to the stage for an award that I am so sorry physique so many people I cannot remember what the name of the award is but it wasn’t like the most inspirational person I think so like I know there are something yeah but one thing that I remember hearing him sing and Ralph is at the physique summit or on a podcast is that and it’s something that I think makes him stand out and what some is a good like mindset tip to take into a contest prep is Brian Rowe Tucker has been one of the best bodybuilders in the world simply because he optimizes every situation no matter what the circumstance is no matter you know he has a family two kids and is a tenured professor you know he can’t train every day but you know he’s a world champion simply because no matter what the circumstances were he made it work with what he could even if couldn’t train or even if he couldn’t you know access all the food that he good he didn’t just throw in the towel or didn’t half-ass anything and that’s what that flexibility comes in right within the rigidity of prep and I think that’s what people just really don’t it’s hard people don’t understand that because like wait you’re saying be flexible but also be rigid yeah I don’t get it but you have to have three balanced Eric okay I mean that’s not even there yet the right word I know there’s a nation yeah of like you know you have to be strict however like you have to be able to deal and roll with the punches when you know circumstances aren’t perfect and you have to continue to work through those and I have quite a few clients who are prepping right now who are going through the same thing you know they’re like traveling and they have interviews and all that stuff and they don’t have a JIT they don’t have access to a jam for four days and you know what all I say is that’s okay as long as you’re getting your cardio getting your food in you know four days if you’re not honey it’s not like we’re trying to build muscle at this point when you get back well great training and yeah nothing has to be absolutely perfect for you to perform just perform to the best of your ability my last prep really taught me that like I did oh you’re all over this it was it was a rough year you know I mean like man bought a house we moved traveled all over spoke so many different things and I was prepping for nine months and of course you know whenever I said oh my god the beginning was not that hard but you still even though food was higher you’re still as diligent you know I mean um and over those nine months there was a handful of times that I was maybe I would say off plan anyway it was still accounted for so like off plan meaning like not super perfect but like hey I factored in having a glass of wine and imagining your best seasons yeah that was your best you ever looked um but I really realized that like you can literally make it work anywhere it’s all about like you know when I would travel the first thing I would do it I would have food delivered for Mike on wheels I would go to the grocery store I’d get my water I’d have all my stuff with me I literally pack everything hey we’re gonna get up at an awkward time a new cardio it’s gotta get done I mean I was traveling during peak weeks all the time for other client events and things like that it was really just like a no factor like here’s the plan I have to get it done every single restaurant that you go to you can order food that fits your diet I promise it’s not optimal no should you be packing all of your own food but I have a lot of clients who with the line of work that they do they have to eat out like with you know people that they’re working with or whatever right you can still eat get a piece of steamed fish grilled fish steak whatever it might be and you know you can make it work and again you’re gonna have to say no people say hey do you want to drink No hey do you want to get this no I can’t right now and that’s okay and you just explain to them this is I I’m you know working on the school right now I can’t do it and it really becomes like no issue and and I actually find sometimes that the traveling almost the the busyness made it easier um for me because I think that a lot of times though the hardest weeks were when there was really not a lot going on right because then you have time to think about how hungry and tired you are and give a better camera because the Internet is inevitable you know I mean like and you can’t make everybody else’s life stuff because I can’t be like hey Ryan I don’t have any tasty food in the house like he’s like yeah you chose this I’ll get no you know how I was with yeah and so my friend Christopher literally eats a jar of peanut butter every two days and so peanut butter is my Achilles heel and so yeah that was definitely an issue for me at the beginning of our prep yeah it’s for a lot of people you know the life stuff that everybody struggles with and it’s gonna be different for every single person whether it is the travel whether it is kids whether it is work events and you just have to figure out hey what are these issues and that’s where having a coach really really helps kind of figure out like and pinball ideas or yeah yeah yeah a new analogy I’m not really new analogy but new for me using it like you know you say something you’re like why the did I say that yeah that’s that’s what just happened there yeah but anyways you can pinball ideas coach I really makes me just reverse engineer what to do like what went wrong and how to make it better certainly yeah I definitely want to go back to something that Lauren said that she quickly blew over but I think is absolutely important for the mentality aspect that you need to have going into the hospice if she basically said that when she was traveling she had this no options mentality so and I we use this with a client who is shy and who’s going through a fat loss phase for a wedding yeah it’s super exciting but when it came to eating out she was having trouble you know like just you know not wanting to order specific things and you know that’s what it is exciting you can’t order something that I supply right you don’t want that option is there for you and it’s now up to you to choose and so something I told her and Lauren has told me in the past with my fat loss faces and preps is that hey like at this point we need to just simply have a no options mentality when you go out to eat if you’re at a specific point in your prep all you’re allowed to have is you know chicken and vegetables and maybe a side of rice or just chicken and vegetables if you don’t know you know if like the amount of carbs is too highly variable for where you are in your prep at that point but having that no options mentality and putting it on when you know you should can really help and you know that that was really important for me at the begin the beginning of our prep when I was having a hard time not making choices that led me to make even worse choices with food it was to simply okay like I know we love to preach balance and flexibility but you know peanut butter is not an option for me right now like I break down every single time yeah and so I was I’m able to have it now no problem but they don’t have to remove that stressor yeah yeah it’s not worth it yeah if it’s not helping you at all why have it you know and we can apply that to every single aspect of life but especially when dieting you know make your environment conducive to your goal exactly so I think that it we touched on some really important points here and you know if you guys are thinking about aunt Arina diet raise whether you are a lifestyle client or a competitive athlete you really have to understand what this entails and be ready to say no to things be ready to take your time have patience and really just have that no options mentality so we hope you guys really enjoyed the 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Having A "No Options" Mentality for Dieting The one thing that is important for changing your mindset to get ready for a fat los