Pregnancy and Exercising

By | February 6, 2020

All women who have gone through pregnancy can attest to the mentality change surrounding exercising. In most cases, women stop exercising due to a lack of knowledge or due to the formation of new lazy habits. Being unaware of the benefits that exercising has on your mind and body is something all women should be aware of. After you read this, I want you all to get off your butts and get active. BENEFITS OF RUNNING AS AN EXERCISE PROGRAM.

First and foremost, during pregnancy, your energy levels will go up and down like a roller coaster, and exercising will give you that boost you need. There will be some days where you cannot bear to get out of bed and continue with your daily activities, some of which may be physically demanding.

Exercising will strengthen your cardiovascular system, so you don’t have to get winded while walking up the stairs or doing household chores. Strengthening and developing your muscles will help you get through your daily routine, without exerting a high amount of energy.

Exercising does not only help your body to get through the day, but it also helps get you through the night. Sleeping during pregnancy may be very un-commutable at times. You will find you wake up more often and are unable to get a long deep sleep. Now we all know we need as much sleep as we can get before the baby is born, and exercising makes that easier for you. The more energy you exert during the day pays off, as you will tire out by day’s end, and be able to sleep and be comfortable. HOW TO ADD SIMPLE EXERCISES TO YOUR DAILY LIFE (YOU HAVEN’T THOUGHT OF THESE BEFORE).

Now that we have discussed the importance of exercising and sleep, the next discomfort many women go through during pregnancy is the trials and tribulations of those nasty aches and pains. Exercising will strengthen your muscles, which enable you to recover faster. That, along with regular stretching, will make those aches and pains a non-issue. Stretches ease back pain, and prevent your muscles from tightening up.

  • Swimming is a great exercise to strengthen your core muscles as well as get some low impact cardio. Walking will improve circulation, provide a source of cardio, and keep you active. There are many other exercises; however, the three stated above are a great base to build upon.
  • Aches and pains are not only preventable by exercising, but exercising also makes the aches and pains during delivery a lot less intensive. Its common sense that a healthy body can withstand more pain and recover at a better rate, then a body that is unhealthy.
  • During childbirth, you will need stamina, focus, determination, your lungs, and all the muscles in your body to be working hard. All those stretches and exercises you have done during pregnancy will immensely speed up your recovery rate. 5 FUN EXERCISES FOR FLAT, TONED ABS.
  • Now giving birth is the first hurdle, but recovering from child labor is the next challenge, raising your child and raising your emotional well being. Most women, who go through childbirth, feel a sense of postpartum depression and anxiety, after labor.
  • This is understandable; however, it is preventable. Proper diet and exercise will help you overcome these emotions, which may be overwhelming at times. While exercising, the levels of serotonin in your brain rise. Serotonin is responsible for controlling your mood, which exercising will put in better spirits.
  • Not only will exercising help you cope with post-birth emotions, but it will also lift your spirits by improving your self-image. After birth, you will have an excess of body fat, and with exercising, you will see those numbers drop. Your body will be in better shape inside and out. Staying active from the start will get you on track to improving your body for the rest of your days. 12 WEEK BEGINNER’S EXERCISE PROGRAM.

Childbirth is a process that takes a toll not only on your body but on your mental state. Exercising helps your body recover from post child labor and increases mental stability. Postpartum depression and other mood-related feelings will be affected by exercising. A fit body will get you through child labor. Exercising from the start of pregnancy will get you closer to your ideal physique, so get off your butts and get active!