Results So Far After An 80 Hour Dry Fast- Journal

By | October 30, 2019

80 Hours of Dry Fasting Completed- Video Journal

newspaper - Results So Far After An 80 Hour Dry Fast- Journal

What Kind of Results Can You get From Fasting?

I’m checking back in on dates for my dry fast I actually got up this morning and drank some water so I hit 80 hours of dry fasting which is it’s not a record for me but I think it’s a good amount for me I think 72 hours which is three full days I got into the hotel last night around midnight and I actually had about two or three sips of water that’s all I could take believe it or not like your body starts to get into this real cleansing mode and as the runny nose I always get a runny nose a lot of times when I fast super deeply just clear runny nose that’s my body’s way of releasing stuff on the benefits of fasting so all of us have different ways of detoxing I’ve I felt pretty amazing during this whole fast sleeping really well like I said I got into San Diego last night around midnight slept eight full hours woke up feeling pretty refreshed then I decided to start having some liquid around our 80 and I’ve had the juice of a lemon with pretty much a whole quart of water now I’m sipping on some smooth move tea just to get things moving and it’s pretty freakin good after three days of nothing I was so thirsty at different times but I distracted myself a lot listened to a lot of Sanaa time car and devotional music on Spotify and book on tape about vulnerability by Pranay Brown so yeah it’s just this fast has been really good for me it’s been really like I’ve kind of gone really deep with in just my spiritual thoughts and meditations and feeling really internal and it’s just watching the fat burn off like literally my clothes are super loose I’ve lost I haven’t weighed myself today because I’m not at home but yesterday I had lost 8 pounds so by today I’m sure it’s 10 pounds or more so 10 pounds on three days. What are the benefits of intermittent fasting for women? not bad and a lot of it is fat I can see the fat has actually started to disappear off my body which is super exciting for me yes I know when I start drinking liquid some of that weight will come back but the key for me was of the dry fast was really getting into the yeast mold and fungus and really helping to burn that away and I really feel like that was happening because I started to itch a lot which is a sign of yeast and I knew it wasn’t anything I was doing because I wasn’t having anything sweet or anything that would stimulate a yeast reaction so sometimes on my tummy I’ll feel like itchy and itchy spot on my leg and so I know what that was from past Detox’s is that that was my the yeast kind of scrambling to stay alive I guess and so I was to incorporate intermittent fasting excited feeling like okay any yeast mold fungus is getting dried up so I’m going to continue to do these dry fast I think now I’m gonna get a mode where I do one 24 hours one or two days a week of dry fasting and then break it with the lemon juice. 6 simple ways to lose a little weight. Like I said breaking it with the juice of a lemon is really awesome because that lemon will go in and really cleanse out even more and the grape juice cleanse I’ve heard of the grape juice mixed with lemon juice it’s called the Master Cleanse system or something and I muscle tested myself last night and it was definitely a no on the grape juice because that feeds yeast fungus mold and Candida I’m sure they have a different theory about that but that did not feel right to me so I just did some lemon juice. How to follow liquid diets this morning which I had a whole bag of lemons in my carry-on it’s so funny because I had some from the cafe and I was like I’ll just travel with lemons so I’ll probably keep on the lemon juice today and water and kind of just stay on that so the fasting has been super awesome for me and I just wanted to share with you that if you’re thinking about doing a dry fast or even a water fast it’s really special it’s really it just takes you super deep into a place of healing and cleansing it’s not for everybody but I would recommend if you have any health challenges to really look into dry fasting benefits of eating apples more and maybe just entertain the idea of it and it’s only three days of your life or one day of your life here and there and the benefits you receive are so exponential and you know as I’m moving through the world yesterday because I was pretty much out with the general public just kind of interacting with people I’m like people have no idea that I’m like three days on dry fasting and I had a I met this guy at the airport because we were delayed and we just started chatting and he was this diet and exercise journal and we just got into this super deep philosophical talk and he’s like how’d your energy is so balanced and that’s kind of how I feel I’m this so calm and balanced like nothing stimulating me I just feel super at peace and happy I just wish you guys all the best in any fasting that you do I’m a fasting expert I’ve been doing fasting and cleansing for twenty years I did a three-month juice fast in nineteen or in 2010 so I know all about fasting symptoms and what happens and what comes up and the bliss and the joy that you experience as well as some of the suffering you experience but I’m just saying in this lifetime like we can experience a lot of stuff we can experience gorging ourselves and eating and drinking our way through life and you know that’s one way of living but how about trying something different something unique that most people are not willing to do they’re too scared or they’re too just addicted to their coffee all natural weight loss products and their food and all of their stimulants so that’s the message that I think I got that came through is you’re not gonna die you’re actually gonna feel more amazing look at me I mean I’ve been fasting for this day for at like 9 a.m. or 10 a.m. How can I control my weight without dieting? I started like back on Saturday night or Friday night at midnight so I’m doing really well and really happy and really joyful and really peaceful and I could keep going actually today we’re meeting with my family all my brothers and sisters and my parents I’m gonna have a Christmas dinner but I probably won’t be having much of that I’ll probably stay in my cleansing healing mode and just maybe have some keep having some lemon juice and maybe some greens used today because I just feel so good like I don’t I’m not ready to break it really meal prep for weight loss so I’ll just keep going and just see how my intuition tells me what it tells me to do and this is a great way for me to get through the holidays I love it like no indulging so anyway happy Christmas Happy New Year everybody and I will check back in at some point let you know how things are going and I’ll keep posting about fasting because I know a lot of you guys were interested in that and other things as well so if you are not following me on youtube go to my channel which is pur do I plan it and on Facebook it’s Elena love so depending on where you’re watching this video but please subscribe and follow and I’ll just keep posting videos thanks have a great one.

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