Thinking About Starting An Intermittent Fasting Diet?

By | January 24, 2020

Trying Intermittent Fasting

When you’re looking to fit into that outfit or old pair of jeans, you know you need to lose weight asap. Intermittent fasting is the best way to go.

Looking forward to boosting your metabolism? I am too!

trying intermittent fasting

Starting Intermittent Fasting▼

It just completely deleted the entire clip where I starting intermittent fasting and one shoes that was gonna be really exciting part of this and I literally was like in my head I was like I can’t delete that clip and then I went deleted that clip okay I’ll enter this vlog and then I just filmed the clip that’s supposed to go after that so I’m just gonna put it after that anyway you’re gonna be like what so if you guys remember I talked about for a while like looking at and looking for adidas nmds because I only have one like goodish pair of workout shoes but I still use a different one too that I probably should it and I been eyeing these I think they’re so cute I love the look of them but I’ve been wanting ones that are like mostly white and it’s been really hard to find that I looked in some stores and they didn’t have any of the ones in the right colors and I looked online and they didn’t have my size so I kind of put it on the back burner and then recently I just randomly checked and I saw this pair online and I was like I haven’t seen those before like what the heck and I looked at I said coming soon so it said June 1st now it’s like okay like maybe you’ll get them done and I don’t know why I didn’t like set an alarm or anything I was just like if it happens it happens and then I was packing to go to LA it’s like midnight because I was flying out the next day and I remembered it was like 12:30 and I was like oh it’s June 1st now so I checked the adidas website and they were there and I got that I had boxing yesterday which was more exciting but I’ll just show you anyway these are the I don’t know the exact style number or color or anything I’ll try and find a link to put them down below but these are just all white with orange pinky coral designs on the back and then in the insole is also that color I think it’s so pretty I love this people always said to size down but I was like how much can you really like size out like yeah right but they are full size down like I’m usually a very true 7 and these are 6 like a 6 don’t roll out some oversized like shoe but yeah with the ultra boost I think I was a 6 and a half but the nmds I was a 6 so they got these online and they fit perfectly I love them but cue the next clip after I wore them yes so I haven’t updated you since I hold these yesterday but I did wear them to go to the gym and just out and about running errands yesterday and I loved them just like walking with them the feel of them the only thing is they did rub the back of my heels like because they go in they cut in pretty sharply against your heel so you can see it gave me a little bit of blisters they’re not terrible so then I post it starting intermittent fasting and asked you guys like if anyone else had this problem because I haven’t heard of it with adidas nmds but a lot of you DM me and said that you has a problem too and it will go away so I just have to break them in I’m so what I’m gonna do is spray the new skin liquid bandage spray I remember showing this before I went to Coachella because when you’re doing a lot of walking you might get prone to blisters so this stuff is awesome because you spray it on and it like creates a band-aid skin kind of thing over your like blisters or preventing them and unfortunately I would have sprayed this before I wore these if I knew I was gonna blister but since I already have slight blisters it’s gonna hurt like a bitch so I’m gonna film me screaming when I spray on me and then I’m gonna where I was wearing like no-show socks so they didn’t come up all the way so I’m just gonna wear socks that go a little higher even if it you can see them like whatever I just want to break them in so they’ll be comfy but they are so cute and I love them so here we go oh wait life is not nearly as bad as I thought it smells like nail-polish or no plush remover like am i filming myself putting myself through pain oh no no I’m singing a little bit so now that I got my supreme and aid you can get this on Amazon I invited put it on my Amazon page why is it focusing over there hello right here no no no I’m going to put it on my Amazon page when I talked about it before Coachella but yeah my games web page is always linked below if you want to shop the things I mentioned anyway I’m gonna go run a couple of errands like you might remember that I had like unlimited Metro pass that was free with my tuition at Americain for the whole year and I used her all the time I use the Metro to go everywhere here because it’s so convenient but they don’t work over the summer which i think is personally unfair because there are people that take classes during the summer so they’d still be using it to go to school i don’t know why i just went on that tangent but now I pay for my Metro and it adds up fast also I still have my she and pocket to put away those jump shot clothes um I’m still gonna do a haul of edgy and stuff so I think I’m gonna film that when I get back so today I’m excited to open it and see what that guy go hey what’s up you