Weight Loss Meal Prep for Women (Video + Read)

By | September 13, 2019

Meal Preparation Made Easy

Need to lose weight? It all starts with diet. Dieting is made easier with pre-made meals. Here’s a great video on making meal prep easier.

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Preparing Your Meals▼

Basil Jane today I’m gonna be doing one full week of healthy weight loss meal prep with you guys in just one hour so in just one hour all of our meals for the entire week for seven days are going to be prepped so breakfast lunch dinner and snacks so it’s perfect if you’re really busy but you still trying to lose weight and you’re still trying to eat healthy meals as well then this perfect video and yeah that’s about it let’s get started with the recipes this is a weight loss plan designed for women specifically women who are trying to lose weight men or children will need to eat more to lose weight in a healthy weight just so you know and each day is based on roughly 1400 calories but you can easily adjust the calories per day to suit your specific needs at the end of this video I’ll show you how you can easily tweak the eating plan to give you anywhere from 1,200 calories to 1600 calories per day or even more based on your specific calorie needs to lose weight and I’ve specifically created these meals and recipes to be lower in calories but to still be filling and to give you good sustained energy these recipes are all balanced with good whole carbs good protein and healthy fats as it’s important to eat all of the food groups while trying to lose weight in a healthy way I’ll also make sure to mention a plant-based alternative that you can use for any food items that are not plant-based so to get started you’ll need some containers to store your meals and you’ll need 14 containers for all of your lunch and dinner meals as we’re making food for seven days if you’ll be eating at home then you can use covered bowls or other dishes and you’ll also need for small mason jars you can also just use covered mugs or glasses and you’ll also need some reusable Ziploc bags or other small containers for snacks and other items so because we want a meal prep seven full days of meals in just one hour we need to start prepping and cooking the foods that will take the longest to cook so we will work in that order and at the end we’ll see all of the meals come together make sure that you’ve preheated your oven to 180 degrees Celsius or about 360 degrees Fahrenheit before you begin okay so we’re gonna start with the potatoes because they will take the longest to cook out of everything that we’ll be making today we’re gonna make enough potatoes for four servings of dinner because we’ll be using them for four out of the seven dinner meals you’ll need 400 grams of regular potatoes in total I’m using regular baby potatoes but you can just use our normal size if you want to I’ve washed and chopped them up roughly and I’m adding them to a roasting pan with about 1 TSP of cooking oil some Italian herb mix black pepper and sea salt and I’ve only fold one half of the roasting tray because we’re gonna use the other half of the tray for something else in a couple of minutes so make sure that you keep your potatoes to the one side of your bursting tray and you can place the potatoes in your oven that you’ve preheated to about 180 degrees Celsius or about 360 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 to 50 minutes and then they’ll be done next we need to start roasting the vegetables as these also take a long time to cook I’m using vegetables that are already chopped up because this saves a lot of time if we only have an hour and so many stores so pre chopped vegetables these days and you can use any vegetable mix that you want to I’ve got two different vegetable mixes here for you know some variation throughout the week I’m using a mix of butternut squash beetroot and red onion for four out of the seven dinner meals I’m using the entire bag because it’s a smaller bag and then I’m using a mix of butternut squash red bell pepper and zucchini for the other three dinner meals I’m only using about half the bag because as you can see it’s a much larger bag but you can use all the same kinds of vegetables if you’d prefer for all of your dinner meals so according to the nutrition information on the bags I’ve used enough vegetables to give me roughly seventy calories per meal we’ll be adding some more vegetables later and that will take each vegetable serving to roughly 100 calories per dinner meal and I’m including the calories for the oil that we’re going to use as well and all of that into the total calorie amount for the vegetables so I’ve added the vegetables to another baking tray with about a half a TSP of oil to each vegetable mix and it’s about 1 teaspoon in total with some