Reasons to Avoid Holiday Dieting

While we all can probably agree that fruit cake is not a pleasant or well received holiday treat, there are many holiday treats we can not do without during Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year’s holiday season; from ginger bread cookies and cakes to cranberry sauces and mashed potatoes.

For dieters, this is a frustrating time of year; often a time when dieting plans and weight control takes a back seat next to the fruit cake. When considering a diet weight control program, there are a variety of options available to the consumer.

Dieting During the Holidays

However, beginning a dieting program during the holiday season, extending from Thanksgiving through Christmas and on to New Year’s, is not highly recommended due to the variety of dieting social, emotional and physical factors which conflict with the holiday events.

For many dieters, there is a social and emotional element to weight control and food. With the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, many individuals find they frequenting social setting increases more than any other time of the year.

Temptations of Food

For this reason, exposure to food will be proliferate. As an individual considering a dieting program with metabolism boosters, the temptations of food, in a social setting, are quite often so great that any dieting or weight control program is most likely going to fail.

For everyone, turning down offers for holiday dinner and home baked treats is difficult during this time of year. For this reason, from a social aspect, dieting is not recommended during the holiday season.

Here’s a little trick I use when I can’t say no to carbs.

Holiday Stress

In terms of emotional health, dieting requires emotional well being with focus, drive and motivation. With many individuals suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD or the holiday blues, food becomes an outlet to deal with holiday emotional stress and distress.

While dieting may seem like the most beneficial process to controlling holiday blues, many individuals, because of the holiday stress, will simply not stick to a dieting or weight loss routine and, therefore, fail at the dieting program and become unmotivated.


The key to successful dieting lies in motivation and timing your carbs diet. Finding a time in one’s life to focus on personal health through exercise and diet. As the holiday season passes, individuals seeking to lose weight should, instead, focus on simply maintaining current weight so as to not add on extra pounds.

Through focus on simple weight management, during the holiday season, the dieter can pass through the New Year and become a weight loss program as the holiday season passes. In doing so, the weight loss program selected will, in most cases, offer a great opportunity for success.