Not Eating- 55 Days to Lose Weight

By | September 26, 2019

Losing Weight in 55 Days By Not Eating

Video: I’m 32 years old and I’m obese. But all of that is about to change. I’m about to do a dieting plan that many would consider extreme for the next 40 days I’m going to do intermittent fasting to boost metabolism on absolutely nothing.

Losing Weight by Fasting

When you’re overweight when you’re the fat guy you know you are but you live in this sort of self-imposed in Iowa you look at yourself in the mirror and you think how did I let myself get to this point I don’t like who I’ve become this isn’t Who I am I’m living an unfulfilled life and I’m watching my live streams just fade away then you finally reach that moment when you’re ready to take control and that’s when you know it’s time to make a change [Music] my name is Kenny Saylor’s  [Music] very concerned about your health your body really isn’t meant to do that Your Honor I don’t think it’s [Music] I’m sure it’s not healthy but you know I probably lost [Music] I think that’s ridiculous he’s got vitamins he’s got nutrition it’s something that’s not healthful healthy for him and a long run he could come back to haunt him I don’t know [Music] yeah oh who cares you ain’t good man holy crap you got a taste for the carbs diet again I’m making chase carrot the Soviet foreign stuff yeah it’s not the same it’s not real man this stuff is really fresh carrot juice with 6 simple ways to lose a little weight is like it’s like drinking drinking life [Music] wouldn’t suggest reducing in the middle of the night I’ll break this first before I clean up this crap you have to drink he has a drink carrot juice or any juice for that matter fast because juices are living their living things so whenever you whenever you juice you have to drink within like two minutes in order to get the full maximum effect of the vitamins and nutrients going to the body mmm this coming from an overweight fat guy who knows so much about nutrition okay first things first before I decided to do the fast I wanted to go back home see my family visit some old friends in my hometown of Greenville Texas Greenville is your typical small town USA it’s definitely a far cry from Los Angeles growing up I went to Greenville high school attended Greenville first assembly worked at Greenville hardware and ate lots of Greenville foods oh yeah this is Kenny when he is in the man and he was real man then and he played the trumpet [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] when he was growing up he was active from the time he started walking hey Mike sports and you like to play football and he never met a stranger he was always crop friendly with everybody when he was in high school he was very thin almost frail looking I never thought that he would ever gain this much weight so when he started gaining weight then he started this coffin [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] when kidding said that he was gonna go on a long fast I wasn’t sure if he could do it but I knew that because he gets determination so what is fasting and why did I choose this simple fasting has been the most proven way to detox the body and give it time to heal throughout history people of many faiths including Christianity Judaism Islam and most Eastern religions have used fasting as a healing process for spiritual purification and community with God why forty days well forty seems to be a number that is repeated in most of the holy books and specifically in the Bible over and over and over so sounded like the right number for me I knew the smart thing to do before I started was to get a medical team on board so I did my research and called lots of doctors but none of them wanted to take me on finally I found a place in Marina del Rey that agreed to meet with me interesting life-changing plans yeah I want to hear more about it I’m obviously overweight so I’ve been doing research over the past year about what ways to really reform my health and to try to get me back in track and everything and so okay and then that’s when I came across fasting I water fast and water fast yeah it’s a water fast for 40 days huh wait you’re talking about doing a water fast for 40 days hmm that’s very extreme Kenny a water fast for 40 days is probably the most extreme type of fasting you can do and for the longest amount of time that anyone should possibly attempt it and you shouldn’t attempt it without medical supervision I can tell you that straight off the big thing for me the passion for me is about the obesity epidemic in the world and my research that’s what really stood out to me the numbers are astronomical I mean about how many people are overweight according to the CDC the number of morbidly obese across the United States has skyrocketed to over 30% in the last 20 years not only that but what is obesity costing you and me the taxpayer well if you break down the cost and compare them to other taxpayer expenditures you can see it adds up really quickly to fly our president for one year in Air Force one cost us five hundred million dollars all cost associated with illegal aliens in California alone cost taxpayers nine billion dollars a year if you add up the money spent on the No Child Left Behind policy it’s a staggering twenty three billion dollars a year and all cost associated with drunk driving in 24 billion a year so how does obesity stand up to these numbers well when you add up increased insurance call loss of work due to obesity conditions increased Medicare and Medicaid cost it comes to eighty billion dollars a year that’s more than all of those other programs combined let’s do some math here with metabolism boosters eighty billion dollars by the total u.s. population in 2008 and what do you get obesity is costing two hundred and sixty three dollars for every American citizen that’s man woman and child so no matter what size you happen to be it’s still coming out of your pocket so that made me start thinking wow I’m one of those statistics well let me say this at least Kenny because I applaud you for at least taking some steps to improve your health the number one thing though should be you improving your health we can help you get well but let us do it in the right way okay number one is you need to get medical supervision the great thing about lumeria the healing spas we can offer full service so we’re gonna introduce you to the medical doctor that we have on staff here you’re gonna need to get a full physical some blood work make sure you’re healthy enough to do something like an extreme fast on a on a personal note I’m you should be really proud of what you’re doing I mean it’s it’s so difficult I don’t know anyone other than you know some some very serious medical practitioners who attempted what you’re doing what you’re doing