How To Make Keto Ice Cream in a Mason Jar

If you’re following the ketogenic diet and looking for an easy way to spice up your meals, look no further than these individual servings of delicious ice cream.  How To Make Keto Ice Cream in a Mason Jar Making your own keto ice cream is very easy, and just takes a few minutes to… Read More »

Do Collagen Supplements Work?

 Do I have to take collagen on an empty stomach? Dietary supplement, Vitamin, Food, Collagen, Skin care, Vitamin C, Diet (nutrition), Vitamin A. Food and drink, Health, Nutrition, Foods, Determinants of health, Protein, Bodybuilding supplement, Biology, Retinol, Meat, Skin, Tendon, Amino acid, Natural products. You don’t need to take it on an empty stomach,… Read More »

Pork Rinds on a Diet *Chicharrones*

 Chicharrones NOTES: What are pork rinds or Chicharones? Pig skin that is fried or roasted. Pork rinds are super low in carbs, making them a great alternative to traditional high carb snacks, such as chips or popcorn. The pros of pork rinds are that they are high in fat (great for a low carb… Read More »

What Does Kimchi Taste Like? (All You Need to Know)

 Kimchi Notes: Kimchi is made typically by fermenting cabbage at low temperatures. Kimchi (and most fermented foods) have many known benefits. Fermented vegetables are in many ways more nutritious than their un-fermented counterparts. Kimchi is safe to eat for for generally everyone- except if you’re allergic to one of the ingredients. Side effects of… Read More »

Learn How To Make Coconut Flakes at Home

 Coconut flakes are a great sweet-treat to eat as a snack on a diet, or any other time! You can purchase pre-made coconut flakes from the store, or make them at home with recipes using fresh coconut. I typically keep a bag of dried coconut chips with me to eat in between meals if… Read More »

Following Along With This 20 Minute Home Workout (No Equipment)

 The Family is still sleeping and you need to get a quiet workout done at home without equipment. This is the workout for you! No Noise Home Workout Jumping jack, Crunch (exercise), Push-up, Anatomical terms of motion, Thorax, Human back, Squat (exercise), Burpee (exercise). Home Workout for Women Without Equipment If you are busy,… Read More »

How To Get More Energy

 Your 8- step strategy to gaining more energy from the time you wake up until your head hits the pillow at night. Boost Energy | Why Am I Always Tired | How To Get More Energy Laughter,Water,Determinants of health,Food and drink,Health,Caffeine,Sleep,Drink,Nutrition. Food,Exercise,Power nap,Soft drink,Lunch,Nap,Carbohydrate,Coffee,Fat,Energy,Malnutrition,Brain,Milk,Housekeeping,Public health,Mood (psychology),Relaxation (psychology). It is not the ideal thought to… Read More »

Can You Eat Sushi On A Diet?

 Check this out as well: The 3 sacred medicinal mushrooms used for centuries as “food for the brain and body”. Healthy Sushi Choices: Dining Debunked! Mind Over Munch Sushi, Food, Eating behaviors of humans, Food and drink preparation, Cooking, Cuisine, Foods, Food and drink, Dieting. Asian cuisine, Carbohydrate. Health, Vegetable, Healthy diet, Nutrition, Salad,… Read More »