Italian herb mix black pepper and sea salt I also decided to actually add a few cherry tomatoes to the one mix which won’t add too many more calories and they’re really nice whenever nurse stood I love it so you can add the vegetable tray to the oven with the potatoes and they’ll take roughly 30 to 40 minutes to cook fully now we’re gonna start cooking the grains will be making quinoa as well as some brown rice for you know some variation feel free to only use one of them if you’d prefer to do that that’s totally fine to a part you can add one serving of dry brown rice with three servings of hot water just careful not to burn your hands while you’re working with the hot water the brown rice will take about 40 minutes to cook and to another part you can add one serving of dried quinoa with three servings of hot water so it’s a 1 to 3 ratio for both grains one serving of grains to 3 servings of water but you can add a little bit more water if you need to as you go and the quinoa will only take about 15 minutes to cook so make sure you get it off the stove after about 15 minutes make sure you time it you can make as much of each grain as you need you can start with about half a cup of dry brown rice which should yield about one and a half cups of cooked brown rice which is what you’ll need today for this meal prep and you’ll need about three and a half cups of cooked quinoa for this meal prep so you can start by making one and 1/6 of a cup of dragon way as a rough guideline to yield about three and a half cups of cooked quinoa you can bring both pots of grains to a boil on the stove and then let them simmer until they’re fully cooked and remember to check your quinoa after about 15 minutes and your brown rice should be done after about 40 minutes next we’re gonna prep enough salad to last 7 days we’ll be using the salad to go with our lunches so the key is to use ingredients that will keep well in the salad and that will keep well for a couple of days in a salad we’ll be making two different salad options as well for some variation throughout the week to start I’ve got a whole lot of fresh kale that I’ve washed and roughly chopped up kale keeps really well in a salad better other leafy greens so I love using this I’m dividing the kale into two salad bowls so that we can make two salad variations and I’m adding one teaspoon of olive oil to each bowl with a little bit of sea salt I’m just gonna wrap the olive oil and the sea salt into the kale just for a minute this actually helps to make the kale softer and give it a better texture and I’ve got enough to have you know like a nice big handful for each meal and we’re gonna use this for seven meals seven lunches so make sure you’ve got about seven handfuls so I’ve also roughly chopped up some vegetables and I’ll only be using ones that keep well for a few days in a salad carrots red bell pepper and celery and then I’ve also got some tiny little cherry tomatoes which I’ll be leaving hole to make sure that they stay fresh and then I’ve got a little bag of pre grated beetroot you know to save time and you can just about all of your vegetables pre-chopped to save extra time as well so to my first salad I’m adding the celery one or two stalks chopped up in total and then some red bell pepper I just used one medium red bell pepper and then also a nice big handful of cherry tomatoes I’ve used about a heaped cup if you want to know the amounts these are all really low-calorie vegetables as well fresh lemon juice is a must to keep the salad fresh for the entire week and it looks really good flavor and then some black pepper and Italian herb mix and then you can just mix that up and put it aside for now for the next salad I’m adding chopped carrot I’ve used about four medium carrots because I love carrots so much but you don’t have to use as many you can just use like two carrots and then I’m using some of that grated beetroot and ask big handful and then some dried cranberries as well try to use ones that are free of preservatives and refined sugar if you can find them otherwise it’s totally chilled you can just use whatever you can get don’t stress about it though um it’s just cranberries but the ones that I use are sweetened with fruit juice and they sulfate free I’ve used about 4 tablespoons of dried cranberries because we’re making the salad into four servings and then I’m adding about 2 tablespoons of unsweetened balsamic vinegar with a little bit fresh lemon juice just don’t get the seeds in there and black pepper and then you can just mix that up and put it aside again for a few minutes and this is one of my favorite salads ever it’s freaking amazing okay now that the salads are prepped now we’re going to prep some of the protein sources we’re gonna make some salmon we’re gonna make some chicken we’re gonna make some eggs