is is difficult and you should be very proud that you’re taking such a step to get healthy I know it is extreme and and but sometimes you have to go to extremes to be extremely healthy think they’re on board that’s gonna be great in order to get through this I’m going to need some help I’ll need my friends around me to keep me motivated and to get me through my moments of weakness I’ll be staying part of the time with my good friends Paul and Sonya Sonya has been wanting to fast for a while and thought now would be the perfect time to do it and I couldn’t agree more Paul he’ll continue to eat a lot of tempting food and stay magically skinny which honestly really isn’t fair I’ll also be staying with some of my other friends Jeremy and Elena I’ve known them for a long time and I know they can put up with my ridiculous shenanigans this is John and Matt they’re helping me document this entire adventure now you’re not seeing double they’re actually identical twins and I really have trouble telling them apart which is always fun the rules are like this obviously no food for next 40 days no gum no candy of any kind no mints nothing just water for for that whole time also I’m going to be keeping record of how many times I go to the bathroom how many bottles of water I drink this little baby here the wallet any time I’m left alone without supervision around there to take my wallet whoever’s near me besides the oil so here’s near me that I know not just somebody can never be alone with my wallet and with access to money I’m very optimistic about I’m actually really excited about it I’m you know as as emotionally attached as I’ve become to this I’m ready to let it go since all I’m gonna be drinking for the next 40 days is water I thought I’d take my doctor’s advice and go pick up some smart water now just get five litres of sport well I think smart water is gonna be my new best friend for the next month and a half plastic tomorrow’s my first day and there’s so much on my mind did I make the right choice is fasting too extreme what if I can’t do it I mean how fast it before but never for this long I have no idea made staff break or your own bed so this is where it all begins but start another journey for Kenny Saylor’s so I’m gonna go in the next room awake [Music] a little gift to start off your journey [Music] [Music] okay well I know one thing once it goes on and hopefully my head I’m going for my first physical now my first win honestly I’ve been terrified of the scale for years I’m afraid of knowing what my weight is I always thought it was like five nine and three-quarters which is sad that’s not told I’m so ashamed of my hive and my weight and pretty much everything can I got my own little 3d Road that they actually have to follow that’s a bigger size became this whole mob fit me well not fit around my big fat belly like anyhow you let’s say so we’re gonna measure everything and everything because there when you stress your body the way you are going to stress it fasting completely there will be a lot of physiological and biochemical changes in your body so but we will be watching you and we’ll be measuring make sure that your electrolytes are correct and all that but I want you to be aware there is always risk for what you’re trying to achieve okay okay so it’s not an easy deal that your this is a major issue okay right all right yeah so we’re gonna do your body measurements [Music] [Music] to Europe your weight is three hundred and fifteen point two pounds fifty three percent of that weight is made out of fat so basically a little over your half of your weight is made out of fat and your body mass index is forty seven point eight where in fact we shouldn’t see you greater than twenty eight you know BMI of 28 you know maybe thirty maximum yeah and your lean body mass is 147 pounds I know forty seven okay the ideal think any right now is that we should be very close watching your progress and assessing where you are okay okay all right thank you thank you all the best yes that so how are the measurements Big O my friends one percent good thing you’re doing I don’t wait I’ll tell you that so do you know okay cuz nobody should be doing it which is weird with 53 percent of me being blob okay so I had my first physical today basically 53% of me is fat and a 167 pounds of family that’s what it is so I was I knew it was big but man that’s really bigger than I thought so so anyhow so this is day one and the interesting to see what happens day two and I’ve got a headache already starting coming pretty bad actually so so anyhow so day one physical over you know good news I’m pretty healthy bad news really bad you I look at myself in the beer it’s not I see what I am now and I know where I was and I know what I can be the problem is is I seem to have this block of getting over it and and I’m trying and that’s the thing is when people see me they just see a fat guy but they don’t what they don’t see is they don’t see that I’m a person who struggles with this every day there’s something that I am trying to overcome and I know there are much bigger people than me around and so I can’t even imagine what they go through I went through a very very difficult breakup and I was under the impression everything was fine and then all of a sudden she calls me up one night just says look it’s over I was devastated [Music] I wasn’t just brokenhearted I was I was I was broken and she never gave me a reason just ended it I didn’t know how to handle that I didn’t know emotionally what to do with that there was no closure for me and from that point over the next year I gained over 80 pounds eight and I ate because food doesn’t reject you most of the weight that I have now is from that that breakup let thank the Lord I’m through it now I’m here my mind is more clear and I’m ready to move forward talking about my breakup was really tough I’ve been pushing it to the back of my mind for so long that finally facing it was actually a release losing her had such an impact on me it completely changed the way I dealt with my emotions that’s something I need to work on if I’m gonna change the way I deal with pain in the future I just can’t keep burning the food any longer [Music] so markdown this is the fourth time I’ve gone to the bathroom today because I’m going to bathroom right now and I’m gonna be talking about it something dr. Ghali told me to pick up of these things there keto sticks you pee on the low-end thing and then kind of correlate it with the side here this tells you if your body has gone into ketosis or not which this means nothing and this means you’re heavily into ketosis [Music] this ketosis time we see here see the key time stripped didn’t change really any color well change that color which means it’s negative which means my body has not even started