Quick Meals To Lose Weight

Keeping up with the theme of eating tasty foods in order to keep track on your diet, this video covers some quick meals you can make for lunch or dinner if you’re on the move a lot.

Video Transcript

I grew up in Italy and watched my band and mother getting dressed to go to the market in a cookie field they chose fresh seasonal ingredients and for all the ingredients to make the meal as a registered dietitian I know that true Italian food is the healthiest but I also know is how they lived and how they eat their food too how can the big in your curl is an Italian I will show you how and I’ll show you how to get all in style this is living in Italian your elephant purity and today we’re cooking Italian style again and we’re doing it healthy I bet you everyone is really familiar with the delicious breads of southern Italy very very crusty peasant bread filled with olives and just absolutely delicious but Italy also have a number of other different types of bread one being apparently which is famous and enabled and also what we’re going to work be working with today called Street daily now these pieces are very dry bread and it feels like it’s still because they’re dried out and this actually comes down from the old fisherman who used to be out to sea and they used to take the bread and put it out into the sun to to drive so that when they would put their ingredients over this it would actually absorb all the flavors of the ingredients which is what we’re going to do today here are some common uses for this one of the things I like to do is others put this on the bottom of a zoom box if I’m going to make clams or mussels and I have that broth that new spot to go with it I put it on the bottom of the plate and pour it over so it takes up all the juices of the clams today we’re going to do a very light chain up dinner that is very popular in southern Italy and we’re going to add a couple of you to make this kind of either vegetarian or savory retailer the first thing we’re going to do is to cut up some plum tomatoes and these are full of lycopene provide an escape and which are actually going to be activated by our olive oil and I’m going to put this in a little bowl with it you squeeze out some of the water there and put it in our Bowl and we’re going to go ahead and also add some parsley and as we chopped it partially all the juices and and guns are going to be activated so the enzymes will be very very active in this dish as well as vitamin A and vitamin a little bit of calcium so we’re going to go ahead and put that in their way back and we’re going to cut up a little bit of a lemon which is actually going to help the affection of all the vitamins in the tomatoes and the parsley and also cute that parsley or any green you use very very brightly so it doesn’t oxidize are going to go ahead and except in now the other thing we’re going to do is we’re going to do a very classic doctors inlet for the evening and we’re going to put some buckle all in there also when you can do it’s really great quality Sicilian tuna and which is very chunky a very flavorful not like the American China and put it in a sweet day to let their lips go ahead and do that with this put some nice chunk in there and we’re going to go ahead and add a little bit of chickpeas as well this is this gives it a very southern italian sicilian flavor with a lot of the chickens go along here you can actually wrote them ahead of time to increase the flavor of them and i just put them in this amazing salad so we’re going to go ahead and just mix it up our hands that’s the way you do with peasants died recharging pile okay together we’re going to add this beautiful present in it and it is whole grain we’re going to put this down here and I’m going to get our salad make sure you filled with chickpeas the fresh tomatoes and the bottle out easily be substituted for ditching our and we’re going to go ahead and just put it right around our fist in today okay now I between the phone this is very very dense and chorus bread is actually kicking in all of the flavors that we just added here now what I’m going to do for a final gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous presentation is i’m going to add good quality extra virgin olive oil and I’m going to pour generously over this because it will structure eight there we are and what we have is an amazing evening flight listen live. quick meals lose weight
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