Women Love Whiskey and Bourbon- Video

Whiskey and Bourbon- Women Who Love Bourbon

A lot of people attribute to single malt scotch that smoky flavor. Some people love it, some people hate it- but the smoky flavor actually comes from this that’s used in the malting process they use that as a heat source they throw it in the fire like we would wood or glow but what’s interesting about that is when it burns it releases this this smoke that just clings to the barley and it stays with it all through the distillation process.

Video Transcript

Hey guys you know I love a great bourbon with my steak so we’re going to the beautiful Flatiron room come on let’s go and have some fun hi we’re here at the Flatiron room and we’re going to speak to Tommy tardy today about my favorite drink whiskey and he’s going to tell us everything we need to know about it so what was your concept behind the Flatiron Room well I wanted to create a place that a mature audience could come still be entertained have a great meal and have an amazing selection of whiskey and it’s beautiful in here it really is like walking into another era is that what you wanted when people walk through the door I wanted it to be like I wanted them to say to themselves like what did this place used to be so there’s a lot of details and a lot of things that went into making it that way everything from the floorboards that are 200 years old we pulled them up from an old mill in Maine and then we tongue and groove down playing them and put them down and that immediately added this character and this this kind of feeling of timelessness whiskey is an umbrella term for a number of different drinks so tell us a little bit okay well that’s you said it best whiskey’s an umbrella term a lot of people come to me and they say I like bourbon but I don’t like scotch and I like I like whiskey but I don’t like single malts so basically whiskey’s an umbrella term if you like bourbon you like whiskey if you like single malt scotch you like whiskey help you like rye you’re like whisk even if you like new make or corn whiskey you like whiskey so they’re all umbrella turns and really what breaks them down into what’s the difference between each one is the mash or or the grain used in producing the whiskey you know the three major categories of whiskey are bourbon tends to be a little bit sweeter people that like bourbon are gonna taste more of the the Vanilla’s and the caramels they get a lot of candy corn the the main component of bourbon that was required by law is corn it has to be 51% or more corn okay and it has to be aged in brand-new American white oak barrels oh so that’s that’s what’s required by law to be bourbon there’s a few other things but those are the two two big ones and then the other one is why if you if you know over I Wis key is 51% or more rye and then the rest of the mass can be corn could be barley but it has to be 51% or more right and then the other rules also apply which is has to be aged in brand-new American white oak barrels and it has to be bottled at 40% greater and then the big category that most people are familiar with when they think of whiskey is single malts I said single malts NSYNC and not single malt scotch because Scotch basically means it’s made in Scotland but single malts can be made anywhere in the world it can be made in France it can be made in in in Brooklyn which which there’s some really good single malt that are made in Brooklyn yeah but the major component of that is a hundred percent malted barley okay so for something to be scotch it’s the the three the only the three ingredients that they can use are 100% malted barley yeast a very small amount of yeast in water that’s it oh okay okay and so what about the aging process how does it how is it relevant for whiskey’s as opposed to something like wine yeah well it’s it’s interesting one of the most you know people people ask where does all these flavors come from people will say and I’m getting banana notes in my a my and my bourbon I taste like toasted marshmallows like did you did you infuse it with toasted marshmallows or like now there’s no legally there’s no flavors that can be added to it so that those flavors actually come from the wood and would play such an important role these are brand these are new American white oak barrel staves that dark line represents how deep whiskey penetrated into the wood in the summer months the the porous wood opens up and it acts like a sponge so it draws all the whiskey in and then when it’s cold it contracts and it pushes all the whiskey out so it’s an in-and-out contraction that really add the flavors in the aromatics and all the coloring to the whiskey so it really is all about the oak it’s so much about the yolk and I heard about to see air also influence sure sure as well saltiness absolutely and I’m glad you brought that up it brings me to my next problem great Tom this big block of ugliness is peat compose vegetation oh great so one of the love decomposed vegetation so decomposed vegetation is one of the one thing that uh well I think you know with bourbon there’s I go through certain levels of how to best appreciate whiskey the first one is is the nose or actually you know just visually look at the bottle understand what you’re drinking look for an age statement look where it’s produced look at the color of it when it was distilled before I went into the cask it was crystal clear oh is it was as clear as water so you know notice that that all this color came from that that that maturation in wood so the darker and richer that it looks generally generally speaking it’s it’s aged a little bit longer however sometimes people finish whiskey in Ex sherry casks re-export casts those tend to produce a really dark whiskey as well okay so number one is is just just look at the bottle look at the glass hold it up you know just appreciate that this this untouched whiskey has been had been sitting in a cask for however many years and then it goes into a bottle and then it goes into your glass I mean it’s pure it’s true it’s it’s a great way to drink a spirit number two is you want to knows it when I do when I when I know is whiskey is I I bring it in you don’t want to swirl it when you swirl it well people generally want to swirl it because if they drank wine they’ve seen people swirling their wine which aerates it what you’re gonna do if you swirl this is your bite by swirling it you’re actually releasing more of the the ethanal qahal and the ethanal qahal creates that burn in the nose so you really you don’t want to swirl it because then you go into nose it and you’re gonna get that burn in your nose so don’t fudge no a little buddy like crazy okay so you want to go in and you know some people like jam in their nose right in it some people kind of waved it underneath their nose but just notice the subtle aromatics that are coming off it and you know one thing with bourbon that I always get is I get candy corn ah so I’m you may get that there’s a lot of caramel a lot of coffee vanilla I think that’s why I like it so much yeah those flavors next thing I do is I take a little sip and then the first steps important you want to roll it around your tongue you want to coat your tongue if you haven’t if you’re not a big whisky drinker initially you’re gonna get a little heat on the tongue but let’s try a little taste kinda heat got the heat no I always say the first taste doesn’t really count you’re just acclimating your mouth and your palate to the to the flavors and the alcohol so then wait a couple seconds then you want to go back in for another drink and when you go back in again let it roll around your tongue let it hit the different areas of your mouth to really release some of those flavors oh I see right no flavors widen I find after you take a drink you swallow you open up your mouth you can almost feel like the vapors coming back up through ya now so we’ve we’ve we’ve eyed it we’ve nosed it now we’ve tasted it one of the most important things with whisky I think is the finish okay the finish is basically what’s happening in your mouth right now that you know those that layers of complexity that keep coming out is what rule it for me marks a great whisky so what did you think about the food concept here I had a really great tasting as well the mac and cheese was delicious and your stay our executive chef is phenomenal again that you know the concept was really about spending a mature elegant evening out with with your friends so you know we wanted to create a space that you could come out have a great meal be entertained and also have a great selection of whisky thank you so much Tommy for having us here today and giving us such a great experience and showing us how to drink whisky the right way so I invite everyone to come down and have the same experience that I have this evening at 37 West 26th Street in Flatiron.