in a ketosis yet pretty natural I guess it wouldn’t expect me to be instantly the ketosis from not eating for one day used to love to go for a run especially on a day like this but I gradually became embarrassed and self-conscious about my body so I eventually stopped you know it takes a lot of courage and self-confidence for a person to just not care about what other people may think or what they might say and just go out there and do the things normal people do now I’m more embarrassed by the fact that I cared that much to let it stop me for that long are the years things that you see that we’re eating how we’re eating things such as this I’m a firm believer that you can damn there need anything that you want it’s what you do happen I still feel its input I think it’s exercise and awesome I think a lot of it comes back to psychological there is a criteria that states when gastric bypass should be cut off ethically we are doing them now in thirteen and fourteen year old kids when you have a kid thirteen fourteen that’s weighing 325 pounds yeah got a problem gastric bypass should only be for those that psychologically cannot handle their way in other words obesity is not a reason to have a gastric bypass it’s very simple what goes in comes out yeah unless you have glandular troubles and that’s one tenth of percent of people that have weight problems [Music] people come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but only a small percentage actually have some sort of medical reason they’re overweight as for everyone else it’s mainly due to their emotionally eating lifestyle habits or both ask any of them why they think they’re overweight they’re gonna tell you their big bone it’s genetics or something like that now ask those same people what size their great-grandparents were their great-great grandparents and I bet they’ll tell you they were all average-sized ask anyone over 65 how many obese people they remember seeing as a child and they’ll tell you there were very very few one of the things I loved to do was play tennis I’d always hit the courts when I felt like I needed to clear my mind now I think it’s time to go back to the things that worked for me in the past when I was well healthier these are the things I just don’t ever want to give up again [Music] [Applause] [Music] you know that extra like 50 pounds or something it really does that come into effect when they’re driving around day three day three so far hasn’t been man down about six hours story about me changed yeah [Music] [Applause] playing tennis for the first time in years really wore me out you reminded me of what I’m doing to my body so I decided to just take it easy for the rest of the day and go to the movies with Paul and Sonya although I think this will be the first time ever that I won’t be digging into a big tub of popcorn while I’m watching a movie using it all the Reese’s Pieces maybe we shouldn’t talk about it here yeah but the Reese’s piece of getting that well you know you typically get the big drink you know the $15 you know 16-ounce ring you know because we associated watching movies then every time you watch a movie you feel like you get that cause it’s gotta go well my lungs were clean so something’s making me cough like that I sound like a friggin smokin for 50 years I don’t even smoke but previously when I’d lost weight is consciousness disappeared and flab related [Music] tired a3 has been painted so yesterday I was a negative on ketones let’s see how I am today putting this in my mouth this is before I pee on it here we go just peed on this thing let’s check it out the other day I was here I was negative see where I am today not quite the Margaret yet so I’m still under the small category so there we go keto sticks don’t leave home without them a3 has come [Music] it’s about it’s about uh 3:30 4:00 in the morning and I just woke up I’m just like not feeling so well now got like a headache and my stomach is like growling like crazy so I’m just really hungry and I’m right about now I’m thinking man is this was just a good idea man I’m only a few days and it’s tough all right stuff I’m already feeling that but day five is the most difficult so far the thought of giving up is actually crossed my mind what stops me is realizing what my life’s become and what its going to continue to be if I let it when you’re ready to make a profound change in your life you have to face your fears you have to keep pushing yourself and imagine how different your life could be if you only try my first colonic you think I’m a colonic yeah I shouldn’t be too bad I guess I said Oh relax me a little bit my doctors advised me that since my digestive system was going to be inactive for so long it was necessary for me to clean out my colon [Music] now most people know as much about colonics as I do which is practically nothing the human colon is over five feet long and the only way for it to fit into our body is by being bent and folded after years and years of eating pieces of food and waste become lodged in these folds causing poor circulation constipation allergies mood swings just to name a few colonic hydrotherapy is an alternative medical process in which warm filtered water gently fills the colon through the insertion of a small plastic tube the water enters the crevices of the colon walls and removes pieces of waste as the pressure inside the colon builds the water is released and everything is evacuated to the hose this process is repeated several times until the entire colon has been cleaned generally patients need several kilometres below the waist is removed and they can start feeling the real benefits of a healthy colon colonic number one you gotta motivate my butt to get plugged in so you’re gonna be just with the nurse you’ll take care of me for the entire time part of what we want to do since it’s your first time that you’ve ever ever ever gotten the colonic is we want you to be really comfortable and really relaxed I’ll need to be really bad I’m your nurse I’m gonna help you through this session I’ll need some help okay 305 point to 110 pounds exactly yeah 315 point yeah please step off all right open in the back not the front because we’re gonna work back here so that’s how I want you to put them on please empty your bladder okay check your messages on your cell phone if you need I’m gonna just change our program here [Music] [Music] the tubing we use is thrown away it’s never used again so don’t go anywhere where they don’t throw it away and this is a smaller tubing that we’re gonna be using this yes it’s very good and this machine that you’re using will turn off if you get too much internal mental pressure it’ll turn off so it’s safe it’s a safety feature it gets too hot it’ll turn off but everything in a colonic is breathing okay because sometimes