Making Recipes by Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

Today I’m only going to be making recipes by Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. I actually couldn’t believe it to find that my local supermarket didn’t have a huge variety of vegan cookies, so I’m actually gonna be using this once. I’ve tasted them, as you can see, and they’re freaking delicious. My only issue is that the ingredients are very specifically local, so if you live elsewhere they may be tough to find.

Recipes by Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

Video Transcript

Vegan cooking- while this should be interesting I’m so freakin excited for today’s video because for the whole of today I’m only going to be making recipes by Ellen DeGeneres and actually by Portia de Rossi and actually by Roberto Martin the personal chef of Ellen DeGeneres I freaking love Ellen she’s basically my generations Oprah even though this might trigger a lot of older people I love weight loss foods, I’m not biased I will enjoy it as much as I will enjoy neat food like there’s no difference for me so excited to give it a try right in the cover it says forward by Portia de Rossi and afterward by Ellen DeGeneres we also got multiple pictures of Elle and throughout the book can we talk about the fact that she looks younger than me the recipes look incredible but my only issue the ingredients are very specifically American like you can’t really find this anywhere else so we’re basically gonna have to replace a lot of ingredients because I don’t live in America and this will be a very difficult book to follow I’m gonna give it my best and I freakin love my Queens so I’m excited to try this because it’s 1 p.m. right now I think we should start with like a low carb breakfast slash lunch recipe because I haven’t eaten anything to tie yet we are living it up in here because we’re gonna attempt to make some vegan how to lose weight yes we’re gonna start straight up with the most difficult recipe to type when the trashiest youtuber you know is making caviar you know it’s gonna be a good video I think the first thing we’re gonna do is make the vegan sour cream which is basically mayo and meso paste we’re gonna give the vegan Mayo a quick shake Taylor Swift just waiting I think you said 4 tablespoons of vegan Mayo. Oh that’s what weirdly liquid if mr. face is anything like Miss OH soup it’s prolly delicious I’ve got no idea why I bought so much paste because I only need a little bit if any of you guys is as in culture as me you’ve probably never seen me so paste as well so I reckon we should add a little bit more menu I mean I’m pretty happy with this so I’m gonna go and transfer this to the fridge and let’s move on to the next step I’m pretty sure we should be using Beluga lentils or whatever you pronounce that but I couldn’t find it also he says that we should cook them for 20 minutes and I’m using some lentils in a can we’re also gonna use some capers ooh this lentils come tim camera just freakin focus me or never exam I ever took in school that’s basically like soup mine are gonna look so gross in comparison to Ellen’s shafts ones and then we need some capers a little weird but he also says we should add some of the juice from the capers incredible work oh no why can’t I do anything right honestly I don’t really have anything that I can drain it with so I’m just gonna put it on top of this and hope that it works that’s kind of a small amount of water to be drained but it is looking a lot drier so I’m gonna say this was a success now for the most difficult part we’re gonna make the Bellini which is the bread of the caviar sandwich just call this a casual sandwich I need to be stopped can you be using some of this buckwheat flour this was a very expensive and I had to get it from Whole Foods that’s probably good actually a little more so we got the buckwheat flour we also so that’s a normal flour as well so we also Need two teaspoons of baking powder we’re baking free pluggy there’s not a star in heaven that we can’t breathe you think that’s good also Zac Effron is quaking we also need some vegan butter 3 tablespoons is probably the right Oh more I think wow just when you think I can’t get any worse we’re using some help almond milk because I’m hipster like that how do I put this so basically after reading the recipe with a little more attention which doesn’t happen very often I realize that this is supposed to be a banner it’s basically supposed to be liquid not like a dough let’s go all out getting fancy here definitely tougher than I initially thought also what I would say about my life so far definitely still a little on the lumpy side but my arms really hurt and I’m gonna move to the next step I’m gonna spray this with some olive oil vegan spray how do you know if it’s ready oh I guess it is ready okay no seriously I had one job these look terrible I am so frickin disappointed in myself as if this is what I came up with I’m sorry in advance because this knife is really bad ooh that smells really nice though we’re gonna start with the Mayo and kind of looking at the picture to try to make you look as pretty on this side we’ve got the vegan caviar that is made by the ellen degeneres personal chef and on this side right here we’ve got the caviar the vegan caviar that we made this is definitely the worst looking one in a long time this is what you swipe one tender and this is what comes to meet you on a first date it does smell good so I’m kind of excited to at least give it a try Wow I can’t I freaking suck they’re following this recipe because there’s no way that Ellen DeGeneres eats theirs I definitely like mess up somewhere in here personally this is one of the worst things I’ve ever eaten he just stays like dirt weirdly the bread on the bottom is kind of the best part you guys are definitely better at cooking than me so I’m gonna say still give this a try because you might actually like it and you might actually do a good job but I hated those it comes down to I’m too trashy to enjoy the nice things in life I know they look