Quick Weight Loss Diets- Seafood Edition

I’m a big fan of getting plenty of seafood in your diet- a great source of micro nutrients and Omega-3 fatty acids. They also pack a great punch of protein, which keeps you feeling full for a longer period of time, and in turn avoids cravings.

Video Transcript

I grew up in Italy and watch my hand and mother getting dressed to go to the market in the cookies meals they chose fresh season group and brought on ingredient to make them real as a registered dietitian I know that true Italian food is the healthiest but I also know how to lived and how they ate their food too how can a busy New Yorker live in Italian I will show you how and I will show you how to put it all in style this is living in a challenge Arella neighbor cooking Italian style and really love fresh fish Italy so today before to make it really healthy easy easy easy easy 3-ingredient shrimp dish you can actually do this in the boiler the way that we’re doing it today but in the summertime accomplice skewer this with the same ingredient to put it on the grill so what we down here it’s got these beautiful jumbo shrimp we left the shelves on because we want to go to the juices and the flavors as they cook and we butterflies each of them which is just splitting them down the middle now we’re going to go ahead and get these gorgeous jumbo shrimp and we’re going to put it in the flat Bowl and what we’re going to do is use three main ingredients these are super fresh the shirt of course we’re going to dax’s and extra virgin olive oil really really good high quality and then we’re going to add a course of literacy back to it now ninis secret ingredient here is a base to user name this is Justine’s favorite shrimp so this is an ode to her and she came up with this idea to give it an extra spicy kick it’s not exactly an Italian ingredient but it is delicious so we’re going to go ahead and really generously go ahead and put it on and you can kind of do this there makes it make sure that every morsel every little crook and nook and cranny of this shrimp is filled with this base evening because it is going to have an amazing pic later you can actually dip this into a sour cream and avocado dip too if you like later and it is a great party favor that you can go ahead and stand next step is your handsome ensure they are thoroughly mixed and going to get this little boiler guy right here and I’ve got you didn’t have to know that you have this is a sterilizing and we’re going to go lay them out evenly so that each can cook individually and see you leave and this is going to be really really fast because we’re going to put the oven on we’re going to put in the top layer of the broiler and it’s going to be a 525 for one minute then you’re going to flip them for another minute and they’re going to be nice and juicy and crispy at the same time so I lay them all out be busy on this spoiler like that and i’m going to go ahead and keep the remaining juice if you’re don’t waste any little bit at all and just go ahead and drizzle it over the rest now if you feel like you need a little bit more so I had feel free there we are and we’re going to go to test these right into the oven and they’re going to delicious alright our shrimp is out of the boylan look how beautiful that is aren’t they beautiful so so what we’re going to do is we’re just going to put on our boards you can serve these any way you’d like their best herbs really really warm as soon as you walk out you can actually just put them on a board and have everyone happen as an under or just leave them on the table I’m going to go and set them out look at this beautiful butterfly the shape is that create very very pretty just kind of stand up on the room if you are just absolutely delicious juicy Christy succulent to be honest I would be Michelle too I know most people don’t but I do alright then go ahead and set these down it play it’s like die and i’m going to add some lemon to the board because lemon and seafood emotion-focused ok and I’m going to put some crusty bread on with it to add some parsley for color and extra aroma and beautiful shrimp dish there we are our base season feisty shrimp. Quick Weight Loss Diets
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