we might want to get the water around some gas if you do an anima at home you’re probably only going to get up on the sigmoid side and when I do a colonic the reason they call it high is I can go all the way up across the transfers and all the way over here to the cecum so I’m getting the toe : it’s hard to do that unless you stand on your head now when you’re ready can you turn on your side for me and look at the bathroom door please this is gonna be a little unusual nobody likes this part the best thing to do is just open your mouth and breathe through your mouth open your mouth go ahh and gentle push take your time there’s two valves valve a fuse bad for Texas [Music] I sure glad he is the smaller [Music] they’re now already going in it’s been going in take a deep breath please now the colon is closer to the back than the front so the transfers runs along here so sometimes if you get back aches you know that it’s your colon the one hurt you and it sometimes helps you have Bom be hones [Music] so it was it was very good the the only thing that was the entry was a little rough but after the after that it wasn’t so bad I’m very relaxed after the whole process actually even to the end and I’m now just tired probably just want to go home and chill out yeah actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be what it’s takeoff and landing was pretty rough but uh-huh but other than that that wasn’t so bad I’ve lost 12 pounds so not bad that’s the story I’m going home sleeping now [Music] [Music] so today is a road trip I’m traveling up north was my friend after we’re gonna go hang out with some of our friends who are visiting from Iran now I haven’t seen them in a while and so they have no clue what I’m doing I just decided to fast as long as I’m with you and I’m I’m just going to drink water I brought the road 20 get a bottle of water and I’m going to join you on this path just support you that was a colonic residue just what I’ll call it but here I’m between two evils there’s a danny’s over here and it’s jacking the crack over here ready [Music] these are my friend or relative from [Music] over the years that I’ve gotten to know my Persian friends and their culture what I’ve really noticed is how mealtime is their bonding time they cook together they eat together their connection with food has a whole different meaning it seems like here in America we’re so caught up in our fast-paced lives that we forgotten how important these family traditions are sure it’s easier to just hit the drive-through and call that dinner but think about what we’re sacrificing so because you cannot eat I don’t want to insult their host so he’s gonna take actually the first time I’ve been hungry No I do fill the Kennedy it smells really good in here [Music] [Music] and here’s one of the things I can’t wait to be over is putting on the shoes as a big person I understand this most the skinny folks don’t realize that putting on the shit and putting on shoes and tying shoes is actually very trying ordeal [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] fencing longer I’m not doing it here a bit probably alive they’re still skinny enough that’s not fair [Music] my doctor advised me not to do any exercise at all during my fast and of course I didn’t listen to him and now I’m paying the price maybe I’m just trying to go too fast [Music] [Music] I just feel like this has been like a 40-hour day know why but actually I started off the day fine and then it’s I started off fine and then the freakin end of the day just seemed like ongoing well that has crossed my mind a few times I might be the fats not so bad hmm it’s not that bad it’ll go by really fast well you’re telling yourself to yeah [Music] [Music] it’s now been 15 days of not chewing or eating junk food on a daily basis now I’ve managed to keep one of my bad habits though and that’s chewing straws the good part is they have zero calories the bad part now they have zero flavor the amazing transformation from bed to couch to office now just give it a couple seconds 301 oh man 300 1.6 well your way it’s coming down within that more losing weight is one thing losing body percentage of that and getting your important yeah getting your BMI to the right level is where you want to be yeah okay BMI not just the BM come and now mr. comedian let’s see so all these years I’ve been looking at myself you know I see myself in the mirror and I you know something I stand there and I feel like crying because it’s just like who is this person in the mirror it’s disgusting it really makes me disgusted to look at myself and when you to look at yourself that way and you feel disgusted like by what you’ve become and you know what you got to do something about it they said this is just not something that’s like oh hey this is you know I’m big in fat you know no it’s I’m fat and now I’ve got to do something because I’m gonna die young I’m gonna die this is the measurements that we took last week and your weight went down from 315 to 305 and that’s simply because you were burning muscle okay instead of body fat so that showed in your numbers that’s why your percentage of body fat number went up even though your weight went down okay now where we’re at is today okay so your weight is coming down still off of 305 all right but what’s even better is your percentage of body fat is coming down okay so it’s gone from 58 now down to 54 all right so you’ve sort of crossed this threshold see so you got plugged in this time yeah you dropped some weight too yeah wait she’s lost some pant size yep so that’s good oh yeah and my weight speaking of wait yeah when I when we lost like two pounds really yeah that’s it you stomach’s gone down that work yeah yeah that’s what should I wear like a slide exactly but my body but my fat percentage is going down oh four or five percent oh no offense so now that means that I’m burning fat more than burning muscle now so that’s good even though I’m still fat I’m almost three weeks into this and I’m thinking of all the ups and downs I’ve had so far wait I still have how many days to go uh there another rock or something [Music] know that the close one too far away now do a little closer the things the sailors family does to get a fixer crab [Music] now for the sake of a thinking person it’s cool hope how many overweight friends you have compared to those that are in good shape okay how do ya over your clothes right what about family how many of your immediate what would you say is the the most commonly eaten vanity of McDonald’s or I was gonna tell you about what happened last night oh I get out for a walk and I get on the phone then I start talking that it’ll make my phone calls and I ended up down by Wilshire I saw McDonald and all of a sudden I wanted to go eat so badly I mean like I mean it