How To Lose Weight In 7 days

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No Options Mentality For Dieting (Awesome Podcast)

Having A “No Options” Mentality for Dieting The one thing that is important for changing your mindset to get ready for a fat loss phase. Everybody romanticizes about losing weight. Practicing proper habits before it’s “dieting game time”. Getting to a lower body weight, and 

Starting A Workout Program For Losing Cellulite

When Mike turned 65, he was 25 extra pounds obese. By following an aggressive weight loss program, he lost the additional pounds. Along with the weight he shed; he additionally lost his energy and also vitality. He was always tired, as well as his pals, 

How To Track Your Food For Weight Loss

Video- How To Track Your Food For Fat Loss One of the number one things that I hear my clients say is that nutrition is more difficult than getting their butt to the gym. When it comes to tracking foods, knowing what to eat, and 

Losing Weight This Year

Losing Weight This Year

We’re just three weeks past New Year’s Eve and the ever-popular resolution to lose weight and get in shape. Three weeks and light-years away, it would seem. For the first week, everyone is all gung-ho and on the wagon. They all call to check-in; they 

9 Tips To Lose Weight- What’s Worked For Me

9 Tips To Lose Weight- What’s Worked For Me

Well, it’s a new year. All those weight-loss resolutions are probably already a distant memory! For most of us, we are in the dead of winter, and the thought of exercise and eating healthy just seems like something we can put off. I’ve never struggled 

Weight Loss and Fitness Transformation- *Fascinating Story*

No Fad Diets Needed How she managed to get stronger healthier and fitter without ever having to leave home. Video discussing her fitness and weight loss journey. Video Transcript ▼ My name is Lucy and in this video today I’m going to be discussing my 

Nutrient Dense Foods for Weight Loss

Even though some extreme diet authors like to pitch a hardcore approach and like to eliminate entire foods groups, everyone needs nutrient dense foods for weight loss. Protein, fat, carbs, and dietary fiber our diets to support health and well being. The best resources for 

Losing 75 Pounds by Changing Diet Habits

How I Changed My Habits to Lose The Weight Kristen switched up her daily routine and achieved impressive weight loss. Lost an amazing 75 pounds, and has kept it off. Watch this video on how she did it. Video Transcript ▼ I lost 75 pounds 

If You Want to Lose Weight You *Need* To Boost Metabolism

What the Metabolic Diet Is and Why It Works for Anyone Great explanation of how increasing your metabolism helps you lose weight effectively- and how to do it. Lose weight without gaining it back. Video Transcript ▼ What is a metabolic diet is like and