Tips On Losing Weight- Low Calorie Drinks

The Best Beverages to Stay in the Fat Burning Zone

As you probably know by now- the biggest factor in burning body fat taking in less calories than you’re burning over a certain period of time. If you’re used to drinking high calorie beverages like Coke, you can make a drastic change in body weight in a few weeks simply by switching out higher calorie beverages for lower calorie beverages.

Video Transcript

Hi I’m pure all from purely eats and today we are here with one of my four sisters Antoinette and she’s going to help us make this beautiful watermelon drink for the summer you taught me how to do this a couple years ago right yeah how did you you’re usually the handy person in the family you’re kind of pretty much fix everything from cars two sinks two planes what made you get into the watermelon drink business so we had an abundance of mint at the house and it was over growing everything so i had to find creative ways to use them in and when in the summer when everyone’s thinking about grilling I’m actually thinking about what are we drinking so we’re going to go ahead and make this watermelon mint creation that’s going to end now watermelon carbs here has a light go pee in it it has vitamin A vitamin C is very hydrated during the summer right and you know have you ever tried honey do with these recipes or cantaloupe or do you feel like the watermelon works to that I think the watermelons the juiciest and it kind of verse invest that has the best flavors but you can experiment with anything really great so how do we start yet we first of all I want to show you some of these beautiful glasses that we find at the farmers markets right when we don’t find some of our vintage thing some of these jars and these mason jars that are very hipster like and you can you know you can just really be creative with these things and to make the partying extra special so go ahead and kind of demonstrate for us what you would do with this so I would take a little watermelon a few scoops with a lemon balm of fact here yeah you’re going to want to press these down so i’ll take about one more and we’re keeping the seeds in because we’re giving it rustic style right now you would just chip you know what I mean what are you that delicate a ticket oh gosh lemon and squeeze away it’s going to be more of a lemony tech consistency so that has a lot of vitamin C in it and as an elec opine and the vitamin C actually helps with a lot of sun protection during the summer for your skin and what you’re going to do is you’re going to take some fresh mint here mm-hmm and we’re going to chop it up great what are you doing when you’re chopping it i just want so it’s just releasing all the mornings yummy not anymore let’s start to smell it restarted smell like heaven do you know they’re nice oh it’s so this also you were growing in your garden yes beautiful really smells really great oh I took I took away the entire demo come here we go so I’m just going to turn in there again we are not Martha Stewart we are the DeCarlo girl so we make messes here we don’t you don’t do things nice to meet at all right sure we have this little Smasher to hear a national up that’s a visual form a structure yeah when you go to the store disaster so now you have to do it doesn’t see me looking for just kind of looks like a little soft at the bottom and so it’s up to you if you want to add a little bit of sugar okay sweet yeah depending on you can have a little bit of sugar to it to sweeten it up but i think the watermelon Street incident I agree and you’re adding water distilled water in here yeah can you also add say sensor water so you can add seltzer water you can spice these things up you know you want to make a little nice drink for you know special man in your life and you can add any of the alcoholic beverages that you like right and also I think that can you also use another base outside of water that can you start with the lemonade based and then add definitely mint and I Steve small everything you could yeah with our vehicle batteries and our board look at that that’s wonderful i’m actually going to talk a little bit of that here there that looks beautiful and so this is going to be very hard great event so what are you saying that we can let’s price this up a little bit and make it all the way up an adult beverage you want create this into an adult beverage and you can also make this in a gallon size if you prefer depending on how many people you’re having over yes and you can add some more loving chunks in there as well and i think that you can also get the gallon sized ingredients on my website as well so you don’t have to make them individually but if you do spike it up a little bit it’ll make the people that you with a lot more interesting so look at this this this is anton it’s watermelon drink you go take a sip girl that’s great although me 20 some whiskey maybe you could okay see you next time.