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Ways To Lose Weight Fast- Healthy Sides Edition

 Another Edition of Foods to Lose Weight Fast It’s time to celebrate summer with some healthier sides than you normally see at parties. We’re making sure you get enough of the low carb cruciferous vegetables along with prebiotics and probiotics for gut health. Video […]

Tips On Losing Weight- Low Calorie Drinks

The Best Beverages to Stay in the Fat Burning Zone As you probably know by now- the biggest factor in burning body fat taking in less calories than you’re burning over a certain period of time. If you’re used to drinking high calorie beverages like […]

Diet Cocktails Video Guide

Best Alcohol to Drink on a Diet

One of the biggest questions we get revolved around what kind of alcohol drinks are best when you’re trying to maintain your weight or are on a diet and want to lose weight?

Video Transcript

By travelpod for west side and we’re learning new ways to use mustard fakemon unexpected ways p.rhet you are the master mustard sunday and today since you know we’re coming on to holiday suits and right and there’s a lot of gender card is going on picnics and so forth what we have here is we’re making a drink today we are so we’re actually doing one of my favorite combinations where we are making a fabulous bloody mary brunch so this is it this is a virtue in bloody mary this we’re phil know that hot pen home with you a light but this is a very simple combination it is a tomato juice our fantastic horseradish mustard which adds a great peppery going to flavor and a really nice texture to the drank from a little Tabasco a little song and then we also have our wonderful cornichons to top along great and you can buy these parts from in the stores yeah at the canvas is a classic variety and this is wonderful because what we’re part of it it may of what you have the hostess if you have to do love this drink absolutely lasted for any brunch at home as well so these are some pasta everything it’s very very simple and very healthy too I have the tomato juice which is filled with inviting ANC and then of course the whole version phytonutrients of the mustard and the mustard also doesn’t really add that many more calories work that at all to the German very low calorie very low in fat and can you show us how to do it Iran absolutely so we’ve already pre poured our tomato juice into here so what I’m going to do is I’m gonna pick up what would be my favorite which is the horseradish and reach and add a few few dollops of that so I usually do this to taste my Bennett um I’m gonna kind of figure out how much I would like to add but at home you can certainly do this to take you a little more edge you forgot three there I did yeah about three spoonfuls of since we’re also adding Tabasco you don’t want it to be too hon but you can add as much or as little as you prefer rich so let’s just do a little bit a little bit of mixing okay this deviant’s and work the work the mustard away in there and that’s okay because it is everything according to tease the one thing absolutely yeah and it will it will the texture will break up into the to the dream and the beauty with China boozing and French cuisine isn’t it is packaged sometimes recipes are going to go according to the taste of absolutely and there are people were very sensitive pallets and that is what you use a little bit less also depending on how much mom you might want to use exactly we have to team two it counts nvidia all as well so a little basket and then we’re going to do just a dash of some freshly ground pepper great a dash of salt too much stir it again the computer for that books the colors just just know it is gorgeous see and wow perfect virgins like Mary courtesy of mine that means beautiful okay so let’s try it out for a day so let me let me pour yours and then gonna add a little bit of the cornichons right and should sit shield yes look how beautiful that looks look at that and it’s for that’s a gorgeous very savory what would you serve what I would actually serve is I would do a wonderful classic keep soaring totally read my review I would do a classic quiche Lorraine and I would add perhaps a little bit of what my favorite breakfast monster it is which is sun-dried tomato nestled at chili pepper great combination for any egg dish great you keep sorry just to kind of give it a slightly different flavor and tons but that would be a perfect accompaniment wow this is great thank you so much thank you back with adaptive audio absolutely we got another great seasonal product just in time for the holidays at the mustard on tech bar what do we have so we have a wonderful Shipley white wine and black truffle mustard Oh perfect item for holiday fantastic for a hostess gift and very very versatile it’s a very rich very decadent mustard and equally well with a steak mashed potatoes were a very simple idea for nerder’ just a piece of prosciutto a piece of Brie a little bit of the truffle you roll it up and you slice it and you have a perfect easy order that’s amazing and we’re truffles you can’t go wrong because it’s something that everyone loves and also foodies love so it’s just one of those essences that are so classic and then everyone would appreciate whether it be in a hostess gift or for your own dinner parties just a highlight of any board that you would make and we totally aromatics of it yeah i know i think i did put it with a couple of my nose hits home attic I put it on my nose this is fantastic hmm delicious great by travelpod member bye.

