Video Guide: A Great Home Workout for Women

This step-by-step home exercise video is a total body fat burning, and toning workout. You’re also getting your cardiovascular fitness, which will give you more energy during the day. It’s a great way to just really increase your daily calorie burn and help prevent weight gain. If you’re a beginner, you simply follow the moves on the left. If you’re intermediate, you follow on the right. The great thing is here is you can do these workouts at any time. It doesn’t matter if this is the first time you have ever exercised in your whole life. We all wish we can all be fit and feel our healthiest. You can reach those goals by doing these quick workouts daily- even at home in your pajamas.

Fat Melting Total Body Home Workout Program for Beginners

Video Transcript

Today’s home fitness workout is a total body of fat burning and toning a workout for women so what we’re going to do we do a workout that takes personal eight minutes it’s a real timeline. I’m going to do it with you if you’re a beginning you simply follow the moves on the left if you’re intermediate you follow on the right and what I would suggest is do make sure you have done a warm-up first if you haven’t hit the pause button and just marching the spot for one minute we are simply gonna do we’re not repeating any moves the first move we do 60 seconds and X 155 then fifty forty so it’s a bit of a countdown once it’s a really fun one but where we are gonna be burning heaps of carbs and calories and toning you up all over okay so if you’re ready let’s get started so the first move coming up you’re always gonna get a ten-second preview we are going to be doing a skater’s lunges you’re only doing this once today there are no repeater moves alright so let’s go for it for 60 seconds so the first exercise is the one we’re doing it for the longest duration now as an online trainer myself here I’m the person in the videos in case you don’t know my name is Lucy and I’ve got over 25 years of experience in health fitness and weight loss and as a qualified trainer what I love about my youtube channel is I can just teach you the real way to get fit the healthy way and I see so many awful diets out there and products that say you can lose this amount of weight and this and that and the whole point is we should just simply be moving every day to keep healthy and fit and the result of that is we are going to look fabulous you’re going to feel fabulous so my channel is all about educating and helping you feel your best and get healthy and fit alright so look we just have 9 seconds left so let’s just keep going and take it six let’s go five and go four let’s go three two and one so you’re gonna get a little 10 second rest so you can march on the spot and you just see the next move coming up so with this one we do punches out and you do a jump down so I think I’m doing like eight punches and then you jump down now if you’re a beginner just follow me on the left and you’re going to do eight punches and then do a little step back alright so the great thing is here you can do these workouts doesn’t matter if this is a first you have ever exercised in your whole life but you know wish we can all be fit we can all feel our healthiest and it’s so important and by doing these quick workouts just makes it really doable and the great thing is you can do this at home you can do it even in your pajamas but what I would say is definitely for us ladies it’s important always wear a sports bra all right that’s good we’ve got last 20 seconds coming up and if you are on Facebook then do head to my facebook page which is Elise’s squad all right that’s good and let’s go last ten seconds coming up doing really well so as said we’ve got no repeater moves today that’s why this workout is gonna really be so quick and so fun okay so next move coming up with this one if you’ll follow me on the right you’re gonna do a big jump in front and then a low step squat back if you’re following me on the left you’re simply going to do a mini little squat and then you’re just going to step one foot back then the other foot back and in between you just do that little squat so it’s tiny squat step the foot back all right that’s good so this one here let’s just keep going so you can see every new exercise we’re taking five seconds off so we’re doing it slightly unless you’re doing really well and today’s workout we are doing lots of things we are getting you cardiovascular fit we are strengthening the most important body most important muscle sorry in your body which is your heart and as a result of that we’re also burning calories we are burning fat we are increasing your health your fitness and the good thing is with all these specially compound moves that I create is we are toning up all over at the same time and let’s go for take it three go two and one all right well done so next move coming up this one we are doing standing straight and we are going to do leg raises and also we’re gonna be drawing the arms down to meet the foot as it comes up so 45 seconds what is really important with this do you make sure you keep your back nice and straight for me so you’ve got the two variations remember beginners follow me on the left okay and the key thing is so here are just some results from my workouts and these are from my videos my own training and all my ebooks but what I teach people is exercise has to be durable you have to realize that you need to be doing this really for the rest of your life no point doing an intense six week or 12 week program because what happens when that all stops so if you were doing a punishing workout that you don’t like that’s taking perhaps twenty minutes thirty minutes if you’re eating a diet you don’t like you’re never going to stick to it then it messes up your metabolism and you end up gaining more weight in the long run so it’s about finding stuff you like and that’s doable all right so let’s go to the next move we’re going to just do tiny little hops go from one side to the other and again if you’re a beginner just take out the jump you’re doing this for 40 seconds now this is a really important thing to remember as well when we’re training you want your body to work in lots of different directions so many traditional workouts just do forwards and backwards moves that’s why I always like to include rotational and lateral moves that’s where we get to really tone and sculpt the body and you bring it in from lots of different angles that’s where you get amazing results you know and if you enjoy this kind of training then this is so exciting for you because I have like 800 workout videos which are all free few guys on YouTube so you can get fit at home you can do these first thing in the morning you can do them in your lunch hour you can do them wherever you can either do them in the office you know you can get girls a fit with you at the office there is no excuse alright so next moves coming up is really fun one