Weight Loss Recipes- Flat Bread Pizza

Who says you can’t eat pizza on a diet? Not I! Here’s a great healthy version of pizza- Italian style vegetarian flatbread with peppers, some fennel and red onions and extra virgin olive. Delicious, healthy, low in calories and will keep you full.

Video Transcript

I grew up in Italy and watched my band and mother getting dressed to go to the market in a cookie field they chose fresh seasonal ingredients and for all the ingredients to make a meal as a registered dietitian I know that true Italian food is the healthiest but I also know is how they lived and how they eat their future how can the big in your curl is an Italian I will show you how and i’ll show you how to get all in style this is living an Italian hi I’m Ellen today we’re cooking in Italian and I’m going to make you a nice Italian style vegetarian flatbread we’re going to start with a flat bread made of non and we’re going to put down some mozzarella cheese or some sharp cheddar cheese which I love not Italian but amazing and we’re going to go ahead and salt change some peppers some fennel and red onions and extra virgin olive oil and these 12 different a mortgage favorite liquor and we’re going to clutter up and up to about 400 degrees and we’re going to put it for about 15 minutes just for the cheese to melt and the black bread is good spot because these vegetables maybe already cut all right let me just turn that off I’m going to put that right on to our beautiful laughlin you can basically use any vegetable that you happen to have a refrigerator to chop up to make this flatbread but I’d love to use the three that we chose because the UH neighs flavor from the scene ochio from the fennel and these often beautifully colored peppers as well as the red onions give it a nice kick I’m going to go ahead and put this beautiful flat bread right into the oven and they’re going to click something about 15 minutes out of the oven we are and it is our vegetarian italian-style pizza with red onions fennel peppers and cheese.