terrible but these are actually good and that is exactly how much I loved lunch so we’ve got no time to lose so we’re gonna go straight to afternoon snack and for afternoon snack we’re gonna be making some chocolate chip magic bars how amazing to these look guys immediately we start with two cups of graham cracker crumbs that I actually couldn’t find my local supermarket didn’t have a huge variety of vegan cookies so I’m actually gonna be using this once and I’ve tasted them as you can see and they’re freaking delicious but what good that Would sound perfectly and he doesn’t make them much of a mess and my mom said I would fail in life what I’m gonna do now is melt the butter in the microwave for about 30 seconds so now we pour it on top hopefully this is gonna be enough I should definitely be using a smaller trying maybe I should only do half of it the next step is to cover the bar with some vegan sweetened condensed milk which I couldn’t find I actually did my research and I found out that actually you can make vegan condensed milk quite easy you put some almond or some coconut milk with some sugar and you boil it until it becomes like this fake condensed milk mixture except you might actually take up to like 3 hours just cooking and we don’t have time for that so instead we’re gonna be using some golden syrup and just mixing it with some almond milk this is like a trashy person version of vegan food these are such a weird liquids to mix together it kind of reminds me of one of those satisfying Instagram videos something is happening also anyone who minimally understands about cooking is probably crying as I try to make some vegan condensed milk with syrup I don’t think this is going anywhere guys I’m gonna just give up then we’re gonna add some of the coconut now vegan chocolate is fancy but can we talk about the fact that actually did a good job of cutting something for once obviously it’s chocolate you know where my priorities are and now we add the toppings and now we’re gonna cook these in the oven for about 25 minutes and hopefully it’s still gonna look good after because I’m not mad at this I’ve got no here what’s going on there was 15 minutes left on the clock and it just started to smell like something was burning so I got it out of the oven and this is what it looks like I can’t even say that this might is good with the serious face I am blindly optimistic so I’m still gonna cut into it it’s so soft there’s no way this is ever gonna work I can’t believe I’m actually doing this but on this side we’ve got the chocolate chip magic bars on this side we’ve got this these are just tragic I thought I was gonna make something delicious for one splat me-mow following a recipe or measurements or anything also me getting disappointed that I didn’t work out oh my god this it’s actually good I shook it and these actually taste good it doesn’t taste like burnt weirdly also I would never guess this is vegan I am as surprised as you are it tasted good and for dinner guys were getting very ambitious here because we’re gonna attempt to make some tofu egg salad we’re actually using some organic tofu Ellen DeGeneres would be proud today’s we’re gonna have the tofu [Music] this is cooked and I think this is supposed to be like the egg in our egg salad recipe says to add some dill pickles and small chunks but I actually bought this that is kind of like a relish slash dill pickle mixture so we’re just adding that okay so now We’re adding some of those chives that we used earlier I’m also gonna slice some celery so I’m just gonna add that as well the recipe says we should add some minced garlic but because it’s not gonna be cooked I think that’s kind of weird so instead I’m gonna be using some garlic powder that’s just your preference you know to turn this into egg salad we need to add some liquid ingredients so we’re gonna go with some vegan Mayo and also a little bit of mustard and that’s basically all the ingredients make ellen degeneres egg salad so we’re gonna mix it up now I think they smell nicer than a normal known vegan egg salad it smells really good even though we might not look amazing on camera so we’re gonna fill up this little pocket with some of the egg salad and also two slices of tomato I’m gonna start with one slice of tomato and then another one and then we’re gonna fill it up with our egg mixture why does he not look pretty yeah that’s not too bad on this side we’ve got ellen degeneres vegan tofu egg salad and on this side we’ve got my vegan egg salad actually that looks a lot better on camera than it does in real life in real life it kind of looks like a cat just vomited on a pita bread I think they just use a much bigger pita bread but the egg mixture doesn’t look that different I mean I’m still excited to give it a try so here we got our vegan egg salad I just realized in this video they’re making vegan food not only is expensive it’s stressful because you can never find exactly the same ingredients that the recipe is asking for and then it’s very difficult to actually make it but when it doesn’t go well I suppose it tastes amazing and it is healthy that is officially the best recipe that we’ve made today and also only one of the best vegan foods that I’ve cooked in my videos I think next week we should make a video trying Oprah’s recipe so if you wonder watch that let’s get this video to 10,000 likes that might be better than normal egg salad it’s seriously amazing and that was it for this video guys I really hope you guys enjoyed it like I said I freaking love Ellen DeGeneres so I hope this video doesn’t upset anyone even though it seems like no matter what I do in my channel it always upset some people but if you did like it please don’t forget to give it a like only if you liked it if you didn’t honestly don’t bother I love you guys please don’t forget to subscribe and switch my notifications on if you’re watching this on mobile all you have to do is press that Bell and every time I put up in your video you will receive a notification I think that’s it I love you and I will see you on my next video.