What’s Best? Steaming * Sautéing * Frying * Deep Frying

By | January 22, 2020

Today’s video is another in our basics series we are going over a few methods of cooking that all involve different amounts of fats or oils we’re talking about steaming sauteing frying or pan frying and deep frying.

Steaming vs. Sautéing vs. Frying vs. Deep Frying




Cooking Basics: Steaming vs. Sautéing vs. Frying vs. Deep Frying▼

Let’s get started so steaming is a method of cooking that uses no fat and no liquid submersion unlike boiling or braising the food you’re cooking isn’t coming in contact with the water or cooking liquid it’s sitting above it and being cooked by the hot vapour steaming is often the preferred method of cooking for dieters because it doesn’t use any fat and because boiling and braising certain foods can allow some of the nutrients to leach into the cooking liquid leaving you with a slightly less nutritious meal in the end but be warned that cooking any meats via steaming can very easily turn into something extremely dry and tough to avoid this either choose meats that can be cooked very quickly like shellfish or cut the meat into very small or very thin pieces making a saute or sauteing food yes it is a noun a verb and an adjective is cooking with a small amount of fat over fairly high heat extremely high heat would make that sear for clarity now small is a subjective term but this usually means anywhere from a thin coating of cooking spray which is like a quarter to a half a teaspoon to a few tablespoons of oil a good way to think about it is if the food is only touching oil where it’s touching the pan then your sauteing for example although the term stir-fry literally says fry you typically use so little oil and move the ingredients around so much that it’s actually a saute unless oil is sort of coming up the sides of whatever you’re cooking it’s a saute one can also add a small amount of non fatty liquid like water wine which is sometimes known as deglazing to the pan that’s still a saute but that’s only necessary depending on the ingredients you’re using and the dish you’re making I have also seen a lot of like healthy or diet recipes instruct you to saute in like water or broth as opposed to oil and while that isn’t technically by definition a saute I don’t think anyone’s going to care however I would only suggest trying that if you know you’ve got a really good non-stick pan because fat isn’t just for flavor it’s also there to keep you from permanently adhering your eggs to your skillet all right now frying or pan frying is similar to sauteing but it’s at a lower temperature and you use more fat anywhere from a layers thin is an eighth of an inch to halfway up the sides of whatever you’re cooking it’s at a lower temperature so you don’t have to worry about constantly stirring the ingredients like you do with the saute because they’re less likely to burn and because of all of these factors you can use much larger slow to cook pieces of food when your pan frying versus sauteing which is why it’s the typical cooking method for full pieces of meat big breaded pieces of meat as well as starchier foods that take longer to cook like potatoes and even breads now deep frying is something we’re all probably very familiar with already but I wanted to deep fry some food so we’re still doing this as you I’m sure already know deep frying is a full submersion of your ingredients into very hot oil the heat can range anywhere from the lower slower heat of pan frying to the super high heat of sauteing or even searing depending on what you’re making however make sure to use an oil with a high smoking point because when the oil starts to smoke it starts to break down and degrade and any oil that has reached that point should not be reused good examples are canola oil and like grapeseed oil which is more expensive just don’t use olive oil because it’s a waste of money and it will get ruined this method of cooking also results in by far the crispiest exterior especially if what you’re making is breaded but obviously the downside is that it’s extremely unhealthy as well as being pretty messy expensive and smelly you also have a ton of dirty oil left over at the end which you have to either store or disposed of but storing it and reusing it does degrade the quality over time and you really shouldn’t reuse the oil more than three times even if you strain it really well each time and never bring it to the smoking point and also one last thing please note that some people use the terms pan frying and sauteing interchangeably and simply use the term frying or even shallow frying to refer to what I called pan frying as far as I know there’s no consensus on which is correct so just be sure to know how much oil the recipe is calling for to get a better idea of what they’re talking about and what they want you to do now go and cook with confidence lovelies if anything was unclear or if you’ve got any questions leave them down below all right that’s all folks thank you so much for watching I hope you learned something new and I will see you in the next video.


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