Greek Yogurt Vs. Regular Yogurt: Nutrient Comparison

By | January 7, 2023

With its thick, creamy texture and superior flavor profile, Greek yogurt has become something of a culinary powerhouse. But beyond the taste, many people are unaware of the nutritional advantages of this ancient food staple: compared to regular yogurt, it packs a bigger punch in terms of nutrients. Today, we’re comparing Greek yogurt and regular yogurt to identify which offers the most substance for health-conscious consumers.

NutrientGreek YogurtRegular Yogurt
Protein17g per 8oz9g per 8oz
Calcium200mg (20% DV)200mg (20% DV)
Sodium50mg (2% DV)105mg (4% DV)
Saturated Fat1.5g (7% DV)1g (5% DV)
Added Sugar3g per 8oz7g per 8oz
Calories100 calories per 8oz140 calories per 8oz
Carbohydrates8g per 8 oz18g per 8 oz