Diet Smoothie for Healthy Glowing Skin

Here’s a delicious, nutritious smoothie plus other amazing tips to get healthier skin. Did you know that to get glowing skin, you really need to get your diet on point? I don’t mean a weight loss diet, but your your daily intake- what you eat and drink throughout the day makes a huge difference in how you look and feel. Try it out.

Video Transcript

Hey I’m peer-led Carlo and I’m a registered dietitian and today we’re going to try to juggle which I can’t do but and we’re going to make a great smoothie that is going to enhance the glow of your skin so what we’re going to do is we’re going to start with it great probiotic kefir a low-fat plane the reason I take plane is because i’m going to add all of these other fresh gorgeous ingredients that companies flush your strawberries that we don’t really need any more sugar in our kefir so we’re going to go ahead and add this as a base and this provides a lot of probiotic gut microbiome activity which is really really conducive to how to lose weight and skin care if your gut is doing well if your digestive tract is doing well so will your skin then I’m going to go ahead and add my strawberries to this recipe you can use any berry that you want they have the highest content of antioxidants and vitamin C and I think that they’re amazing for your skin because the vitamin C is actually very very healing to your skin it’ll heal the pimples quicker it’ll heal scars quicker and anything else that may be bothering you skin regenerates itself about every 28 days so it’s best to have the highest amount of vitamins and minerals in your diet so I’m going to can repair itself properly so what we’re going to do also to this smoothie is not at a banana but add an avocado instead and the avocado is going to give it the omega-3s are really beneficial for your skin and give it that same Froch that a banana would so be nice and thick also the potassium of the magnesia on the other parts and greens of the avocado is also going to add to the nutrient content of this smoothie now we’re going to add some classically Italian ingredients to it which is basil we’re just going to add that right in there just to liven it up and make an Italian style and add some lemon juice another very very big lost 11 very very big ingredient in Italian cuisine and packed with vitamin C of course now I’m going to drop the section I’m just going to throw it perfect we’re going to top this baby on here and we’re going to go ahead and just gotta get a license to learn how to use this thing okay great so this is perfect I’m going to shake that up and it’s for just really the color smell with a basil the freshness of the lemon full of protein full of calcium vitamin D as well as the prebiotic the omega-3s from the avocado and the vitamin C from the berries and the fiber are you kidding me this is a superstar smoothie so go ahead and just add a little bit more basil off the top of it to make it super pretty and we’re going to go ahead and add this little strawberry and cheers Italian style.