Diet Cocktails Video Guide

Best Vegetables for Dieting Series- Artichokes

Vegetables are a Godsend when it comes to losing weight. Dieters can rejoice when they find some low-carb, high fiber and tasty vegetable recipes because it makes the weight loss process so much easier. No cravings, no hunger. You can focus on enjoying life instead […]

Low Carb Vegetables- Healthy Cooking with Swiss Chard

Vegetables for a Low Carb Diet Swiss chard is a healthy delicious seasonal leafy green when you’re dieting. Packed with Vitamins A and C, and loaded with Fiber. A great side to to your main protein on a low carb diet. Video Transcript I’m going […]

Weight Loss Recipes: Tomato Sauce Edition

You’re often told to lay off the tomato sauce when you’re on a diet. But, sometimes if you do it just right, you can have this delicious sauce without all the guilt. Here’s another great video from the weight loss recipes series.

Video Transcript

I will show you how and I’ll show you how to do it all in style this is living an Italian Arella registered dietitian and I’m going to show you how to cook Italian style in your new york city apartment today is going to be super fun because we’re going to make a basic staple that’s going to be super super easy full of healthy vitamins and you’re going to happen in your refrigerator at all times because it’s very versatile and I’m going to show you what to do with it we’re going to make a marinara sauce look at these beautiful tomatoes that we have okay so it is the fall so we’re going to start the tomato harvest so as a girl we would and my mother my sisters we would get together and we would do a tomato harvest around September we would jar our own tomatoes which is actually really quite easy and you can do that on your own and you can see one of my other videos on drawing tomatoes as well but if you don’t have those Tomatoes jar you can very very easily fly some tomatoes in a can now I don’t mean to meet a sauce okay because that was a lot of different additives in it but I’m talking about just crushed can’t fresh tomatoes and the reason i prefer crushed rather than just you know spoon of tomato sauce is because it gives it more of a texture in the sauce it gives it more of that pulping natural feel so you can go ahead and open up your can and if you get some mehsana tomatoes which are right off the slope of the Vesuvius and Naples there are a lot healthier because they’re in the soil of the Vesuvius those tomatoes are grown but they’re kind of expensive so you can definitely use a regular and tomato and it’s the same vitamin content as you crushing your own tomatoes as well so you’re not losing out on that so the first thing we’re going to do is set that aside for a second we’re going to start our pan and the reason I want you to make this sauce and have it in your fridge at all times is basically you can definitely make pasta with it but the other things you can do is you can also start to kind of stew some of your proteins in it like chicken as well you can make a nice cacciatore with this sauce as a base using chicken hand or beef which I’ll show you some of those recipes later but for now you can also just start here and add a little bit of olive oil at the end of the pan there now the recipes differ on how to do this but I’m going to do in my mother’s way and I’m going to get some crushed garlic and you can crush your own garlic of course but this is also just as easy to just a simple for visiting New York urban wants to do this very quickly put as much garlic as you want again we Italians don’t do everything to achieve when it comes to ingredients we just go ahead and put will be what I like a lot of chunky garlic in line marinara sauce so it kind of shows through the sauce so I got into but that is and a little bit of sea salt of course and then what we can do is we can cut up some fresh onions I’m not going to do that today I’m going to keep it simple sometimes also I cut up some fresh fennel and I put it in the sauce as well but that we’re going to stay for another time we’re going to stick to the basics today so here we are we’re just going to have that kind of like you work around itself or just a little bit fairly high lights of energy no in line there are no results even though technically it shouldn’t be in the end per se but I do like it just keep it a little bit more the kick it’s not exactly spicy but it’s just a bit hotter now after that’s going for a little bit more just left the flavors absorb each other you want to go ahead and splash this gorgeous red color of tomato right in there right just you watch the splatter go slow because I’ve done this many times and sometimes the splatter can release really like a horror movie in here so we’re going to go ahead and just kind of stir that and we’re going to lower the heat to kind of blow to where it’s just going to simmer and take its time but just kind of like you know just kind of stew and students do and make a nice sauce so this is a really really really slow cook over time now again this can also be the basis of what we know as our Sunday sauce and you can go ahead and put the meatballs in this and we can put different needs in there to stew slow cooked so this would be the beginnings of that but I’ll show you that on another time so here again we’re going to go ahead and just have this cook literally no more than 10 to 15 minutes then you can wrap this up and keep it in your refrigerator for seven days and it won’t go bad and every time you’re making some vegetables you can parmigiana your vegetables and what do I mean by that parmesan that includes the marinara sauce and some parmigiano-reggiano cheese over top of it just like an eggplant parmigiana but what I’m asking you to do is you can parmigiana the rest of your vegetables to you can do broccoli parmigiana or Brussels sprout parmigiana even cauliflower parmigiana which is actually delicious so you can keep this as a staple in your refrigerator so that you can do all of those recipes with going to go ahead and look at how beautiful that is you see the change of garlic and from the tomato as a matter of fact if you want to grab it tomato to make the sauce even extra chunky as you don’t know some great ideas just thought of this right I’m going to go ahead and just how fresh tomato in it so it’s even chunkier you can get plump Tomatoes vine tomatoes and again you get your hands listen song matzo no tomatoes you’re even luckier so we’re going to go to chop those really quickly you don’t have to worry a rough chop right we do peasant food in Italy so things don’t have to be perfect and Martha feel it like okay so it’s going to be really easy I get already in here and that’s okay so we’re going to head just chop those up and it’s going to give that sauce even more and more chunky texture and go on now at the end as this is finishing up and about 10 to 15 minutes have gone by you can go ahead and taste it and see if you feel like it takes a little bit more salt in there I think that would be good sea salt and a little bit more olive oil as well I can see that go in there and as a matter of fact I’m going to throw an even more garlic there we go so super chunky chunky chunky now in our sights now right before you’re taking it off the stove is when you hit it with some beautiful fresh basil just right off the top you don’t want the salt the basil to cook in the sauce you just wanted to give it its a room give it its fragrance so you just top this off just like that you give it click that’s gorgeous you give that a quick stir and then take it off the heat just like now we’re going to get a spoon here and you’re going to see how gorgeous this is and I have just some pasta already here just so that you can see what it’s going to look like and how chunky it’s going to walk there we are that’s beautiful and that is just a classic marinara sauce that’s very versatile tool for you to have and you can see those chips in there and of course I’m going to hit it with some parmigiano-reggiano as well and good quality there we are and we’ve done it we’ve made a mess when we made a delicious.