guys so it is the week I know a happy Saturday I just put up my one year Fitness anniversary video this morning which is somewhat sane and I’m loving the feedback you guys are giving me already it makes me so happy and it’s just like I feel the community you know so if you haven’t seen that that I’m talking about it went up on Saturday June 9th while I’m talking and it means one year ago today I decided to be healthier and it’s completely so that is my last video but this is a vlog I’ve already started this vlog it’s kind of all over the place but I want to like rein it in so I’m wearing my new Jim shark that I hauled the other vlog I was gonna wear my black on beret or energy seamless with this nude crop top but I they were dirty so I was like purple works because it’s nude and my nmds I’m still working through the pain of the blisters because I really want to break them in but I think they look cute with these leggings and with the energy seamless I found that they naturally just like fold here I feel like that’s where the waistband should be anyway but you know all Jim shark are we surprised still have almost she and stuff here that I want to haul for you guys later but I’m headed out right now because I have lots of emails and work to catch up on and planning to do on my laptop so I’m gonna go to a coffee shop and do that and then go work out later and see what else the weekend brings on my way to my room right now there we go back again at my class that was great I just wanted to my stroll so I ended up at the national ball are we surprised my favorite the Washington Monument it’s kind of like a gray cloudy day but it’s warm out so I’m like fine and a tank top weirdly it looks like it would be cold so I’m just chilling relaxing on this nice Sunday a lot of people have asked me if I have considered intermittent fasting or tried it and usually in the past I’ve just said like no it doesn’t really work with my lifestyle I kind of tried it last summer but I didn’t really commit to it and then with my class schedule this past year multiple days a week I had night classes and I wasn’t getting home to like 9:30 and eating dinner then it so it just like didn’t really work for me to do intermittent fasting because even if I started if I ate at 9:30 and then like started my fast intermittent fasting is when you only eat in an eight-hour window every day I’ll link a couple more informational videos found it down below because this isn’t going to be like informative so even if I started my fast at 10 p.m. I would have been fasting until 2 p.m. and then I’d be leaving for class at like or so it just didn’t work because I had that big chunk where I was like not at home I was up campus where I wasn’t eating in the middle of that so I just yeah I know that I don’t have that class schedule anymore I’m gonna give it a shot so this morning I woke up and had water and that I had coffee before flywheel but I didn’t like put anything in it because you can have coffee you can basically have like zero calorie things like coffee water I could drink like apple cider vinegar and lemon I think I don’t think that would mess up the fast I’m not positive on that I had my protein bar like once I got out of class at noon because that’s kind of like my eating window I’m doing the 12 to 18 window I think that we’re gonna just try this out together I just really want to like mix it up and try something new especially now that I passed this one year my finished journey like I think I just need a little mix up and I thought this would be fun to try in my vlogs this isn’t a vlog where it’s like I tried intermittent fasting a week here’s what happened because I have another for a weekend I’m just like starting it and telling you guys about it so if you want to try it with me I feel like summer is a good time because you have more likely way you don’t have as much mr. schedule so yeah so far so good it’s like one now and I had a protein bar I actually need to eat something else because I’m pretty hungry I just felt like walking to the National Mall it has been too long since I so much it feels like we’re back in like the winter months of this white coat buy lemon water hmm it is day one I’m calling it intermittent passing yesterday was like a day but I feel like it was more of a trial run you know I did stop eating at 8:00 so it’s been 13 hours now it’s 9:00 I’ve been up for about an hour I don’t feel super hungry but kind of hungry I doodly-doo eat after 8:00 so I’m used to like waking up not very hungry but I’m having my lemon water and apple cider vinegar I haven’t filmed this in a while and honestly I haven’t been having it as regularly as usual also this kind of like suppresses hunger googled does lemon water break fast and I looked at it and it was like break fast breakfast and I’m literally 23 years old I don’t know if that’s like common knowledge or anyone else is like known about this but the word breakfast like you eat breakfast the first meal of the day in the morning because you’re breaking a fast of the time you weren’t eating while you were sleeping since dinner just looked at it and I was like break fast breakfast so I’m gonna have my lemon water and then get ready and so my Shino for you guys that I keep saying I’m gonna film it I’m gonna do it this morning so now I’m gonna show you a haul of some stuff I got from she in I’m so excited I always do