was overwhelming I mean the the power of it was just like I was literally standing on the corner going okay Kenny don’t go down there I wasn’t hungry but my mind was just like craving the food it hit me it hit me bad I mean like the worst thing I’ve ever seen my body is like going okay haha the jokes over now go eat yeah you know you eat junk food not just eat but eat junk food and so it’s like the addiction is calling out to me now I mean it was like insane like I don’t even I don’t even know how to explain I was just like it was crazy intense [Music] day 21 is a milestone for me the longest I’ve ever gone without food I never imagined I could feel this good by not eating it’s true what they say that you feel light and connected with God it’s almost euphoric I’m feeling inspired so I’m spending the day at my friend’s place and getting into my music now that I’m not preoccupied with food all the time it’s really given me the ability to reevaluate my life my priorities my ambitions I want to change my life I’ve had so many dreams that I set aside and just didn’t pursue because of my weight because of my insecurities growing up music was my life my passion one of my deepest regrets is not pursuing that path I gave up on my dream when I gave up on myself I can’t let this wait interfere with all that anymore I also hope that what I’m doing will somehow inspire others to know that they can face their fat and look beyond that that barrier if you believe in yourself any dream is possible there we go day 21 which is supposed to be a turning point for everything so there’s nothing like going back to nature to help you get your mind off the fact that you haven’t eaten for a month unfortunately that’s not gonna happen today because my friends have invited me to a campground for a barbecue which is my favorite kind of food boy this is gonna be tough I’m beginning to wonder what kind of friends I have that would put me through this torture I’ve ever been in any camping situation where I was [Music] I’m here to show you good occupied with two husbands I do know Barbie too hot that came from Iran last time I checked Iran now for the barbecue in Texas is thirty days of fasting he’s trying to prove you could do it just barbecue for everybody but he’s not going to eat it it feels good even touch food so I’m sitting there the other day in the front I was just curious I said well I got to figure out I want to see who because there’s got to be a world record for fasting okay so I just decided to go look online so I went opt-in looked online and I saw that apparently David Blaine he when he hung up in that the tom square so you know he did 444 days so some Russian dude did it last year and 450 days so that’s why I was like you know what I’m doing it 40 days I’m doing pretty good while the crab not know yeah 4:55 just try to get the world record you know it’d be kind of cool getting the Guinness Book already needed I thought the fast was supposed to turn me off to like greasy stuff and looking at me and I can’t have any of them [Music] corn and potatoes see that’s good police detective aspartate is good they look good every time I feel what am I talking about crazy people [Music] I’m feeling it’s time to give Paul and Sonia a break so I’m gonna go spend a few days at Jeremy and Elena’s they’ve heard about what I’m doing and they’re making an effort to change their old ways and eat healthier I haven’t seen them in a while so it’s gonna be good to catch up and get their perspective on things she’s part lens we cut down one we have a windmill date and like two shapes today and now I was irritable tell I was going for no reason I was like damn you sorry I didn’t mean to yeah and that’s the thing is I’m getting where I’m less irritable about things but then I just go through moments of being relatable they say there’s so many women have a hard time losing weight because there’s so many foods that mimic estrogen so there the body assumes that it has too high of a dose of estrogen which makes you store fat in your belly because the belly fat is where the breaks down the estrogen or something yeah so they’re storing a lot more fat in their stomachs because the food weak and I’m convinced that’s why there is so much sickness in the United States and in the world is because we are just eating so much stuff and since the majority of our immune system is in our digestive system we’re basically you are what you eat you eat junk food you eat fat and greasy food you’ll be a fat and greasy dude [Music] top of that [Music] food is everywhere on TV and movies and magazine ads I see it everywhere I go I just can’t escape it the temptations are overwhelming especially with the smell of food cooking all around me now with Jeremy taunting me it’s enough to make me want to run out the front door found the first fast-food place I see an order half the menu food is like heroin in my mouth waters if I’m vision eating all that greasy food I mean it’s an addiction that’s so hard to overcome because no matter what you have to eat to live [Music] I’m so close to finishing I just have to hang in there I’ve been doing some research and have really started to understand the severity of this obesity epidemic I wondered if any of our elected officials would be willing to talk to me about what they’re doing to get this situation under control but I quickly found out how much they cared yes speak to someone in the scheduling Department please I had submitted a request for an interview about a month and a half ago – two months ago I’m calling about a scheduling request that a interview request that I had submitted about a month and a half ago and I was just calling to follow up and see the status of that request they keep telling me they’re gonna call me back but no one ever does hello yes I’m calling about a interview request that I sent him about a month and a half ago about a month and a half two months ago I submitted about a month and a half two months ago and I have not heard yeah that’d be great hello Pam this is Kenny Saylor’s we spoke about a month ago in regards to an interview request for Vice President Al Gore for a documentary about the obesity epidemic thank you very much and I look forward to your calling oh yeah good day mate no just kidding how did you fit in since none of the politicians wanted to talk to me I figured I’d try to meet with the authors of a book I’d read thin from within to get some advice on how to change the way I think about fear okay so I see some of these people who are like weighing on 800 pounds – how does somebody let themselves get that big what’s your what’s your what do you say in that situation I would think there would be something emotionally really really traumatic that has occurred to use food the thing is is there’s a lot of different there’s