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Best Foods For Weight Loss- Summer Video Guide

Summer Party Diet Survival Video Guide

Summertime parties are a big part of your social life- but how do you avoid losing all the progress you’ve made on your diet while still eating some of the foods you enjoy? Here are some great tips on smarter meals at parties.

Video Transcript

My first guest is registered dietician and host of the webseries fiorella eats today she’ll give us tips and how you can make healthier carb choices at summer parties we welcome back fiorella DeCarlo hi good morning oh thanks so you’re gonna give us some tips about summer parties and yes make it healthy yes yes because you know it can kind of go sideways you know I mean my clients are always saying to me like after the weekend is over is like Monday morning calms and they’re exhausted and they’re tired and they have no energy you know what’s going on it must be the Sun it must be the heat well it’s also what you do during the weekends that’s going to affect you yeah yeah and so I think that there are different ways to navigate these parties that sometimes people don’t take into a consideration right away because you know the temperature is hotter and so there’s a lot of stuff that goes on with that as well that you know creates a certain element in the body that one has to you know pay attention to right so in in the parties what I notice the most particularly if it’s a beach party or even an outside party those are the ones that you really have to pay attention to and you have to make sure that you’re staying hydrated absolutely through the whole event you know some people underestimate that and sometimes our signals for our thirst cues and our hunger cues get mixed up so when people feel thirsty they munch instead right you know and then when they end up munching on little snacks around in the party usually they’re salty snacks will make them worse right right so it kind of ends up becoming really really dehydrated you know so I say to everyone you need to take in at least two liters ish of water a day depending on if you’re doing activity or not in depending of course on your body size but at least to keep that consistent when you’re out in the Sun I would say you know drink water or flavored waters that you know don’t have a lot of sugar in it you know not having too many process juices you mean the beers not gonna get me through not gonna get you through I mean it’s gonna make you a little happy you bet you know it’s not good right you know it’s and a lot of people do drink these juices and colas and so forth and you fuck you know they’re packed with sugar and salt so what they’re doing is they’re also making you thirsty are as well so it’s better just take a drink water or you know like you know what you know my sister just made this great watermelon infused water with mint in it which I have on my website the recipe for it so that’s like pretty cool to keep you hydrated what a melon admit that sounds pretty you’re my friend of mine just started doing he has these little mason jars he’s putting like strawberries pineapples and different jars so now he has flavored waters to use beautiful himself but you can also use them for parties for absolutely you can make big jugs of it you know cut up the fruit have it infused sit there with ice for a couple of hours and you have this really refreshing drink for your guests you know so outside of staying hydrated and drinking in the Sun what how about our time in the Sun yeah so uh you know the Sun is you know can be very damaging it’s also very dehydrating so you know you definitely should be wearing sunscreen no matter what you know and also watch when you’re out in the Sun also the alcohol intake right because in of itself the alcohol is very dehydrated as well and what it does is as people become more dehydrated while drinking they get tipsy are quicker you know and so around the party time when they’re getting you know tips you’re quicker they start to mindlessly eat so they start munching on a lot of stuff before they even get to the main course and your end up sitting around a lot too yeah become lethargic underneath the Sun absolutely hydrated so you’d want to move around too much and then you’re eating right right and some people don’t you know it suddenly strikes them and they can pass out or faint in a sec oh my goodness I was feeling okay and then suddenly it hits them you know so it’s good to watch the alcohol in moderation nurse your drinks make sure that within each alcoholic beverage you have you follow it by water also you stay hydrated and there’s also curbed your mindless eating as like some of the snacks that are out that then it may not be the healthiest Varnadoe chaser I think so yeah yeah that would that would really help out I like that yeah oh so what about every year they are applying fruits and vegetables to these parties yes so you know you go to a party and most of the parties at BBQ that’s what we do in the summer right and what do the main the main stars of these barbecues rose in chicken that’s what I’m saying right ribs chicken I just spent the entire weekend at a ribs festival downtown actually spent dozen so and good though it was really good really good they were pitmasters from all over the country as it was great but so you know here are the main things right you have the burgers you have the ribs you have the chicken you have all this great stuff right so why you know fill up the rest of the party with like kind of riff raff and chips you know okay we’re looking at like parfaits I think over here yes that looks delicious yeah well you know my tip is is I keep that stuff there the barbecue stuff but for your appetizers grill some vegetables make vegetable skewers make bruschetta with you know vegetables over them that have been grilled like beautiful seasonal summer vegetables over there are some of the old chips and dips you know that people just munch on for no reason and then afterwards the other thing you could do is grab the parfaits or get the fruit so you can do mango you can do watermelon you can do pineapple peaches on the grill really I grill them they’re beautiful you know you just put a little honey on that little drizzle honey put them on the grill they’re delicious and then after you’re done with that you some whipped cream over it and you have a summer dessert so you have your vegetables your fruit and your ribs I wouldn’t have thought to put peaches hundred girl though that’s interesting yeah it’s really good you can do a lot of gerling without fruits of particularly in the summer people take advantage of that and you can just chop them up and put them and it creats uh if you add them to your other vegetables or salads it has a very very smoky flavor to it as well so it kind of a company’s all of the other proteins like the ribs and the stakes very very well is there a way though that we can keep our fruits and vegetables a little bit more crisp because you know that you have them out in the Sun in these barbecues yes the humidity kind of makes them well then you don’t want to eat them because they just don’t look appetizing absolutely absolutely so you know depending on what you do for example if you’re making a beautiful salad right don’t dress that salad until your guests are about to eat it right because if you dress it then it gets really will tee it takes on the moisture and it starts to collapse so keep everything nice and crisp in the refrigerator pull out the bowl then dress it just when the guests are about to have it you know and then all the other stuff to even the grilled vegetables you can grill all of that in advance and put them in you know in your refrigerator and tupperwares and pull them out the day of they keep very very well and grilling is a very quick cooking technique for vegetables which keeps all of the vitamins in much like steaming and sauteing you don’t want to overcook your vegetables because it loses the vitamins out of them also the consistency right a lot of people have problems with the consistency and vegetables and if you overcook it becomes wilty yes and it just unattractive unattractive loses flavor all of that absolutely I haven’t my information i was telling you off camera that i really like this last line get in touch with your food touch it smell it love it cook it yeah it’s a great weight is to say you know get involved with your food yeah yeah because you know my philosophy is is that there’s too many people disconnected from their food sources right you know nowadays you know with you brings their food to them to the delivery guy and that’s their first point of contact you know and so in and then within that there’s a lot of processed food so I say you know get back out to nature go to your farmers markets go out there you know I think we have an farmers market segment coming up right out there so that’s great right in the Bronx you know you go out there touch your food smell it feel it and you can be very creative with it I seasonal fruits are the highest and vitamins all season long and you can make great things with it you know and I say don’t make your vegetables boring right dress it like a salad you should not have steamed vegetables you cook your vegetables you dress it like a salad put some Parmesan cheese over it there you go you know you saw me with the cheese thank you so much for your time we’ll have to take a quick break but coming up we’ll get a preview of how community groups have come together for a cause but first borough president ruben diaz jr and community groups came together to induct the inaugural class of the Bronx Jewish Hall of Fame correspondent gala de Barras was at the bronx museum and brings us the story. 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Best Foods For Weight Loss- Summer Video Guide