these like try on whole style where I try to close on and show you what they look like and tell you what I think of them you know get my first impressions Shion is a affordable close website that has like trendy pieces that are inexpensive like showed you guys clothes I got from them before so I’ll hop all of these pieces linked down below if you want to go get them for yourself and let’s see what I got does the first outfit I mean I didn’t get these like as an outfit I got them separate but I just tried them on together and there are these like drawstring except it’s a fake drawstring it doesn’t actually adjust it’s just kind of like stretchy waistband camo pants they have pockets actually softer and stretchier than I expected with this type of hair it’s not like a structured pant it’s really comfy a little long kind of make my ankles look weird but I’m short so and I got a size large that’s why so I’m wearing them pretty high up like above my belly button I don’t know how I’m gonna style them or pull them off like wearing them out in public because Kim was like pretty daring for me I’ve just started like wearing a little bit of it but we’ll see but I really like the pants then I got this cropped hoodie which I’m obsessed with cropped hoodies think this cut off material and it has up these slits down the arm if you bend your arm you can see kind of looks like you got attacked by a shark I don’t know why I said shark because why would you be wearing this in water but I recently watched jaws again so that’s probably why it’s comfy it’s not too warm like it’s kind of like the towel material inside also has those like three slits that look like the shark attack yeah I kind of like them together it’s kind of like an edgy look that I don’t really pull off well but yeah this is the first outfit I really like both of these I’d recommend them next I got this workout set which I’ll show you in a second but I caught it specifically because I was skeptical about it because she and like I wasn’t really sure how they would be from Shaam but I thought it was worth a shot just to like see to let you guys know so I got this set that is this crop top and leggings just so you can see like the idea of the crop top and leggings but it’s such a cute pattern I love the leggings um I legitimately what I pulled them out thought they were gonna be completely see-through but they’re not as bad as I thought if you’re wearing colored underwear I bet you could see but like it doesn’t seem like a problem I don’t want the problem here is this doesn’t have any pads I’m just nipping really hard and I just don’t want to show it you can see the like mesh it’s very it shows a lot the ladies are comfy they don’t feel like great quality like I don’t know if I’d work out in them but like they’re better than I thought they’d be with the top I might try and wear with like a sports bar or something you just wear as a crop over it so yeah I actually think it’s pretty cute I don’t have any white workout stuff especially leggings and I love the marble I think it’s a really cute design I got this white kind of what’s the name of these windbreaker you know the fabric kind of jacket is it I got this hood that you can drawstring it I just really liked like random neon green detailing and I thought I just looked cool like I’ve always thought that plain white jackets like this just looked cool and I wanted one like it I like this jacket a lot I’ve already worn out a few times and I’m a big fan the lining is a little weird like it’s like I think they have too much lining so it comes out of the sleeve sometimes like I don’t know it’s not really a problem guys I love this one a little cropped jumpsuit that’s strapless and it has this it feels so nice the quality feels great it’s like has a zipper in the back but you don’t need it it’s like stretchy enough it’s really comfy like this would be so cute and some with like wedges yeah I’m a big fan of this one oh my god this duster is so beautiful I’m obsessed with this this outfit like I’m not cool enough to wear this this is definitely my color combo and this is so nice because this duster like looks professional like I well I want to steam it how cute is it it goes it’s like kind of like crop sleeve without being super short it just hangs like this it’s so soft stretchy like just comfy has pockets seams are where you can kind of see that it doesn’t it’s like not that expensive I don’t weird like that I don’t know I don’t know but you can’t that’s the boy there’s a die if you want and then I have this super fun color-block romper but it ties in the front here so you can like adjust it that way it’s not bad you can just kind of see the bra but I’ll probably say find a different bra with it but I don’t usually go for bright colors it looks very like 80s to me like some sort of color-block it is pretty short so if you’re tall viewer yeah okay this one’s kind of strange together but I just thought this was the best opportunity to show because I didn’t want to wear the body seal alone but this body suit I love this print you guys know if you follow me on instagram you might have seen my actually thing I’ve logged it to my romper I wore to my brother’s graduation on Mother’s Day when I was home it was this print this is just a bodysuit version and when I all they had this too I was like yes and I love these since drops the only thing is