What Foods Should I Avoid To Lose Weight?

By | January 1, 2020

Foods To Avoid To Lose Weight

If your goal is to lose 40 pounds of fat, we’re gonna help you do that by making a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. It can be a daunting task, but when you focus on making some small, manageable changes it works.

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Lose Five Pounds Of Fat

Back in tent before it’s a get fit Friday and look at what we’re going to talk about you know what this is I wish you could feel it at home this is five pounds of fat so and do it consistently you can make a big difference in your diet in the long term here to help us illustrate that as Providence Park registered dietitian Emily Schwartz Emily thanks for being here thank you so this is interesting how much you can lose by avoiding some of these foods and how much you gain if you enjoy these things every day all right Lily yeah it’s amazing what you know some of these calories over time can add up to two big weight gains or losses depending on how to handle it all right let’s first talk about what we’re drinking we know this is a huge problem people drinking in their calories so we’re going to start with soda and when you crunch the numbers we did the math on this so 20-ounce soda if you swap it for a no calorie drink first of all and then we’re talking out over the course of a year right 365 days it adds up to eighty seven thousand calories and that’s the equivalent of 25 pounds. How can I control my weight without dieting? Emily right absolutely you know regular soda there’s really no nutritional benefit to it all it gives to your body is calories and there’s nothing good about it so making the switch to an unsweetened tea or water is really a good choice okay so here we are we’re talking about soda and tea switching out these two and when we talk about 25 pounds we brought in this rock salt just so you can understand this is 25 pounds which is I can barely lift it well I can easily lift it but I’m just saying it’s pretty heavy right it is absolutely okay let’s move on let’s talk about breakfast so bagel with cream cheese and that’s about 250 calories we’re saying good lease at least right so that over the course of an entire year adds up to more than 91,000 cow and that’s 26 pounds mm-hmm so if you swap that out for oatmeal and if you need a little sweetener we put some stevia out here thank you can make a tremendous difference yeah absolutely and that’s the 25 pound weight loss making the switch not just eliminating the breakfast all together right I know it’s delete breakfast yeah absolutely and oatmeal is such a fabulous breakfast because it’s full of soluble fiber it keeps you full for a long time it reduces cholesterol levels it’s just really the best breakfast you can have what do you do you put some berries on it to Dr. HERE ARE THE TOP 10 KETO FOODS. Have some of so many people don’t like oatmeal I do yet we’re a banana berries um ground flaxseed walnuts there’s a lot of good options you can really make it however you like it you can jazz it up a little bit saying love it okay um all right let’s talk about sweets because boy you’ve got a sweet tooth and I know this for myself it’s hard to resist sometimes so we did the math on if you eat a candy bar let’s say you go to the vending machine every day around three o’clock or so and you grab that candy bar that is well we’re saying about 80 calories probably more than that in some cases that’s more than 29,000 calories over the course of a year and that’s eight pounds so if you just take you eliminate this candy bar for getting rid of food cravings and switch to hear we have apple with peanut butter mm-hm this is a great snack as absolutely yep and you know if you notice to hear just the difference in volume between if you’re hungry in the afternoon and you have the Snickers bar versus you have this huge apple with peanut butter on it and the calorie difference on the carbs diet is amazing between you know this can give you to 300 calories depending on the size of the Snickers bar and the you know the apple and peanut butter is less than 200 all right let’s get to our chips real quick so late at night you’re watching TV and uni little crunchy so if you’re eating chips every day 220 calories at least that’s for serving this is way more than one serving that’s 23 pounds over the course of a year your nightly chip habit so replace it with smart pop popcorn you still get crunchy he hasn’t a salty absolutely you know and the thing is when you sit down in front of the TV with the bag of chips it can be so easy to eat more yeah you know this is roughly three servings probably but most of us would easily eat that if we’re sitting minus leading calories right there absolutely and this is nice because it’s all packaged for you right and this is probably about 100 calories yeah so there you go okay simple changes and at the end if you just switch out all the stuff we showed you Emily we’re talking about about three bags of this rock salt right and even if you just lose five pounds of fat look at this well add this one and that’s six pounds of fat so that’s pretty good pretty significant absolutely all right thanks Emily thank you good stuff happy new year cam okay thanks Dina well with just a few days.