Weight Loss Snacking- Probiotic Edition

In my early years I hadn’t heard much about probiotics, but as the years went on, more and more studies have come out showing their an absolute necessity of you want to be healthy and especially if you want to lose weight. Video Transcript I’m […]

Dieting To Lose Weight- Brussels Sprouts Edition

Ok, so here’s a funny one for me because since the time I was young I’ve always hated Brussels Sprouts. They smelled funny, tasted bitter and I had no interest. Until a friend had me try a delicious recipe- and I was hooked. Video Transcript […]

The Secret Ingredient To Make Your Salads Delicious and Healthy

I’m a huge fan of green salads- and any type of salad for that matter. They’re fresh, alkalizing, filling and full of fiber and vegetables. They come in handy when on a diet to cut cravings. Here’s a secret ingredient to low carb deliciousness.

Video Transcript

I’d like to show you how some very simple ingredients can really change a Nutrition content of your recipes and also add a lot of flavor so today we’re going to talk about the lemon and if you’ve been to the Amalfi Coast and southern Italy where I’m from you will see that gorgeous gorgeous tetona and lemons really dot the entire countryside and they use a lot of the lemons in their recipes for different things they also use it for perfumes and to make their very very famously on cello with which is a limited in court so what we also can do with lemons is that we could use it in our recipes to live in and freshen up all of the recipes while adding I really have to go so vitamin C also the beautiful part of the lemon is that it contains the citric acid and this citric acid from a food science perspective a lot of benefits as well and actually stops oxidation in a lot of different fruits for example if you squeeze a bit of this on a pair or on Apple’s it stops the Browning process so if you’re giving a great dinner party and need to have a cheese plate with some slices of apples definitely squeeze some lemon juice on it and it’ll stop the oxidation the same thing goes for guacamole or avocado to stop that browning process you want to squeeze some lemon juice over it and it will not only at the flavor but keep it nice and rain the other thing that it does is we know the citric acid and vitamin C has a propensity to increase iron absorption so every single time that you are having an iron rich meal for example need or steak or lamb or a leafy green that has iron where you can do is you can create a salad dressing with lemon and just squeeze it over either the meat or the leafy green and this will enhance the iron absorption from that food so this is a great tip if you are feeling a little tired and feel like perhaps you’re a little iron deficient is use your lemon it has a freshness and it’s very simple.

Diet Salad Dressing Recipe- Light and Delicious!

Video Transcript I’m going to show you today how to make a very very basic Italian salad dressing that my mother dressed all of her salads with very very simple three ingredients full of vitamin C and amazing so what we’re going to do is […]