it goes low and you can see my brows dropping wearing a strapless bra so yeah what to figure that out love this pattern yes sorry these shorts really very high waisted so you can’t really see the bodysuit as well as I was hoping these shorts which are more like oh there are pockets hell yeah they’re like these um bunchy waist shorts if you’ve seen them I’ve always kind of wanted a pair it the seams are really good on this one a lot stronger and the pleating and everything it seems like a very nice pair of shorts for Sheehan so big fan of both of these overall peers of body suit just so you can see without the shorts because they did cover most of it it has this line here and it’s because it has a lining which is weird but it’s like it comes from the top down so it only lines your like upper body it doesn’t line all the way through which I guess makes sense because you wouldn’t really wear it alone it’s meant to be worn like with you know jeans or something with black jeans I think this would be so cute I can’t wait to wear it out but just so you know it does have like this weird lining situation this that I’m about to show you it’s a matching set that I actually already have in black that I’ve hauled before and a tiny people ask me questions about it when I posted it on Instagram a couple months ago forewarning I don’t think the pants looked very good on me I’ve said like I’m kind of insecure about my stomach right now and that’s something I want to work on leaning down and toning up over the summer in these pants like show everything it’s very thin material so you can see like lines from my underwear just be aware of that they’re not like the most forgiving pants but I do love it is such a cute set though can we just talk about this pink color as far as the top it’s amazing I love it it’s perfect I love a good crop hoodie you soft and comfy and overall I love the look of this kind of matching set like what I have no idea what happened here I don’t remember ordering this I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a jacket or a dress or like I don’t know but it’s just huge and it’s like I guess if I thought I was ordering a denim dress you they’re usually like lighter denim but this is like legitimately thick denim jacket material denim I feel like I’m about to go paint a house so there is this also I wanted to show you guys because it is super cute and I wish it fit me right but like I’m still gonna link this down below because it might work for some people but for me the boob situation it just did not work because there’s like not room between these pads and there is just like no space like my boobs do not fit in and it was just obscene so I didn’t want to show you guys if you don’t have as much there I would definitely recommend this because it’s such a cute top that is officially all the stuff I want to show you guys from chien this time can find the links to all of these things down in the description bar below if you want to get them for yourself and that concludes my haul that I have been putting on for so long we did it guys it is finally time for me to eat I made it 16 bars in my fast it is 12:23 p.m. it had a bunch of water actually because I wasn’t eating I wanted to drink more water to like curb my appetite if you guys drink in like a litre and a half so far and I had a cup of black coffee and it’s fine this way and now I’m gonna make some oatmeal with chia seeds and I’m excited okay guys so I just wanted to wrap up this vlog really quick cuz I just edited it to this point and it’s pretty long and I want to wrap it up so I can head to the gym and have it uploaded while I’m gone too quick update on my intermittent fasting I had my oatmeal and then I had avocados toast a couple hours later as a lunch kind of thing even though it’s a breakfast but I just really wanted it and I wanted more fat to balance out all the carbs in my breakfast so I did you track my food on my phone just while I’m starting intermittent fasting tracking it just to see how my eating patterns are different and just to make sure I’m getting enough calories and I’m in a good range since I’m changing the like timeframe of me eating does that make sense kinda like a thousand calories right now and I want to be between like probably 1700 to 2000 I’m gonna grab a snack before I head to the gym and then eat dinner when I get back and maybe leave protein ice cream for dessert or something like that like I said this vlog isn’t like a looking back on a whole week of it this is just me saying like I’m trying this I’m starting it if you want to try it with me let me know your thoughts if you’ve tried in a minute frosting down below and if you like it and your suggestions recommendations I feel like I’ve been touching my face in my head like a lot in this vlog oh and I just ended it and I just did it like 20 times I don’t know why I’m literally talking I know that I’ve heard from other people that have done it that the first week is definitely the hardest and then you kind of adjust so we’ll see but if you want to keep up with my journey how I’m like II I’m gonna keep do more updates in my next few vlogs of course then subscribe I’m stick around love you guys so much I upload three times a week Tuesday Thursday and Sunday and I’ll see you in my next vlog on Thursday starting intermittent fasting.

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