Using a Carb Blocker When You Just Can’t Say No!

It has been proven in recent years that excessive carbohydrate intake, especially of high glycemic index foods containing white sugar and white flour, is linked to adding body fat when the body cannot burn off the created sugar quickly enough.

High Glycemic Carbs

High glycemic index carbs (including corn) also leads to blood sugar swings which can create a condition known as hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemic individuals get severe mood swings and energy level swings as they have become insulin resistant.

This can create many issues during the stressful holiday season!

White Sugar and Flour

The holidays are tough times not to be able to eat white sugar or flour! How do you turn down freshly baked cookies or pie?

The answer is to use a carb blocker for the times you just can’t say no!

How Do Carb Blockers Work?

How do they work? When you ingest carbs , an enzyme created by your pancreas called alpha amylase breaks down the large carbohydrate molecules into sugar. This is either burned as energy, or stored as fat.

People who are insulin resistant and have a lot of accumulated fat from carbohydrates usually carry it around their bellies, which doctors tell us is the worst place it can be in terms of overall health. An effective carb blocker neutralizes alpha amylase before it can break down the carbs, allowing most to pass safely through your body.