we’re gonna make some chickpeas but don’t worry I will mention a plant-based protein source that you can use and as an alternative if you’d prefer that instead of the the fish the chicken and the eggs but they will be roughly the same calories so the potatoes have been roasting for a few minutes already so now we’re gonna add some salmon to the baking tray and that’s why I said keep the potatoes to one side I’ve made a little divider out of the baking foil so that the potatoes don’t get like salmon II no one wants that but if you have some kind of little divider you can use that I have 400 grams of salmon here so 4 times 100 grams servings because we’ll be using this for four out of the seven dinners and I’m seasoning that with a little bit of sea salt black pepper and a bit of fresh lemon juice and as a plant-based alternative to the salmon you can use 2/3 of a cup of cooked or canned chickpeas per serving so that would be 2 plus 2/3 of a cup in total and chickpeas are delicious roasted you can just add them to your baking tray with some sea salt sand pepper some herbs and about 1 teaspoon of oil and you can place the salmon in the oven for about 15 minutes or longer if you need to and the chickpeas will take about 30 minutes to cook next we’re prepping some chicken I have got 300 grams of chicken breast meat to make 3 servings of dinner so 100 grams per serving I just got pre sliced chicken breast meat to make it easier but you can just slice yours up if you need to just place the chicken in a pan with some sea salt some pepper Italian herb mix a little bit of fresh lemon juice and about 1 tsp of oil and about 2 tablespoons of pure tomato paste as an alternative to the chicken you can use some firm tofu use 105 des grams of firm tofu per serving of chicken so you’d need 450 grams of firm tofu in total and you can cook it exactly the same way as the chicken with exactly the same ingredients and cook the chicken or the tofu over a medium to high heat on the stove for about 10 to 15 minutes you can toss it with a spatula and you can add just a little splash of water if you need to if while you’re cooking it if the pan gets too dry now for the eggs I’m using 6 eggs to make hard-boiled eggs for three of the lunches so we’ll use 2 eggs per serving carefully add the eggs to a pot of hot water and bring the water to a boil in the pot on the stove with the eggs in it and then let it simmer for about 10 minutes to make the eggs hard-boiled you can also use black beans as an alternative if you don’t want to use the eggs and you can use precooked or can black beans roughly one cup per serving instead of the two eggs so about three cups in total for three lunches I’m also going to steam some broccoli to eat our dinners so I’ve got enough here for a little handful serving for each dinner so 7 servings in total for 7 dinners you can do about 60 grams or so per serving if you want to get all specific so you do roughly about 420 grams in total for all seven servings of dinner you can also use broccoli floret or another low-calorie vegetable that you’d prefer like asparagus or zucchini so just place that broccoli in a steamer and steam it for about 10 to 15 minutes so make sure that you set a timer okay well everything else is still busy cooking we’re gonna make all of the breakfasts for the whole week which is gonna be actually really quick to do for breakfast we’re gonna make four different overnight oats recipes and then we’re also gonna prep three smoothies as well and each breakfast will be roughly 400 calories to each jar you can add half a cup of dry rolled oats and you can also add 2 teaspoons of chia seeds to each jar then to 2 overnight oats only add 1/4 of a cup of water and then to the other two overnight oats add half a cup of water and you’ll see why in just a moment so do a quarter cup of water to two of them and half a cup of water to the other two and then you can also add a little pinch of cinnamon to each jar for some extra flavor so to the two overnight oats that we only added a quarter cup of water we’re gonna add about two-thirds of a cup of yogurt I’m using coconut yogurt because I’m dairy-free but you can also use full cream dairy yogurt or any other yogurt substitute that you’d prefer preferably plain and unsweetened and the reason we needed less water is because the yogurt you know with the yogurt you don’t want to add too much water and then to the other two overnight oats that we used half a cup of water for I’m adding 10 roll cashew nuts to one and about a 1 tablespoon of unsweetened peanut butter to the other one now for the fruit I’m adding 1 cup of chopped up apple to the 1 yogurt 1 and 1 smashed banana to the other yogurt 1/2 the overnight oats that I added the cashew nuts too I’m adding 1/2 a cup of diced frozen pineapple and also 1/2 a cup of