10 Benefits of Dry Fasting

By | October 30, 2019

You’ve heard it all before: drinking lots of water is essential for beautiful, glowing skin. But did you know that dry fasting (not to be confused with normal fasting, which involves abstaining from food) can also help your skin look healthier and cleaner? It’s true!

Here Are 10 Benefits Of Dry Fasting

1. Dry fasting is good for your pores

If you’re wondering how to shrink your pores, then dry fasting may be the solution that you’ve been looking for.

Not only can it help heal acne and other skin conditions which could damage the appearance of your pores, but it can also tighten them up to reduce their appearance.

2. Dry fasting improves circulation

While drinking lots of water alone won’t improve blood flow throughout your body, dry fasting will!

When combined with a healthy lifestyle and topical treatments, increased blood flow in the body will give you better results when it comes to improving the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

3. Dry fasting helps smooth the skin

Have a problem with unsightly razor bumps? Dry fasting can help with that, too.

You see, shaving is notorious for causing abrasion in the skin which not only increases the appearance of razor bumps (also known as pseudofolliculitis barbae), but it can also cause unsightly blemishes to appear on your face.

4. Dry fasting makes your complexion look more even

A healthy, clean diet combined with dry fasting will be sure to give you smooth and glowing skin! An even complexion means you’ll look younger than ever before – no wonder why so many of Hollywood’s elite swear by all-day dry fasting!

5. Dry fasting helps get rid of under-eye bags

If you’ve been looking for how to get rid of bags under your eyes for good, look no further than dry fasting. It can help stimulate blood flow to the area, reduce puffiness and even combat dark circles.

6. Dry fasting is good for your hair

Whether you’re suffering from dandruff or scabs (which can be caused by scratching too much), dry fasting can work wonders on your scalp. Not only will it give you healthier-looking hair that’s sure to grow faster, but it will also make it easier to manage and style as well!

7. Dry fasting helps tighten up loose skin

Have a problem with crepey skin? Well, then dry fasting may be just the thing that you’ve been looking for! In fact, not only does dry fasting help tighten your skin, but it can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, too.

8. Dry fasting reduces dark circles under your eyes

While drinking lots of water is great for your overall health, dry fasting will give you better results when it comes to reducing the appearance of darkness under your eyes. Not sure how? Drinking lots of water for a long period can cause bloodshot eyes, while dry fasting has no such effects!

9. Dry fasting helps fade stretch marks

If you’re concerned about stretch marks, then dry fasting may be able to help you diminish their appearance in just three days.

10. Dry fasting helps with wrinkles

Want to banish wrinkles once and for all? Try out dry fasting – it can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in just two weeks! Plus, it’s an all-natural alternative to Botox, too.

Dry Fasting Explained- Video

With so many benefits to dry fasting, who would’ve known that such a strange process could give such outstanding results? Dry fasting is used by health enthusiasts, celebrities, and even cancer patients (who will drink nothing but water for days at a time) – so why not try it yourself today? You have nothing to lose except water weight!