alcohol there’s drugs there’s sex there’s all these addictions and people can kind of do them behind the closet and and you stay thin but here you have somebody who’s addicted to food and their body’s getting bigger and everyone knows once you’re at that weight it’s gonna take so long to get back to where you are that it’s really hard to get motivated to make change your behaviors and it’s interesting praying you’re fast you sort of have to get a life in a way it’s like all that’s mental space that’s occupied with by foods and yeah thinking about what am I gonna eat mmm what would be good for lunch what would be good for snack all of a sudden it’s like oh let me get a life let me figure out what am i dreams in our culture that food is such a coping mechanism especially for kind of the good guys you know because you could either do drugs you could do that go but with food you can still function you can still work you can still take care of your family you’re not illegal anywhere that’s right so and you’re only harming yourself you’re not hurting anyone else so you know there are some people that can go on a diet lose weight and stay with it you know and and learn how to and not be okay with weighing food in counting calories so many people that we talk to and work with that have spent their life really being so focused on their body and food that they haven’t lived i discovered today while putting on my my pants these pants were tight on me very tight on me whenever i first began and now they’re extremely baggy so patli lost a lot of weight in my legs I had pretty chunky legs again and also there’s how much weight has gone down on my hips from where I mean that’s a lot I I’m actually pretty shocked about that miles enough dang yeah and I have a long way to go still a lot of days lifts so that’s excellent but the greatest part is I don’t never have to wear these pants again go buy new clothes now see I got my necklace and I got the baggy pants this is my gangsta starter kit yeah don’t make ain’t no me I talked to some people on the streets to get their views on the subject of weight [Music] [Applause] from eating the way you were to eating healthy what’s the hardest thing you found as being a change it’s not waking up and not grabbing the wrong things you know instead of grabbing a sandwich or something like that out pretty smart all right so whatever fruit I started buying more stuff like that more more fish oh that’s great what are you thinking your honest opinion about a guy doing a five day pass it was difficult to get people to talk on camera about obesity unless they themselves were thin or were in the process of losing weight it made me realize how afraid and uncomfortable people are about this issue [Music] never thought I’d get so tired of water that’s all you have really get sick it’s weird like when you’re just around people people talk about food all the time I would venture to say that Oh 70 to 75% of everyone’s conversation it revolves around food and I know that sounds like a far stretching statement to make but man when you’re not eating everything related to food head jumps out of youth and then when people talk about it everywhere we go people like oh I like this I like that you know it’s just really it’s crazy I’m at my breaking point physically emotionally and spiritually exhausted how much longer can I keep doing this I’m almost at the end of it or I would be but now I’m trying to break a world record I’m a way well way into the whole fast now man I’m like I’m there and on on 30 something days you lose count after a while even though I keep track of it all this you know today I went out with Jeremy and Elena and we played we played tennis I was so jealous then when I got back I just has crashed out I just took a shower and laid down and there’s been like blah I mean I could barely even walk up the stairs here I’m so tired you know vomiting I’m like what’s there to vomit I’ve got nothing in my stomach I’m like you know it was weird because it was like it was a pink like I guess it was just stomach acid that’s all I did but but so it’s a word of caution out there make sure not to go crazy like that anymore I need to really be careful because you know it hit me today I said pan I’ve done I got to be careful in the exercise what am i doing have I lost sight of my goal is going for the world record really more important to me than my health than my well-being what am I trying to prove to myself these past few days I’ve been reading my life from the direction I’ve been going I’ve realize that I’ve put off pursuing a music career for way too long songwriting is my outlet it’s my way of expressing my emotions good or bad I’m going back to doing the 30 pound well your your body mass index when you started with about 48 just pretty extreme and now it’s down to 41.6 the fat was nearly 58 and now that’s down to about 50% okay I am I’m really amazed at how well you’re doing I really am I mean I think it’s great that we’re doing these treatments but it’s a it’s a lot of tributed to you well I’ll be honest I’m quite shy and and what is this about trying to break the record oh yeah yeah I just won’t oh yeah I just want to go in and uh it was fifty it’s fifty days before your um do at forty and I’m doing good I’m not like you know freaking out about it or anything right so and now you’re gonna push it to 15 15 more days yeah so totally 55 5 days of water fasting yeah might as well go to an extreme love it and that’s running yeah I know of course we’re gonna have to get some clearance with dr. Ghali right yeah make sure everything is good and I just want to say I think you’re doing amazing and if it was anyone else in any other condition there’s no way they could push for that record yeah because of where you’re at I think you could do it yeah well it is now day 40 way of my original fast however since we discovered during the fasting process that that would the world record was actually 50 this means 40 is just another day which kind of sucks because but day 40 is now coming gone and so what I do so Sonia nut went and made me a nice little 15 more days to the world record chart so so tomorrow I get to begin my day 41 to my final 55 days to break the record so this is the the new addendum to the thing I’m getting near the end of my fast and Sonia is already finished with hers so we decided to arrange for a group of friends to come together and talk about everything we’ve been dealing with and learning about these past several weeks whatever I’ve told people is gonna go fasting for 40 days they’re like 40 year crazy you know even I had a doctor tell me so do you have a death wish it’s funny because I really I really don’t uh don’t uh don’t think about it like right now I could it’s actually gonna be as hard for me to go back