Why I Stopped Dieting and Started Intermittent Fasting

By | January 1, 2020

Intermittent Fasting and The Aging Woman | Why I Stopped Dieting

I am going to share with you a little bit about intermittent fasting and why it is that I started intermittent fasting, and why I will no longer diet. – Great video.
Intermittent Fasting and The Aging Woman Why I Stopped Dieting

A Balanced Nutrition Plan▼

My name is Diane welcome to my broadcast this evening I am going to try to make this short and sweet and just give you some information about intermittent fasting and dieting plans– why it is that I’ve chosen to do it and how it is I think it might be able to help you so I have been helping women find nutrition plans and fitness programs to help them look and feel their best and to live a lifestyle that they want to live within the means of their nutrition and their fitness plans and about a couple years ago I really started having some issues with what I was sharing with other women and how I was trying to help them because what I had been doing for the past you know 20 years myself suddenly stopped working and so I needed to find a new way of living my own lifestyle so I could do in fact what it was I was trying to help other women do and that was live their best life through finding a balanced nutrition plan and fitness program that helped them do that and so I started researching intermittent fasting and it has been kind of a buzz sort of theme around the health and fitness world and if you’re into any kind of health healthy fitness or following people in the health and fitness industry you’ve probably seen them talk about intermittent fasting and bulletproof coffee and some of the tricks and some of the techniques people are using to intermittent fast and that’s what sort of drew me to it in the beginning and then when I was doing my research what I found was that I was kind of tripping upon these twenty and thirty or thirty year old like bodybuilder type of people who were using intermittent fasting to sort of shred down their bodies for their competitive fields whether it be Fitness competitions or bodybuilding competitions and the lifestyle that I saw them living wasn’t something I could necessarily identify with because I obviously wasn’t in my 20s and 30s anymore and I felt like in order to to adapt intermittent fasting the way they were doing it I would have to take a step back in my own nutrition philosophies and I wasn’t really willing to do that so I kept researching and kept researching and within that timeframe that I was researching intermittent fasting to try to figure out how I could find something that would get me back to the place that I wanted to be I had been diagnosed as a pre-diabetic and I was noticing some symptoms that were eerily reminiscent of some thyroid problems and being in my late 40s I kind of knew that that was the time of my life that those sort of issues started creeping up on women and a lot of my girlfriends and a lot of women I was trying to help we’re also having those same issues and so I kept doing my research and finally got deep enough into the research of intermittent fasting where I started finding it. How can I control my weight without dieting? Who were talking about intermittent fasting in some of the science that was actually backing up why intermittent fasting was such a great lifestyle to live and once I realized that intermittent fasting wasn’t necessarily a diet but it was actually a lifestyle that you could live for the long-term is when I really started getting interested in what intermittent fasting could do for me and what I realized was that diets work for a very short period of time I had been dieting my whole youth so through my 20s through my 30s and even into my early 40s those quick-fix diet programs definitely worked for me but what I was finding and what most people find with dieting is that hey Stephanie how are you girl um is that there they work in the short term so if I start a diet program and I implement some positive changes that coincide with that diet so I start to eat clean maybe I’m counting my calories on controlling portions and I’m eating my six meals a every two hours and I’ve changed some things up from what I was doing that I wasn’t happy with of course I’m going to get some change. HERE ARE THE TOP 10 KETO FOODS. I’m going to get some positive changes but what happens when you run the course of that diet plan most people the women that I’ve working with and myself included we’re hitting a plateau and they were getting really frustrated because what they had been doing for that given timeframe that they were dieting suddenly stopped working for them and that’s basically how diets are designed and that’s how our bodies are designed to handle diets in the short term we get a really great result but we have a very smart body and our body is designed to reset our metabolic rate to whatever whatever calorie input were setting it at so for the longest time I was living on a twelve to fourteen hundred calorie plan and so my body’s metabolism actually slowed down to that calorie intake so I actually stopped having the ability to burn body fat along with aging which obviously slows down our metabolism and then the sudden change in my own hormones as a woman caused me to become insulin resistant and basically what that means is that my body eating every two hours very small meals was always in an insulin increasing mode meaning that my body was constantly increasing or producing insulin. HOW TO GET STARTED ON A KETO DIET NOW. I wasn’t allowing it an opportunity to burn it off because I was constantly feeding my body insulin levels were spiking which is another reason why I had the pre-diabetic situation that I was in another reason why my thyroid was starting to fail on me and so when I started studying the hormonal reasons why intermittent fasting works it made complete sense for women in that 40 to 50 age group or women who are finding it difficult to diet and actually lose weight and the philosophy or the science behind intermittent fasting is that you take a period of time in your day and you don’t eat food and what happens during that time that you’re not eating food is your insulin levels naturally drop your growth hormones increase which is what we need to stay young and to keep lean body mass on our bodies and what happens is we start to tap into our fat stores for energy so no longer are we constantly feeding this false energy and natural metabolism boosters to our bodies through this insulin production but our bodies hack should actually have to go in and find that stored fat and start to burn it for energy once my body got in this mode it was amazing what was happening for me I no longer had to diet and no longer had to count calories I no longer had to portion out my food and I could pretty much follow any eating philosophy that I chose so I could be paleo I could be gluten free I can eat carbs I could not eat carbs I can increase my fat I can decrease my fat anything that I wanted to do as long as I put my body in a fasted State for a given period of time and allow those insulin stores to burn off and my body to tap into fat I now became a fat-burning machine and within this timeframe of intermittent fasting not only was I able to bring my blood sugar levels back down to a normal state so I’m no longer considered pre-diabetic but I also actually also reset my thyroid so as a 50 year old woman I have a normal functioning thyroid which is not a very common thing for women in their 50s and I’ve noticed a