frozen blueberries and then to the peanutbutter one I’m adding one full cup of frozen mixed berries and then also one teaspoon of 100% pure maple syrup to each of the berry ones the yogurt ones with the apple and the banana shouldn’t need the sweetener because the apple and the banana are both quite sweet the berry ones they have slightly less calories in them from the fruit as well so kind of all evens itself out but you can add sweetener if you do need it to the other ones so just mix them all together and cover them and you can easily make the same flavor for each day if you want to or you can make a different one for each day like added I’ve also got lots of other overnight oats recipes that I’ve already shown you on this channel so I will link a couple of videos below in the description box for you where I’ve done other overnight oats recipes if you’d rather try another flavor okay for the smoothie prep you’ll need about 3 medium sized Ziploc bags which you can easily reuse again I’ve peeled and sliced up three medium bananas and also one medium avocado and I’ve divided all of that into three so to each the plug bag I’m adding one medium banana and 1/3 of an avocado banana and avocado birth freeze really well if they’ve already been peeled and both of them are really good in smoothies so that’s perfect from here we’re gonna make each smoothie slightly too French so that we have a different smoothie each day – one bag we’re gonna add 1 cup of dust frozen mango to the second bag we’re gonna add one cup of frozen mixed berries and to the third bag we’re gonna add one cup of frozen blueberries the berries are lower in calories than the mango so because of that I’m adding one tablespoon of dry rolled oats to each of the berry smoothies this is gonna kind of help to balance out the amount of calories and also help to give us more carbs in those smoothies until the mixed berry one I’m also adding a small handful of fresh baby spinach which also freezes really well actually and you can add this to all of the smoothies if you want to or you don’t have to add it at all if you don’t want to so that’s our three smoothies prepped which were roughly 300 calories each so to add another 100 calories and some extra protein to each of those three breakfasts we’re gonna add some raw nuts to the meals I’ve added about a hundred calories of raw nuts to each bag which is what I like to do when when I have a smoothie I like to eat some raw nuts on the side I’ve paid ten roll Kashi nuts with the mango banana smoothie totally gives me like tropical vibes so I thought it would be fun and then I’ve got a troll walnut halves to go with the mixed berry banana spinach smoothie and then also 14 raw almonds to go with the blueberry banana smoothie so just seal the Ziploc bags and then you can put that smoothie prep straight into the freezer and you can store the little nuts of bags in the fridge if you want to I decided to keep the snacks for the week really simple and easy because we’re taking this hour to make some wholesome healthy meals so I’m gonna be prepping a couple of different fruit and nuts snacks for the week and each snack will be roughly 200 calories for the first day I’ve kept it super simple with a classic apple and almond snack I’ve got 14 raw almonds and a big medium-sized Pink Lady Apple which is my favorite kind of Apple so that’ll be roughly 200 calories in total I’m also gonna do one more of the exact combination for another day because I really like pink lady apples and almonds so 14 raw almonds a Pink Lady Apple again the third snack will be similar but a little bit different a troll walnut halves and one green apple to mix things up a bit you know which is also gonna be roughly 200 calories then the fourth and fifth snacks will be the same again each will be too small clementines head with ten roll pica nut halves which is roughly 200 calories again and then the sixth and seventh snack will be the same – I’ve got one medium-sized nectarine with a hundred grams of strawberries and also ten roll Kashi nuts again about 200 calories for the whole snack and I’ve made a double quantity of that and you can store all of your snacks in the fridge until it’s time to eat them so basically what I’ve done is I’ve taken 100 calories of fruit and 100 calories of nuts for each snack and I’ve put that together to make a 200 calorie fruit and that snack so it’s really simple you can use any fruit and any nut combination that you’d like and if these snacks are too boring for you that’s okay then I’ve got more 200 calorie snack ideas on my blog I’ll link to that blog post below for you or you can feel free to substitute these snacks for any other 200 calorie snack or even a 200 calorie snack bar okay so the quinoa and the rice have finished cooking and the eggs are boiled and the chicken