to eating as it was for me to stop forty pounds and I still I denied Paul food and I was never starting but on the fifth day I really wanted Fried Chicken my way and but I think I’ve kept watching TV and I was watching [Applause] [Applause] you’re overweight you’re vulnerable to people in public that don’t even know you and they’ll judge you or say comments to you that are so hurtful that you don’t really you don’t really know you already know this about yourself you don’t need to hear it right does it make you more on social that’s what I want to know does it do you feel like maybe I shouldn’t go out [Applause] imagine what happens to the kids I was talking about that let’s talk about you know a person is overweight so the discipline they have in the refrigerator you’re flexing their kids absolutely it’s also kids you’ve got companies like McDonald’s that equals toys and Playland you know and that’s burger and fried McDonald’s so even when you become an adult there’s still that subconscious Playland must have been a really extremely hard for you because you came from a fairly slim guy from high school looking good very funny boy she knew me know my image of Kenny was like dancin performing on stage singing as you start letting yourself go mentally you start saying well it’s okay convention so I start saying what’s another hamburger I already weighed this much if I won more it’s easy you know and I’m not worried about it I’ll just eat one more and then I’ll start tomorrow I can’t tell you how many Mondays I’ve had my life I’m gonna start on Monday after today I will change my way you guys Hollywood attracts tourists from all over the world I was curious what they thought about the eating habits of Americans [Music] Boulevard [Music] [Applause] [Music] you can have this one and this one in this balloon never what it eats and eats and drinks and dreams and you are [Music] [Music] right [Music] I met a girl the other day whose father is both a cardiologist and a professional bodybuilder I thought it would be really interesting to get his viewpoint on fasting and the best way for me to get healthy pictures here of here yeah this is so my pictures that’s to our place first and that was my first competition about nine years ago my goal was to place in the top five for their masters in Nationwide in my age group you are your doctor first was a doctor first but I’ve always been interested in nutrition and sports athletics and so forth I still am a cardiologist and internist but I kind of look outside the box and because really obesity is an epidemic and it certainly certainly affects heart health and what really frightens me is what’s happened to the children today I mean we have young school-aged children that are developing adult onset diabetes because of obesity and the fact that these children are just not active so we’re seeing diabetics and you know eleven twelve thirteen year old anyone that I that anyone that has gone through losing way in the past they have willpower dieting is so much the issue it’s learning how to really make the changes that will affect you for the long term you you have this go that you were gonna lose weight and yet it was an extreme but it’s not much different what bodybuilders do when they bulk up and then cut down for a contest so yes it’s extreme and no I would not recommend for the general population yeah you will lose weight but first you lose water weight okay and then as your but tap them comes to a screeching halt you know then you start losing muscle weight now the more muscle you lose the slower metabolism so you eventually will get to a point in which weight loss will end okay now you are very strong individual and you determine to go through this you beat the odds there is not many people I know that could be on a fast as long as you were and could be as successful as you were what what’s the difference between chanting and anorexia but it’s an extreme form of eating disorder in which one is controlling what they put in their mouth with the aim of starving themselves see yours was not so much a need to control what you put in your mouth you had a goal of wanting to lose this amount of weight and you had a predetermined time period much to do it this is one of the problems I have found and dealing with obese people in general is that you feel so deprived that you must bust out so what these people do then I overeat and then they would feel like they’re total failures because they screwed up again and then they go off a diet they overeating they get fatter it’s just if you look at people that have gone through that yo-yo dieting time after time after time the common thread that I have found is that they always feel like failures they can’t end up doing what they put their mind to do and they feel like they were failures so the mice will just be fat because I can’t beat the can’t beat the odds Sonia and I started this fast together supporting each other spiritually and emotionally this journey has really bonded our friendship for a long time 40 days it’s we’re done when when you don’t eat for so many days you don’t even think about food anymore when you deprive yourself of food you start realizing how much you you have control over your face growing up I just remember at school I am I got picked on there was always kid that would have gone getting into my adulthood I first well I didn’t have I didn’t date you know I was always going out with my much my girlfriends and going dancing and that was the one that was always holding everybody’s first the funny thing is I I used to think if I could just have a guy in my life and you know that would that would love me in them take care of me then I could go on and go after my dream you know so I never really went after my um my dream of being an artist I thought I have to take care of this person so I ended up going through relationships with guys and I had this series of boyfriends that were not the greatest guys you know they weren’t they were more like verbally abusive not physically but um I had one boyfriend that used to tell me that was borderline ugly and he told me once who were I’ll never forget we were an Magic Mountain and we were in line for this ride he told me he was embarrassed to be seen with me and yeah and I still stayed with him because I thought you know I’m never gonna find anybody else and I think that a lot of women that are overweight think that they put up with a lot more because they don’t feel that anyone else is gonna want him so um I went through that period and and I just and the funny thing is that um you know I’d the one guy that said it was said that to me I I thought well I’m gonna I’ll show him all these weight and then I’ll dump them I lost 75 pounds in like five or six months I don’t remember I ended up staying with him