Outer and Inner THIGH TONING Exercise

By | February 25, 2020

SLIM THIGHS and SIDE BOOTY Workout in 7 Minutes

Today’s workout is to slim in tone the inner and outer thighs.


Get ready to feel the burn. Get started lying down your our side. I want you guys to prop yourself up on your forearm and stretch out your right leg from here we’re gonna pull the leg in out lift it up and down and out lift up and down so all about switching on the inner thighs we’re really lengthening those muscles here keeping our ABS on nice and tight if the forearm is too much you can always lie down on your side but try to stay lifted with me it’s a short effective workout good so pointing the toe we. Bend that knee stretch it really actively lengthen lift and lower it’s in out up and down good so that leg she’s lifted off the ground the whole time we can do this in out up down you should already feel those thighs switch or not here we go let’s do three more lift and lower four chill lift and lower one more we’re gonna lift it up little pulses high inner thighs already burning I don’t know if you guys have done any of the other inner thigh burns on my channel but definitely check them out if you like this one we have five four three two now we’re gonna hold little circles stretch that leg really lengthen it out create those long lean muscles beautiful reverse the other way four five four four three stay with me – last one could see if you could hold it a little higher for five four three two and one beautiful now you’re gonna rest it to them we’re gonna take that left leg we’re gonna kick it forward and back kick forward and back so starting to work through the outer thigh and hips on the opposite side bend your legs forward remember if you need to you can lie down on your side but try to keep those ABS working quick and effective stretching that leg it’s all about creating that length here for more beautiful four three four – last one we’re gonna sweep the leg now forward and back so you kick it front kick it back really getting into that side booty those outer thighs keep those abs on four more four three we are almost there you guys four two last one I want you to hold it back so the backbone of your mat can be little pulses up and down this should be burning I feel my outer thighs so what we’re here for we always learn to love the burn it really becomes something you crave the more you exercise the more you do these workouts the more you look forward to them so stay strong we have three for two then we’re gonna do a little rainbow top the front corner in the back corner of your mat this is it pick up that pace we’ve got ten seconds here good job you guys stay with me we’ve got five four four four three four – you’re gonna hold it those little circles to finish oh my goodness something so small burns so much it’s crazy reverse four five four three two now hold and bring it in give that side booty a little tap let’s go right to the other side all right so we’re propped up on our forum we’re gonna take that left leg we’re gonna bend it in out lift it up and down in out up and down really stretching your leg here up and down Oh up and down this is all about fighting gravity getting right into those inner thighs they can be so hard to switch on but these exercises really help to tone and firm up the inner thighs good in out down just floating that leg here lift and lower form arms and lift switches on so quick we’ve got this we did it on the other side we need to even it out so get your head in the game commit to yourself now three more two let’s hold it lift and lower just lift and lift so good you guys stretch that leg for me five for beautiful three for two we’re gonna hold it give me those little circles stretch that leg out nice and long good reverse the other way four five four three two you’re gonna hold see if you can lift it higher hold it for me five four three two and one now we come forward you kick that right leg forward and back kick it forward and back beautiful so here you can move through the waves we’re still gonna be working through those ABS beautiful forward and back starting to just warm up get those muscles in the hips nice and warm beautiful forward and back little kicks so good stay strong remember why you wanted to work out today you’ve got this you can do anything you put your mind to we’re in it together good three more for two we’re gonna take it to that kick so now you just sweep the legs forward like you’re trying to kick me for making you do this and then squeeze it back good forward and keep that waist beautiful job you guys short and effective what we’re after we have four really point the child length in your leg four three four two beautiful hold it back give me little pulses aiming for that back corner of your mat so lifting it up stretching it long really stretch four five four three two now give me those little rainbows you get that height through Center tap the back corner front corner I know it burns but this is when it matters so this is when it counts really give it your all so good you guys we are here for five more seconds four four four three four two last one hold it give me those circles we’ve got this got to even it out this is it our final burn reverse the other way four five four three two we’ve got a hold stretch it out four five four three two and one bring it in get that booty some love amazing job you guys I hope you loved that quick slimming tone sighs workout if you did please subscribe share with your friends here’s it really does mean the world to me and I love seeing your comments they always make my day so thank you so much I will see you in the next one have an amazing day.