You Don’t Need to Lose Weight Before Shopping This Holiday Season

By | August 27, 2018

For many people the thought of weight loss this holiday season seems like anything but fun. But as anyone who has ever committed themselves to shedding pounds can tell you, the best part about weight loss is watching as your clothes get looser and looser.

Nothing is more rewarding that dropping a size when you are doing everything you can to lose weight. For most though, shopping for clothes isn’t something that is usually considered as enjoyable when trying to lose weight around the holiday season.

This is why I have come up with the best three places to shop, when you want that amazing “these clothes fit great!” feeling without actually having to lose any weight at all.

You can click on to go to the retailer’s page on Amazon, where I am an affiliate (you don’t pay a penny more, I swear).

1) American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle has more styles and washes (colors of denim) of jeans than almost any store I have ever seen. There is no possible way that you will be able to go to American Eagle without finding a style of jean that you have to have.

But if you think you have to lose weight and the thought of trying on jeans makes you cringe, fear no more!

Take those jeans you want into the fitting room and try them on. Say you’ve always wanted to fit into a size six, take the six in your favorite style or wash, try them on, and see what happens.

American Eagle’s sizes run so big that everyone who tries anything on will be amazed to find that they wear a size or two smaller than they usually do.

It is really a great feeling that everyone should experience at least once in their lives, and I guarantee that trying on jeans at American Eagle will feel just as good as being able to lose those 10 “vanity” pounds that you can never seem to get rid of.

2) Old Navy

Because most stores only carry up to size 14, for many people finding stylish jeans that fit well is a difficult task. There is no reason why just because a woman is bigger than a size 14, she shouldn’t be able to wear the latest fashions just like everyone else.

I believe that this is Old Navy’s stand as well.

Can’t find those ultra low rise skinny flare leg jeans in your size at any other store? Look no further than old navy! Old Navy’s jeans run up to a size 26 in every style, so there is no reason to be bummed that you can’t find a pair of jeans that fit.

So if the holiday season is just too hectic and finding time to lose weight seems impossible, just visit your local Old Navy store and you’ll be sure to be on the leading end of fashion this holiday season.

3 ) Sports Authority

So you can’t lose weight. Neither can millions of other Americans. But just because you are having difficulty with weight loss doesn’t mean that you can’t feel great about yourself in the mean time.

By shopping at Sports Authority you will be able to find a huge variety of work out clothes that will definitely motivate you to get out there and lose that weight.

The way it works is; say you keep telling yourself over and over again that you need to go to the gym but you are just never in the mood. Knowing that you have just purchased a bunch of new work out clothes will be just the thing you need to start shedding those pounds, and feel great as well.

The holiday season can be a tough time for dieters, but if you know where you shop, you can help keep your self confidence up, and lose weight in the meantime!