Wow because by that time I mean I still had my self esteem you know you know it took me a long time I was with him for six years and in six years of someone telling you you’re borderline ugly and and that you’ll never meet anybody better than them you start to believe it and when you get older and you start to see what life’s really about and and you see that you know all the what you’re doing for everyone else as you’re trying to help everybody else you realize that you deserve that same love that you’re giving to everybody else you deserve it for yourself just as much as they deserve it so why aren’t you doing it for yourself you know and then that’s when you start to weed out the people that are not good in your life you know and when I started doing that that’s when I started attracting the right people to me and then I found Paul he’s like mr. wonderful huh it was it was worth the journey going from that to finding someone wonderful this is it my last weigh-in was so proud to be able to say that I reached a personal milestone and now it’s just time to find out how much my hard works paid off he went from 315 to 71 so what does that – how many would that be 15 what was his fastest end into body fat it’s come down dramatically because it was at 53 percent so I’m actually over 53 percent and now it’s down to 46 percent well so that’s important and then we know how many pounds of fat – exactly thank you doctor when you look at the fat mass he actually lost 40 pounds of fat and only four pounds of anybody else preserving muscle masses the game yeah so let’s get you measured mm this buff body is yeah all these monsters but yeah I’m looking for the measurements because all my clothes is been like this shirt was like spandex on we’re gonna start oh but the thing I wasn’t asking about was the ketone strips where I’ve been but it’s gone it went up really high for a long time it was really hot and then you started going down and then up and then down and then the past like three or five days where it’s kinda like my trace analysis that’s good [Music] [Music] happy to around the stomach I’ve gone down which I’ve noticed because my pants don’t fit me anymore and for you to lose 50 some pounds 44 44 pounds it’s not bad like a pound a day my god that’s quite a bit yeah so so that is really for each pound of fat you need to spend 3500 calories okay yeah so a man usually requires for daily maintenance anywhere between 28 to 30 to 100 calories a day so basically you were living on your own [Music] record for getting this thing this is the via that georgette talked about oh all right yeah so this is what’s gonna help you break your fast in a very healthy way this is whole food not a juice and of course a good I’m always in I love it remember the first time that you fit into this yeah right because this is the biggest one we have and you didn’t fit right in first so now you were [Music] myself actually if I put my mind to it enough I can actually go and turn down food that’s the big thing because that’s one of these problems of that and I think that’s one of the things that most people in the world and who are overweight their biggest problem is they don’t think they can say no to food can’t see and I didn’t and I always loved it and I proved it because I did it you learn through the whole thing you realize it you know if you put your mind to it enough that you can change your mind you can change your body come I finished you know the a I get to eat something tomorrow bring something’s out of the water [Music] take 128 ounces [Music] you the last days here 55 it’s here and that is me which I shouldn’t cross out [Music] 55 days 55 days and I’ve talked so much water well we never be able to to drink anything but water it can the rest of my life mm-hmm completely although I am looking forward to making iced tea iced tea will taste good yeah [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] give me a coupon for juice thank you guys vinaigrettes thanks kid that without you guys for sure I probably could have gone a few days but that probably made a good idea but I started getting Mike actually towards the past few days I started getting like pains in my calf [Music] actually having something because I don’t have anything not even has anything just the closest thing I’ve even come to churn anything without you to scroll what I get stretched out of cheese straws and plastic things probably get added to it [Music] they’re all made yeah everybody should try here it is day 56 now I guess huh cheers I finished yeah like getting bigger yeah it’s weird I mean it tastes good fun place weird freshly-squeezed care that you can’t get this stuff in bottle get out some taste mmm well there you go guys we’re all done I’m a little this point I didn’t lose as much weight I thought it would but who can complain about listen like 44 yeah five some answers for my waist no I’m very happy I certainly don’t regret it anytime I lose any weight I don’t regret it huh but the important thing is what I disregarded in this because I 155 day because actually about you know a few days quite a few days before this my hunger actually came back and I let it cycle again and you’re not supposed to do that you’re not supposed to let your hunger cycle again once you’ve been so long but of course I was going for a world record so I thought I’d let do it but that got into danger zone yeah well pretty much anything with the word fast and food so joined it yeah but then it’s just making a conscious choice like okay I can have this fried chicken that’s not good for me or I can have the same basic ingredient of chicken baked and it’s healthy for me but the good thing I feel like now that I’m like at the starting line [Music] yeah exactly and now I actually feel like because now the fasting I actually felt like I was doing something you know really crazy now I actually feel like I’m starting long [Music] I can honestly say that this has been one of the toughest things I’ve ever put myself through people are telling me you’re so much thinner yeah I lost weight not as much as I’d hope to but this wasn’t meant to be some magic solution to all my problems what’s most important is that I set a goal for myself I made the effort and as hard as it was I didn’t give up I didn’t give in when people taunted me with food or told me it was impossible I never gave up on myself and I never will again to believe in yourself and to have faith is worth everything especially when you face the thing that has kept you down and kept you from truly living and then you conquer it you know I once heard it said that it’s never too late to be who you might have been and now for the first time in years I know I can be that person [Music] [Applause] [Music] you.

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