you’re going to imagine you’re climbing up a ladder for 10 counts some once you’ve done 10 runs up the ladder then do for a little side jump so you’re going to jump from one side to the other and then take that back up again and again with this one you can see it’s really easy how we can just barring the move you take out the impact because it might be that you’re not a beginner but perhaps you don’t like doing high-impact moves so again you would just follow me on the left you know and as an online trainer I’m on a mission just to show everyone how we can all get fit and move doesn’t matter what age what ability we all have that opportunity to be our fittest all right so next one I’m going to show you this one for a little bit longer exists bit more challenging as in coordination so you might want to just start by doing the leg movement and then bring in the arms you already so it’s like you’re doing a low lunge this one here oh my goodness this one is incredible for really shaping and sculpting into your waist so not only are you getting fitter cardiovascular but today we’re also toning and sculpting your muscles and the more toned to your muscles are then the more active muscle tissue you have when it’s highly active that is when you really increase your natural calorie burn so this is really good specially if you’re going through the menopause it’s a great way to just really increase your daily calorie burn and help prevent weight gain all right so next one we are going to do a full month’s we’re going to do three squats and then if you’re following me on the right you’re going to jump it over or if you’re following me on the left you just step it over we’re doing this for 25 seconds so we’re getting closer to the end of today’s workout because that stopwatch each time that timer is coming ups coming down by 5 seconds alright that’s good doing really well and jump that over and well done let’s just go for doing those last five seconds from now so if you’re doing that jump just make sure you learn nice and softly for me and we are now done on that one so next one I’m previewing this for 15 seconds because you’re going to come down onto the floor you got two options you are just going to stay seated if you want to do the easy one on the left or if you’re doing the one on the right slight you’re doing a spider crawl you’re going to crawl forwards for four counts you push the hips up walk forwards for four and auntie Serena and back and then you do straight leg kicks for four and then just repeat that if you’re following me on the left just go for doing tricep dips and then do a straight leg lift so here we are toning those thighs and triceps that’s good and well done and now next move coming up your gain improving it for you a little bit longer we’re just doing a booty lift if you want to work how to come down onto the floor and then if you’re standing up you’re just going to do tiny little squeeze box on there so we’re just doing this one for 15 seconds so we left so this one’s all about that booty by doing it on the floors I’ve see harder but it gives you a slightly fuller range of motion still doing the one on the left is still really good so we’re just squeezing that back to and one all right well done so last move coming up ten seconds now we are just doing a little heel kick back flicks so this one you can start when you’re ready or you can wait for that timer and let’s just go for it last ten seconds so well done today I am going to do a full body stretch with you which is really important too because it really helps realign your body so that is your workout complete so well done now if you want to you can hit the pause button and grab some water if not let’s just get straight into doing your cooldown stretches now okay so really well done with to Drake today see training so just think you have invested in your heart health your body your mind everything you should be super proud of what you’ve done today so let’s just stretch through that calf muscle feel that through the leg that is behind you on you just to feel that in the calf and if you are wanting to live a healthier lifestyle don’t forget I have got a lot of different products on my website I’m gonna run through them I’ve got my healthy eating book this has got lots of easy to make really healthy recipes so it just makes living that healthier lifestyle really easy there’s been lots of reviews on this I’ll leave this in the description down below and a links you can find out more so let’s just go for doing a hamstring stretch so you’re going to bring that leg in front do make sure your hands are on the bent leg and really push the bottom away I want you to feel that through the back of the upper thigh on the extended straight leg and another product that I have that I’ve had loads of people download and you know really finding that this is helping them it’s a 21-day self-belief online course so it’s daily you get a video challenge that I send you and you know to me motivation is key and when you believe in yourself and you’ve got discipline determination that’s when you can just achieve so much it’s just take that – that quadricep stretch so have that supporting leg slightly bent okay and just feeling that running down the front of the thigh let us now take that – the opposite leg so as say I’ve got lots of different video ebooks that all help and show you the real way to get results you know and as I say there’s no tablets there’s no magic pill but what is exciting that are fun workouts and there are delicious foods you know it actually does not have to be hard and what I like to do is even take you out doors on my 220 Auto audio download coaching workout it’s showing you how Fitness can be fun and part of your daily and lifestyle alright let’s just take the arms behind and then don’t forget I do also have my 2018 video healthy habit calendar which is a really fun every month you get a brand new challenge the idea is we introduce twelve new healthy habits throughout the year so we’re gonna make it your fittest year yeah so really well done with today’s workout if you liked it please hit that share button and share it on Facebook all these products I’ve got so many of them are on my website and what’s really great now is people can leave reviews it’s a new feature so if you have brought any of these products I would love it if you could leave a review because it just helps other people that are looking and deciding you know if it’s the right workout for them and if you’ve got any questions or anything if you want a bit of guidance on what would be the right workout plan for you then definitely let me know in the comments below and if you liked today’s video please give it a thumbs up if you’re not already definitely subscribed to my channel and don’t forget January we are going to have a brand new challenge a few so I will see you soon back on my channel with another workout or it might be a motivation or nutrition video who knows.