is cooked and the vegetables are done roasting and the potatoes and the seminars are done and the broccoli is also finished steaming so now everything is done cooking we can finally finish putting the lunches and the dinners together first we’re gonna finish prepping the lunches so for the first lunch we’re going to use the quinoa and we’re gonna use the chickpeas and also one of the salads that we made I’ve got four containers here and I’m measuring out half a cup of cooked quinoa to each of the four containers [Music] then a measuring out 2/3 of a cup of canned chickpeas to each container I just drained and rinsed the chickpeas you can also use cooked chickpeas if you’d prefer to and then I’m dividing one of the salads to go with these lunches too I’ve used the balsamic carrot beetroot and dried cranberry salad because I think it’s a really nice pairing with the chickpeas and the quinoa and I made the salad a bit bigger than the other one because we’re gonna use this one for four portions and that is for lunches for the week already done super simple and each lunch is roughly 400 calories in total for the other three lunches we’re gonna use the X that we boiled so I took the eggs off the stove after about 10 minutes of boiling to make them hard-boiled but not like overcooked to get the eggshells off easily I actually like to crack the egg shells a bit on the side of the pot and then just let the cooked eggs sit in cold water for about a minute or so after they’re done boiling and then the shells that actually come off really easily so for a plant-based alternative you can use about 1 cup of cooked black beans if you’d prefer to do that you know instead of the bald eggs then a measuring out 1/2 cup of cooked brown rice to add to each of the containers with two of the boiled eggs into each container as well and I’ve left the eggs whole so that they stay fresher for longer and then I’m just dividing up the other salad to go in the containers with the rice and the eggs this is the pepper tomato and celery salad and I made this one a little bit smaller than the other one because I’m using this for three portions of lunch and I used the other one for four portions of lunch these three lunches are also roughly 400 calories each and you can just cover them and store all of the lunches in the fridge until you’re ready to eat them [Music] okay let’s finish putting together our dinners for the week with all of our prepped ingredients and then we’re done then we’re all done for the entire week we’re gonna use the chicken we made or you can now use the tofu alternative for these three dinners I’m serving 1/2 a cup of cooked quinoa to each of my three containers and you can also use half a cup of cooked brown rice if you would prefer to do that instead of the quinoa then I’m just dividing up the cooked chicken between the three containers so that’s 100 grams of chicken per container so you’ll also divide your cooked firm tofu here between your three meals if you want a plant-based alternative and then I’m serving one of the roast vegetable mixes here I’m using the vegetable mix with butternut squash tomatoes bell pepper and zucchinis to go with the chicken and the quinoa and I’m saving the other half of the veggies the other vegetable mix to go with the next four dinners that we’ll be making and then don’t forget the steamed broccoli if you made that too so I’m dividing the broccoli up between seven servings because we’ll use some for the other four dinners as well so just use enough for three servings here and after you’ve added the broccoli these dinners are ready and they look so freaking good that looks so good so just cover them and then you can store them in the fridge and then let’s put the final dinners together we’re almost done prepping all of our meals for the entire week oh my gosh okay so we’ve got our roasted potatoes and our salmon which look so delicious so I’m dividing the roasted potatoes into four containers love roasted potatoes so much oh my gosh then I’m serving the four portions of salmon into the containers too you can use your words to chick peas here if you made that as the plant-based option instead of the salmon and you can just divide the roasted chickpeas into four servings as we’re doing with the salmon and then also some of the roasted vegetables I’m using the rest about a nut squash beetroot and onion mix to go with the salmon and potatoes I just think it pairs really nicely and then at the rest of the steamed broccoli you can use the last four servings now and after you’ve added the broccoli these dinners are ready and there you go all of the dinners are ready they look amazing just cover them store them in the fridge with all of your other meals and we are done we are prepped and we are done we have prepped all of our meals and all of our