decrease in my body fat without dieting and so once you really understand what the science behind intermittent fasting is and what it can do for our bodies it really does become a fascinating way of living your life to get rid of food cravings. Michael and I have both started incorporating intermittent fasting and the changes that we’ve seen not only in our physique but our energy levels has been amazing we’re sleeping better at night I as a 50 year old woman no longer have insomnia issues I’m not having any kind of night sweat issues I’m not having any kind of hot flash issues everything for me whore loaning hormonal E has completely balanced out but I couldn’t have gotten to this point had taking the time to really understand the science behind intermittent fasting and why it is your body is doing what it’s doing there is a learning curve to intermittent fasting and a lot of people don’t get to that point where they really understand what their body’s doing in that fasted state to appreciate what you’re going through hormonal II now if you’ve watched some of my facebook lives or if you want to go back into my video section here on my page you can see that I did a series on why the hungry mouth and the hunger hormones and that’s a little bit of a precursor to what intermittent fasting is because the reality is you’re going to be hungry when you’re fasting that’s the whole point of putting your body in an intermittent fasting state but the nice thing about intermittent fasting is that intermittent word in the fact that you can kind of go in and out of a fasting protocol or a fasting state and you’re not failing at anything so everything that you do intermittent fasting wise is all based on you and the lifestyle you’re choosing to live with you’re in demand fasting there’s no diet protocol necessarily that you have to follow so you take away the guilt you take away the shame and you take away that fail you’re feeling that most of us have with dieting so for instance Michael and I pick two days a week and it’s usually Monday and Tuesday that we have a very long fasting period we fast for 20 hours and then we eat for four Wednesday’s are a really busy day for us and so we kind of loosen the ties up a little bit and our fasting windows a lot shorter in our eating window is a lot larger then Thursday and Friday with the exercise journal we go ahead and go back to a long fasting period and then Saturdays and Sundays we don’t fast at all and we’re still able to maintain a very low body fat in a very high energy level and that’s the great thing about intermittent fasting you basically designed your fast around your lifestyle no longer do you have to change your lifestyle to accommodate a diet and what I have found for myself personally is that I can’t follow diet regimens that are designed by someone else for themselves I have to now live a lifestyle that suits me and my needs as a 50 year old one and so I have been able to really develop this intermittent fasting protocol that works for us women us women who are going through these changing hormones and her frustrated with why it is that we’re putting on this body fat and we all put on hormonal body fat it’s just the way our bodies are designed to operate when we live that lifestyle of that increased and peaked out insulin or if we’re in a state of insulin resistance but the good news is is we can reverse all of that we can get rid of insulin resistance and we can actually create a body that is a fat-burning machine just by not eating for a certain period of time now I know that word fasting seems a little scary to some of us because the first thing we think is that we’re going to starve to death or that we’re going to be really tired and I can tell you after about day two your body does level out day two is when that hormone that I discussed a few weeks ago called ghrelin actually hits its peak point and then it balances out and actually starts to work for you after about day two your body levels out and it starts to adjust to being in that fasted State and actually will tap into that 40 days of stored fat that we all walk around with now imagine being able to tap into that body fat that has been stubbornly stuck on your body I trust me I know I’ve been there for the last two years I have been completely frustrated and ready to just throw in the towel on this whole healthy lifestyle thing because no matter what I did I was failing at it but this last year since studying intermittent fasting and really understanding the science behind it and how we can actually turn our hormones around and actually get them to start working for us so that we can get the body that we want no matter what we’re age were at has really been a fascinating experience for me and I would love to share my experience with you so here on my Facebook page and on my youtube channel I am going to start sharing some of the science behind intermittent fasting and how it can help us women regardless of what age we are really get rid of that stubborn hormonal fat and ease up our life in regards to dieting I can tell you in our house you’re saving a ton of money and a ton of time we no longer meal prep we no longer have a house that is loaded up with food Michael I generally have about two meals a day sometimes three and we don’t even cook food anymore like we just cook we just have whatever’s available at that moment so we’re not constantly meal prepping we’re not constantly in the refrigerator trying to figure where we’re going to eat it’s a very simple lifestyle we have no foods that are off-limits to us except the foods that no longer make us feel our best so this is truly the end of dieting and a way of creating a lifestyle around food around social activities and around what you desire for your life if you would like a little bit more information or would like to join me for one of my intermittent fasting groups definitely feel free to either private message me or you can drop me your email address below in the comment section and I will reach out to you and give you some information about the group that I’ll be starting here in March it’ll be a complete 30 day group where I slowly ease you into intermittent fasting and by the end of 30 days you will be in intermittent fasting Pro and a fat-burning machine thank you so much for joining me tonight you guys I hope this excited you about intermittent fasting and helped ease some of your concerns that you might have about intermittent fasting I know there’s so much information out there and a lot of it can be very misleading what I would love to leave you with is this it is not a scary thing to intermittent fast it is something that you can design for you and the lifestyle that you want to live around the food that you love to live with it can be that thing that can reverse insulin resistance it can help get your thyroid back to normal levels it can help you turn it into a fat-burning machine and it can help you once again enjoy your life around food again if you would like to join me definitely feel free to leave your email address below share this broadcast with any of your girlfriends who you know are frustrated what they’re currently doing with their diets their nutritional plan or what it is that they’re not able to do with their fitness and getting their body back the way they like again thank you so much for joining me you guys today I will be broadcasting again with another little bit of information about what intermittent fasting could do for you thanks for joining me.

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