Weight Loss Success- Setting Up Your Pantry

Setting Yourself up for Success on a Diet

One of the biggest pitfalls I hear about when talking with people about their diet is the fast that they keep tempting foods around- boxed snacks, crappy quality “comfort foods”. You need to get rid of that stuff and fill the pantry with higher quality, tasty foods if you’re going to make it through.

Video Transcript

I have a musical is now you never show you how this is living an accountant and we are living in Italian I’ll show you today five things that I think that you should have in your fridge at your pantry at all times the reason why I use these five things is to be able to build meals on all of these ingredients and they’re so delicious and Silver’s told it they can be used to dress proteins salads and vegetables one of the first things that I would say is to have a marinara in your refrigerator at all times I of course make my own marinara it is very very simple to make it’s only has four ingredients and you can go to my website you can get the recipe for that it’s not you can always keep a high quality jar of marinara in your fridge the second is pesto again I make an amazing pescatore consuming recipe on my website but it’s not find an authentic high-quality pesto preferably from the north from Genoa where it originated from and it is absolutely delicious third we have something a little bit more sour I like to have a classic dude on Lobster in the refrigerator now it is not the county end but we love the French so we want to go to that may mizo may to pick up some great flavors of mustard there that they can creating different flavors for you so I’m a huge fan of M&S and a great accompaniment to different sandwiches and proteins and action made dressings from there mustard flavors as well so that’s really great and so can really tune to give as a gift then another flavor profile that I love that it’s pretty decadent is the truffle or Bonnie does a wonderful truffle there the king of troubles in Italy and I love their products you can either eat keep a white or black truffle oil on hand to add again to your vegetables your meals your pastas and your protein ships enhance all of those flavors in each of the meals the last of course is my favorite and that is parmigiano-reggiano if you get yourself a really high quality probably genres gianna that you can grate on your own you can go down to de pollo the Little Italy and they’ll give you a great hunk of it or go to easily and grab them and I love love love to add this everywhere where my vegetables and my salad just enhance the flavor because if you don’t treat your vegetables well they won’t treat you well and they really should be the star of your plate so stock up on these five ingredients and telling you you’re going to be able to make the most delicious versatile and healthy else that you have here we are. Weight Loss Success-
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