snacks for the entire week so you can choose either one of your overnight oats or the smoothies for each morning what’s really great is that every single morning we have a completely different breakfast recipe and your overnight oats are good to go you can literally eat them out of the jar with a spoon or you can serve them in a bowl whatever you like and the smoothies are all prepped and ready to go all you need to do is just throw your prep smoothie into a blender with about a half a cup to 3/4 of a cup of water and then you’re good to go and you can just snack on the raw nuts on the side then for lunch you’ve got the option of the eggs with the brown rice and the salad or the quinoa the chickpeas and the salad or your other plant-based alternative for your snacks you’ve got a different fruit and nut snack combination that you can pick for each day so you can take whichever one you want that day or any other 200 calorie snack that you’d prefer and then for dinner you’ve got the chicken the quinoa and the vegetable dinner or you’ve got the salmon the roast potato and the vegetable dinner all your plant-based alternatives all of the foods that I’ve used should last for the whole week if stored in the fridge just make sure that you eat them within seven days you can freeze the dinners if you’d prefer to do that and then heat them up but the lunches then the overnight oats one keep wall in the freezer so you’ll want to keep those in the fridge and also be sure to keep your smoothie prep in the freezer and you can heat your meals up in a pan or any other way that you’d prefer I like to heat my chicken dinner up in a pan for a few minutes and then serve it it just takes a few minutes and then it’s heated and it’s super easy and then I like to take my overnight oats and my lunches and must max with me to work all of the meals are roughly 400 calories each and if you followed my guidelines with the alternative plant-based options and portions humor should still be roughly 400 calories each as well and I really hope that you enjoy these meals and recipes these are meals that I like to eat and recipes based on what I ate when I was trying to lose weight if you don’t like a particular ingredient that I’ve used then feel free to use another similar ingredient that you’d prefer that is roughly the same amount of calories just remember that we’re all different and so every woman has different calorie needs to lose weight in a healthy way so if you’d like to follow a 1400 calorie diet you can eat all three of the meals as well as the snack every single day as I showed you all of the meal prep that we did today basically if you’d like to follow a 1200 calorie diet you can eat all three of the meals and then just leave out the fruit and nut snack which is 200 calories because of your minus 200 calories from 1400 calories you get 1200 calories and if you need to eat more to lose weight in a healthy way because some women do like 1600 calories or more then you can easily just add another 200 calorie snack like another 200 calorie for a nut snack or any other snack that’s 200 calories or a snack that’s more than 200 calories if you need that but you know what all the meals are prepped and that’s gonna save so much time during the week ah but yeah there was a lot of work but got it done in an hour so okay so that was a little bit of work but it’s it’s so worth it all the meals are done for the entire week I don’t have to think about cooking or making food for the entire week so I love doing this when I was trying to lose weight it was just such a time saver and then I didn’t have to think about the calories that I was gonna eat for the entire day all the entire week everything was prepped and ready to go I knew how many calories I was eating I knew how much I knew like that I was eating healthy food I knew that I was getting enough food it’s just so easy so yeah it’s it’s definitely a lot of effort for the one hour but it’s so worth it because then it’s just all done anyway I really hope that you enjoyed meal prepping with me today and yeah I’m making weight loss meal prep I really hope that this video can be helpful to some how and I hope that you enjoyed the recipes I’m also gonna put all of the recipes that I showed you today over on my blog for you there’ll be a link to that in the description box below for you and I’m also going to put a link below this video to a little free 3 day eating plan that you can go download on my blog for weight loss it’s a little ebook you can go download it so there’ll be links to both of those in the description box for you thank you so much for watching this video make sure that you give it a thumbs up if you did enjoy it and subscribe to my channel for more videos and I will see you again soon.

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