Weight Loss Foods- Leafy Green Kalamata Salad

Video Transcript

Hi we are community today and regarding finesse girl and this is a very very peasant style leafy green I’m going to make for you that I had a lot of my childhood and today we’re going to make it with some kalamata olives and when I’m rip them up and I’m gonna put them in the pan so what are you start with is my pan with some extra virgin olive oil from bottom of the pan here there we go and also I’m going to put in some garlic I’m going to crush this down just to activate the allicin and the antimicrobial properties I’m going to go ahead into my pan and have it simmer in the meantime I’m going to get beautiful go over here and I’m going to cut it off and I’m going to give it a very very very quick cook in the hand so that it doesn’t lose any of its nutrients by overcooking the have vest and run there and we are there already smell the aroma of the risk and garlic and the extra virgin olive oil so that is different really really really great healthy and fresh savory kick next and I’m doing this is my hand by the way how they don’t mind but there we go Bunuel escarole is absorbing all the flavors at hand all day I’m going to put some cheese sauce in it a tiny bit of lemon just to enhance the iron or if she is in Italy degree come that but I’m chinos and red pepper flakes there we go just to spice it up now I have two beautiful kalamata olives here and what I’m going to do is I’m going to let loose some of the juice that is in here there we go just a bit simmer with the sperl really good it quickly men with my bare hands I’m going to rip apart some weed delicious salty on kalamata houses and this is a very very typical combination is in seven intensity as a matter of fact it would take is hosting a subtle tie with it the pie crust is it for savory pie at Easter time so this is sticking up erratically right now really low easy per second so that it is beautiful but very really quick it’s ok I’m going to get one my brother’s place with this beautiful in this you can excellent side maybe just start of a warm salad with these beautiful healthy kalamata olives and darkness still was resting on the bottom and there we are check that out that looks beautiful with a purple and the green and maybe even a lovely braised chicken thighs there we are we are living Italian what after all I’m chicken try to hook you.