The Ketogenic Diet or Intermittent Fasting? Which One Is Best?

By | February 22, 2020

Which Diet is Best for Today’s Aging Woman?

  • Creating a lifestyle that can be sustainable over time.
  • Which diet, or combination of the two diets do you think best fits into your lifestyle?
  • Quality nutrition and managing a healthy lifestyle.
  • Incorporating the basic concepts of the ketogenic diet.
  • Higher naturally-occurring fat, moderate to low amounts of protein, and a very conscious strategy.

The Ketogenic Diet or Intermittent Fasting Which One Is Best


Which Is Better- The Ketogenic Diet or Intermittent Fasting?▼

The ketogenic diet or intermittent fasting and which one is the best today. I want to answer that question the way I answer it when women come into my community or when I’m coaching women on how to create a lifestyle that will stick for them so if you’re new to my channel welcome please take a second to hit that subscribe button. Make sure that you have hit that Bell notification that way when I upload new content or go live in my community you will be notified and if you haven’t done so yet and you aren’t interested in hearing what I have to say about the ketogenic diet and/or intermittent fasting please take a second to hit that like button so here in this community. I do like to keep the conversation on creating a lifestyle that can be sustainable over time there is so much research out there available to us to do our own background work on what we think might work for us but the true question that we should be asking ourselves is do these things it make sense for us we know that the ketogenic diet has so many amazing benefits and we also know that intermittent fasting also has amazing benefits so which one or combination of the two do you think best fits into your lifestyle so I do believe that women should create a lifestyle that fits their personality fits the things that they like to do in their lifestyle either socially or what they do with their family environment and then we also have to consider some of the past experiences that we have had around nutrition or managing a healthy lifestyle and how that has worked for us so a little bit of our own little diet history and food history does need to come into play when you’re making these decisions where I think a lot of us run into trouble and I ran into this trouble myself was getting caught up in all the hype of what one is over the other and when I first started researching a new way of living my life around food I did fall into a lot of the ketogenic diet type of high because at that time when I was researching I was really frustrated with a lot of the things that were going on in my body and I didn’t quite know yet how sick I was so I was really focused on shedding body fat and shedding it quickly when I started practicing the ketogenic diet what I realized was that that philosophy of feasting really didn’t fit into either my personality and or the lifestyle I was trying to live around my family and so when I started thinking about the things that I was doing and how I was feeding myself and how I was feeling I had that aha moment that just because the science is there and just because the results are there for other people doesn’t necessarily make that philosophy or diet lifestyle appropriate for me it wasn’t until I actually realized how sick I was with the pre-diabetic State and where and was able to put some pieces of my own life puzzle together and realized that sugar was an issue for me and it had been an issue for me my entire life that intermittent fasting and the concept behind it and the way I could incorporate it into my own life and how I can meld in my personality was really a better fit for me what I did end up doing and what I’m still doing today six years into practicing this lifestyle that I have created is I have melded a combination of nutritional lifestyles into the life I’m living today so I could describe myself as a keto like intermittent faster who’s following a paleo carnivore vegan dairy-free gluten free soy free approach to eating but I’m doing it in such a way that the foods that I’m incorporating into my life allow me to look and feel my best and live my life most authentically so what I have done is taking all of the common-sense information out of different genres of lifestyles that are nutritionally backed in their scientific data to prove how amazing they are and I’ve created my own lifestyle so when I get asked by women in this community or women who I I’m coaching on creating a healthy lifestyle for themselves I always turn back the question on to them which lifestyle do you think best suits you and the life that you want to live most authentically and incorporating these genres or philosophies will they allow you to look and feel your best and I think when we stop and ask ourselves those type of questions we can finally live happily around food we can finally incorporate a sensible nutrition plan for ourselves and we can reap the benefits of everything that the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting can offer us because there’s some really common sense information out there about what the ketogenic diet is and from someone who has lived a fat free life most of her life that hasn’t worked so well for me so incorporating the basic concepts of the ketogenic diet higher naturally-occurring fat moderate to low amounts of protein and a very conscious approach to how I’m incorporating carbohydrates into my life has worked well for me but it is nowhere near what the ketogenic diet is in the true sense of what that diet is I have pulled out the common sense approach for me my personality and my lifestyle and I’m applying that every day I’ve also done thing the same thing with intermittent fasting I’m a busy woman I love the fact that I can spend most of my day not worrying about food and I can live in that fasted state where I am energized and calm with my own body chemistry as an ex hypoglycemic woman and a woman who has suffered from insulin resistance most of my life it feels good for me to be in a fasted state that is now where I thrive and it’s because I understand the science behind intermittent fasting and it suits my personality I don’t like to manage macros I no longer want to have to count calories and I want to be free to go about my day without having to think about my next meal so I have incorporated intermittent fasting to suit my lifestyle and that’s what I really ask a lot of you to think about when you are looking into jumping into something that feels somewhat like a fad or you’re jumping into it for the emotional connection you have to someone else’s results are you willing to do what they did for the timeframe that they did it to reach those results and then once you reach the result that you’re hoping for will that be sustainable for you like I said I’ve been living this lifestyle for the past six years and I am benefitting more and more as time goes on and the bottom line conclusion is it’s not because it’s the ketogenic diet and it’s not because it’s intermittent fasting but it’s because I’m finally happy with the lifestyle that I’ve created and the results that I’m getting from that lifestyle are also what I have been shooting for with my nutrition I reversed all of the sugar related diseases that I’ve had I am a amid 50 pit menopausal woman and I look and feel my best I’m benefiting from aspects of all of the nutritional choices that I’m making because I have also identified the foods that no longer make me look and feel my best and I eliminate them or I have limited them so that those foods no longer impact how I am feeling as I’m going through this aging process so if you’re currently in a position where you’re trying to decide should it be the ketogenic diet or intermittent fasting I want you to take some time to ask yourself this question which aspects of those two different lifestyles best suits me and the life that I want to live most authentically and then research the details of what it takes to live that lifestyle long term and does that make sense for you what we don’t want to do when we’re choosing a way to live our life or we’re choosing some choices that we’re going to make to yield us an end result is are we going to be disappointed at the end of that are we going to feel frustrated or are we going to set ourselves up for that feeling of failure and that’s the last thing that we need to do especially at this stage of our life so make sure you’re setting yourself up for success please do your your research and then ask yourself the very simple question does this make sense for me and can I take little aspects of several different genres of living a healthy lifestyle and incorporate that into the lifestyle that I live most happily and most importantly most authentically do me a favor leave me a comment in the comment section below I want to know if you are a hardcore ketogenic diet liver are you a hardcore intermittent fasting woman or have you taken the time to ask yourself those really serious questions and have you created a lifestyle for yourself where you are truly looking and feeling your best and living your most authentic life if you’re interested in joining one of my intermittent fasting for today’s aging women courses where we do this type of work and we ask ourselves these questions please make sure that you look for the link below to make sure that you get on my email list or that you look for more information about the course that we are starting on March 7th I would love to have you in class with us and we’d love to be part of the journey that you’re going on to create your most authentic life.